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Friday, September 30, 2005
have you ever experienced a time wherein you just want to shout "stop!" and want everything and everybody to lay motionless?
well, if i'll be given a chance to have one special power, i've long been wishing (since i was a teener) to be able to stop the world and everything in it (except me, of course!) as long and as often as i want. selfish huh. =) i was able to watch something like this in one of the episodes of The Twilight Zone years ago (guess my age? do the math =) and since then, it became my impossible wish.
i've wanted it for sooo many reasons! whenever i'm cramming for an exam, assignment, project or whatever that needs a lil more time, when i'm faced point-blank at a certain situation, when i'm caught off-guard at a conversation, or just as simple as when i need to sleep a few minutes more. =) the latest one was when my bag was snatched at sm makati, just wanted everything to stop so i can look for that b!tch carrying my bag.
last night, this wish came back to my mind...
after 9 hours of office work (and expressing milk on the side), combined with the tremendous traffic, i was home at last. unfortunately, with a matching headache!!! then when i arrived, my mom told me that my baby boy is coughing again (got the virus from hubby =(. so i carried, kissed & hugged my baby boy, who wasn't his usual playful self. after eating dinner, i had to wash the dishes and the bottles of my baby. (fyi, yaya just left, oh my!) i had tons of things to do that night, sterilize the bottles, keep our ironed clotheSSS in the closet, cut baby's nails, etc. i don't know if i would be happy that time that whenever i get home, baby wants me and only me, how sweet, right? but last night, it just ain't right yet. =( since my baby won't get off me, i tried to breastfeed him to sleep. but he wouldn't! maybe because he's coughing that it was so hard for him to fall asleep. i pity my baby, how i wish that time that i was the one sick, i know i can handle headache and cough, just for my baby! i didn't know what to do, i was having a hard time and i was so depressed and i was so sad because i didn't want seeing my baby in pain!!! after moments of wailing & crying, my mom got my baby first so i can continue with the other things to be done. the bottles, the clothes and other stuffs, all of them were a disturbing sight away! but my headache came back with a vengeance! and i'm running out of time, coz it was pretty late!
i just went to our bed, lied down for awhile and wanted to shout "stoppppp"! as in cut out the letters...S-T-O-P! STOP!!!
and oh btw, on top of that, hubby isn't home yet, he was still in a meeting. can you just imagine!
but since there's not much of a choice, still had to stand and get things done!
finally, when everything was in order, i got my baby back. since he still didn't want to sleep, we were still playing at 11pm. yah, you've read it right! 11pm was still playtime. but it was as if my baby can feel what i was going through that time. when i asked for a kiss, you know what he did? he held my chin and gave me a peck on my cheek! aaaw, it worked like magic because the headache, tiredness, sadness, depression and exhaustion went off in a blast! =) and it seems that it worked magic too on my baby, because he wasn't wailing anymore, but laughing, as in laughing his heart out. and hey, i caught it on video, hehe.
hay, life is really one roller coaster ride! so you just have to enjoy while you're on it! afterall, this one-hell-of-a-ride is free! =)
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Thursday, September 29, 2005
2 weeks nang pinagyayabang saken ng parents ko na marunong na daw mag-close-open si baby boy. pero si baby boy, ayaw pang ipagyabang saken, hehe. tuwing kakantahan ko sya ng closed-open, andyang ibuka't sara nya ang kamay, andyang hindi. di consistent kumbaga. kaya sabi ko, more, more, more practice!
kahapon, di pumasok sa office si hubby dahil may sakit. kaya sa fon pa lang ay ibinida na nya si baby boy na consistent na daw. aba, na-video pa nya. kaya pag uwe ko, kinuha ko agad ang right hand ni baby boy, sabay kantang closed-open. ayun, at tuloy-tuloy sinara at binuksan ang kanyang kamay while i was singing. at consistent na nga, kasi kahit ano ginagawa nya, basta hold ko ang hand nya at mega-sing ako, closed-open naman sya, katuwa grabe! although di pa nya ma-differentiate ang closed at ang open, hehe. basta bukas-sara lang sya ng hand nya, kahit di sabay sa pagkanta ko, nyehehe. hayaan mo na, 5 months pa lang naman eh, konting practice na lang, perfect na nya! =)
one more thing, he knows how to kiss na. pag sinabi mong "kiss mama", magle-lean sya sa face mo, then dikit nya ung lips nya sa chicks mo. though not the usual "tsup", wala pang sound. dikit lang nya, then pagtanggal nya, puno ka na ng laway, ahaha! hay, ang anak ko, nakakatuwa! kaya pagdating ko galing office, isang kiss lang nya, tanggal lahat ng pagod ko. un nga lang, puno ka ng laway nya. hay, baby pa lang, wet kisser na, nyahaha! =)
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friday shopping
while killing time last friday, i went to sm makati, baby section of course! where i also saw em, a n@wie friend, baby shopping also.
that's how i usually spend my friday lunch out. shopping at landmark, kidz station and baby shops in glorietta, sm makati and toy kingdom. my usual purpose is to window shop, thus, i don't bring extra cash with me. but as always, i don't go back to the office empty-handed. i usually have a bag of toys, baby things, baby clothes, diapers, and of course, a shirt for my hubby (this i should never forget =)! how do i do that? shopping without cash?...with the help of my ever reliable friend "mr. plastic", hehe. just a single swipe, makes my life! =) oooh, i never leave home without it.
back to my shopping spree last friday...i found this cute shirt & short for my baby to wear this christmas. it's from st.patrick and it's on sale, teehee! i'm currently looking for a biggeRRR size so hubby can wear same thing this xmas, haha.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
in 30 mins, ako po ay aalis na, yehey! time-out kasi namin dito sa office eh. lahat ng september celebrants ay magpa-party sa TGIFridays this afternoon. anong klaseng party kaya ito? sana parang kiddie party with all the party hats, prizes at lootbags! oh, i just love kiddie parties! =)
i've long been waiting for this, kasi it's a once-a-year affair where you have a valid reason to go half day without a cut on your VL/SL! paubos na kasi eh, hehe. the usual thing was to watch a movie sa glorietta cinema, exclusive for smart celebrants. with all the foods and games galore. though i wasn't attending the past years (di ko kasi type manuod ng sine), i still enjoyed it dahil "legal" lakwatsa time during office hours eh. tipong di ka kinakabahan na may makakita sa'yo, hehe. and of course, a chance to go home early.
for this month, iniba nila ang concept, which is better for me. mas feel mo nga naman ang birthday mo kapag may party, kahit na lahat kami dun ay celebrants. =)
the party is from 3-6pm, pero i'm leaving now. syempre, friday lunch-out muna. mall-hopping on the side, then straight to funky friday party!
hay, i just love fridays! TGIF!!! =)
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1,2,3,4, c'mon baby, keep on dancing...my title just reminded me of this song, sinayaw yata namin to nung gr.5 kami, hehe.
owell, di yan ang kwento ko. last month ko lang na-realize na magkakasunod pala ang significant dates ng aking family...
april 9 - bday ni baby boy
feb 10 - bday ni hubby
sep 11 - bday ko
jun 12 - anniv namin
naaliw lang ako, haha. at every other month ang celebration, maliban sa akin kasi lumaktaw ng 1 month. kaya naisip ko na ung 2nd baby ko ay august ko na lang ipapanganak, magkasunod pa kami. then, since after 3 years pa namin gustong sundan si baby boy, that will be in 2008. at para sunod-sunod pa din kami, sana sa 8 sya lumabas, ayoko kasi ng 13 eh. aba, ang ganda pala ng magiging birthday ni baby girl (hoping =) if ever, August 08, 2008, that's 08/08/08! =)
so kailangang planuhin ng maige kung kailan namin sya gagawin, haha. mga november 2007! yehey, mga 2 years na paghihintay na lang un, hehe. tutal CS naman ako eh, kaya pwede kong i-request ang delivery date ko.
hay, control, control, control! mahal, 768 days na lang! wink*wink =)
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
a-brrrrr (talsik-laway)
di ako nakapasok kahapon kaya magkasama kami ni baby boy buong araw. at eto ang bago nyang laro ngayon, ang magpatalsik ng laway, hehe. he’s so fond of his saliva that he was blowing bubbles before. pero ngayon, di lang bubbles, as in a-brrrrr! lahat ng laway nya, nasa mukha nya at mukha ko, hahaha. gusto pa nya kasali ako, take turns kami. pagkatapos nya, dapat ako naman, kapag di ko ginawa, sasabihin nya “hmmm”, ibig sabihin yata nun eh ako na! syempre pag ako na, di ko na pinapatalsik ung laway ko kasi medyo kadiri na un eh, haha. ung sound na lang, minus the laway. aliw na aliw naman sya. hanggang sa makita kong basang-basa na ung mukha nya ng laway nya, ahaha!
moments like these are really for keeps! =)
isa pang kinatutuwa ko kay baby boy ay marunong na syang mangalabit at mang-gising. kapag tinalikuran ko yan sa kama at di pinapansin, kinakalabit ako nyan, walang tigil hanggang pansinin ko na sya, hehe. at pag nagising naman sya sa tabi ng kanyang papang naghihilik, ginigising nya talaga sapamamagitan din ng pangangalabit. hay, baby pa lang marunong ng mangalabit. sana pag tanda nya, di sya mangalabit at baka sumabit! haha.
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merienda ispesyal
nung Sunday, after naming magsimba at mag-lunch ay nag-grocery kami. kasama namin si baby boy at nilalagay namin sya dun sa pushcart, pero di pa pwede eh, kasi baka mauntog at matuktukan pa kami ng magulang ko, hehe. anyway, bumili po si hubby ng burger patties at lulutuin nya daw para sa aming meryenda.
so pag-uwe ng bahay, binigay ko na si baby boy kay yaya habang ako naman ay nag-pump ng breastmilk ko, while si hubby ay abala sa kusina. pagkatapos ko mag-pump ay nagpunta akong kitchen at nandun ang aking asawa, pawisan at kinarir ang aming meryenda! kumpleto ang burger namin ng repolyo (wala kasing lettuce, hehe) tomato at onions. at di lang yun, meron pang fries on the side. naks, ang galing! na-excite naman ako at nag-prepare na ako ng drinks namin at ti-noast ko ung tasty (nalimutan kasi naming bumili ng bun, haha). after 10 years siguro ay nakakain na din kami, hehe, tagal noh! sabi ko sa inyo merienda ispesyal eh, kaya inabot ng decades ang pag-prepare. pero well worth it naman, kasi ang sarap! Purefoods kasi eh,,,ay mali, gawa kasi ni hubby pala, kaya masarap! =)
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
1st swimming
nalimutan kong i-kwento...
nung sunday din, ang 1st swimming ni baby boy. binilhan ko lang sya ng maliit na inflatable pool. hala, kampay-kampay sya dun, at enjoy talaga. nakakaaliw sya tignan, ang cute-cute! wanna see him?. di nga sya nag-cry-cry eh at mega smile talaga. inilatag ko na din ang kanyang puzzle mats at don sya nag-explore. nakakatuwa syang panoorin. eto, tignan mo pa...
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
happy grandparent's day (part 2)
since masyadong advance ang aming celebration last week, i decided to celebrate it again. tutal sabay naman sa exact bday ko, kaya namasyal ulet kami. kasama si hubby at baby and my parents. we heard mass, went shopping (yehey, nakabawi din ako! =) and ate dinner at don hen. it was my parent’s 1st time to celebrate their day as grandparents, so syempre documented with pictures. eto at eto po un. and of kors, me card si baby boy sa kanyang lolo at lola, na truly ay na-appreciate naman nila. all in all, it was a weekend full of celebrations and memories i’ll forever treasure! =)
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happy birthday to us!
hay, ang bilis talaga ng panahon...parang kailan ko lang na-post ung sa pbb na kwento, tas bertdey ko na agad! heniwey, dahil nga sa naipangako ng aking mother na lechon for our birthday, kami ay napilitang maghanda. at sabi nga nila, lumaki ng lumaki ang sunog, dahil ang supposedly “family affair” ay biglang naging “family reunion”. =)
since walang gustong magluto ay pina-deliver na lang namin lahat ng food. ang lechon, pancit, cake at iba pang pagkain ay tinawag ko lang sa telepono habang nagpapa-check up si baby boy.
medyo busy ang araw namin...well-baby check-up din kasi nya nung morning. pagkatapos ay nag-lunch kami sa mama rossa sa timog, habang hinihintay ang 4pm. pagdating ng 4pm ay nagpunta na kami sa kiddie bday party ng anak ng friend ko sa magnolia house. sayang nga lang coz’ we were in a hurry, di na namin naabutan ang bubble show. me isa pang kiddie party sa n@wie friend ko na di na namin napuntahan dahil kapos na sa oras. umulan pa ng malakas kaya traffic na naman, haaay!
anyway, nakarating kami sa house namin ng 630pm. lahat ng pagkain ay na-deliver na at nagdatingan na ang mga bisita. halos di pinansin ang ibang nakahapag sa lamesa, at ang lechon, in a span of 5 minutes eh kalansay na lang, haha. naaalala ko pa ang lutong ng balat at linamnam ng laman!!! whew, pero kinalimutan ko na kung ilan na naman ang nadagdag sa aking timbang! =)
syempre pa, dahil family reunion eh kagulo at kasaya! sinabayan pa ng eviction night sa pbb, kaya exciting talaga! at take note, bumoto pa ang mga relatives ko kay franzen, nakakaawa daw kasi. kaya pala naka-79% sya eh, dameng naawa. owell, hiritan ka ba naman ng “kahit pang-gatas na lang ng anak ko”, di ka ba maaawa?
anyway, back to the party. it was a memorable one kasi i celebrated it with my baby eh, nagsabay pa kami kasi 5th month bertdey din nya un. ung cake nga eh “5” ang candle noh at sya po ay naka-bagong damit while ako ay luma lamang. feeling ko nga di ako ang may birthday eh. pero ganun talaga, kapag tumatanda ka na eh parang di mo na feel ang kaarawan mo. gaya din nung ibang cousins ko na naki-bday din nung saturday. sunod-sunod kasi kaming magpipinsan eh, may 7, 10 at dalawa kaming 11. dami talagang may kaarawan pag setyembre. ginawa kasi kaming lahat nung disyembre, malamig ang panahon, masarap...matulog! teehee! =)
eto ang aming picture
Happy Birthday to all September celebrants! =)
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Friday, September 09, 2005
Remembering The Memories...
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wow, it's nice to reminisce... (teka, kuha muna ako ng calcu, haha)

TWENTY YEARS AGO...i was in 3rd grade. don't know much about life yet. the routine was mainly house-school-house. pretty boring huh. but wait! (parang tv shopping ah=) i used to play outside with our neighbors from 4pm to 7pm, always been the leader coz' i'm the eldest. =(

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO...already a teener in 2nd year high. medyo pressured sa studies coz' i was in the star section. lalo na pag quarterly exams, mega aral ako. kasi gusto kong matawag ng una sa rollcall kapag balikan na ng test papers eh, arranged kasi ito from highest to lowest, haha. or pag the other way around, gusto ko mahuli, hehe. nothin' much on lovelife, though may ultimate crush ako nun, si uson, hahaha!

*teka, wala bang 13 years ago? nun umusbong ang lovelife ko eh, dami ko pa naman sanang kwento. hmp! =)

TEN YEARS AGO...ah, dito ko na lang ikwento, nyahaha! 3rd year in college and a happy-go-lucky student. but mind you, i was still in the 1st section and a dean's lister. oh my, what a great school i was in! =) me boyfriend pa ako nyan ha, a serious one at that. experienced the pros & cons of being in a relationship and hey, i enjoyed it! had my many FIRSTs in life! but not watchatink, haller, it's too early! =) i was already driving my own car, so imagine the places i've been to. well, not that far, malayo na ang fort bonifacio sa akin nun. =) had my share of gimiks & night-outs, usually sa Ratsky, sa greenhills pa ito dati. looking back, it was a happy teenage life!

FIVE YEARS AGO...teka, mag-compute lang ako...di ko maalala kung me bf ako o wala eh. nuninuninu...ah oo, as of that time eh kami pa pala! =) was already working for 2 years. had my 2nd bf at work and experienced a love-hate affair! i tell you, it's not good to have an officemate bf! well basically, i was just starting my career by this time.

THREE YEARS AGO...i met the love of my life and everything changed from that time! =) talked and planned our future together. started our 1st business, as well.

LAST YEAR...finally, we got married! =) and BINGO! a month after, i was already bearing our lil angel.

THIS YEAR...i gave birth to my precious one. and my life has never been the same. i had the biggest smile upon seeing him and the happiest heart upon having him.
also this year, we are going to ocean adventure in subic and hopefully in bohol or boracay.
this year will also be our 1st xmas with my baby and this gets me sooo excited! merry xmas to all, teehee=)

NEXT YEAR...my baby's 1st birthday! =) we'll be having a pooh party na ngayon pa lang ay inaayos ko na. sorry, OC ako when it comes to bday parties eh. afterall, that's my business!
hopefully(3x)!!! we can go to Disney, HK so i could meet Mickey again, hala, feeling close! =)

TEN YEARS FROM NOW…has 2 kids, hopefully a girl for the 2nd and i'll name her AICA. will we still be here in pinas? can't tell, depends on the economy. all i know and all i want is to have a happy and complete family. my 1st angel would be 10 by then, and my second would be 7. and i'll be 30 by that time! oh my! haha, dream on! =)

WHO I WISHED WOULD TAKE THESE QUESTIONS...everybody reading this. hey, it's fun to look back on those years. =)
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Thursday, September 08, 2005
photo mosaic
dahil sa waw mosaic, ako ay na-engganyong mag-photo mosaic na din ng kung ano-anong pictures dito sa pc ko. naaliw kasi ako sa paghahanap ng picture namin ni hubby dun sa wedding mosaic. akala ko ay dalawang klaseng picture lang namin ang nakakalat dun, but my friend saw another one, hehe, linaw ng mata, she deserves a prize! =)

anyway, binigyan ako ni anne ng mosaic software. pero ito lang ung mga free sa internet eh, kaya siguro di pa ganun kaganda. at konti lang din ung mga pics ko kaya wala din masyadong napagpilian kaya medyo malabo ang kinalabasan. anyway, eto na po...

la lang , naaliw lang ako, hehe =)
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
twinkle, twinkle, little star
eto ang lagi kong kinakanta kay baby boy tuwing sleeping time na. gusto ko kasi ma-associate nya ang kantang ito sa pagtulog. lately, napansin ko na medyo demanding na ang aking anak. di ko alam if ngayon lang sya naging demanding o ngayon lang nya natutunan ang art of making sound while breastfeeding. kasi kapag dumedede na sya sa akin while ako ay engrossed sa aking pinapanuod eh nakakalimutan kong kantahan ang aking baby. kaya naman sya na lang ang kumakanta sa sarili nya, mwehehe. nagha-hum sya while naka-suck sa aking breasts. di ko alam kung gusto nyang kumanta or gusto nya akong pakantahin. well, i take the second kaya naman mega sing na naman ako ng "twinkle, twinkle little star".
kahapon, while breastfeeding, my mom was beside me and he heard baby boy humming. syempre pinagyabang ko ang aking baby at kumanta ko. so tumigil si baby boy at nakinig sa akin. bigla akong tumigil, at sya naman ang nag-hum, haha! naaliw ang lola at ginawa akong parang tape ng stopdance. sabi sa akin ng nanay ko, "o tigil ka muna", "o kanta ka na", "o tigil", nyahaha! ang anak ko naman, hum-tigil-hum. hangang sa nakatulugan na ang kakulitan ng lola nya.=)
siguro feeling ng baby ko ay duet kami kaya nagsasagutan kami ng kanta. o pwede rin namang isinilang na ang kauna-unahan kong tagahanga pagdating sa aking pag-awit, haha. watchatink? =)
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
baby's pooh dancer

i forgot to blog about this, but i just had to coz' they reallllly look cute together, don't they?
we've opened this baptismal gift of Ninang Ella last week. since baby boy is fond of rattles now (but fonder of teether!), we thought that it's time to play this. actually, matagal na kaming nagpipigil na buksan ito, kasi baka madumihan na agad bago pa ma-enjoy ni baby boy. pero nuon ko pa gustong laruin, nuon pang preggy pa lang ako, hehe. kaya nga 1 of the requested gifts ko ito eh, mwehehe.
anyway, back to the topic. this pooh is so nice because it's sound-activated. whenever baby boy (or most of the time, we!) plays with the rattle (this is included and just bigger than the rattle pooh is holding), pooh would shake his booty, dance, talk and sing. this is really fun! =) the first time my baby saw this, he was amazed and curious of what this little thing is doing. you should have seen the expression on his face, it was a moment to capture, haha. i don't know what's running in my baby boy's mind...is he wondering why they have exactly the same toy? or why is he moving whenever i talk or create a sound? or why is he singing same songs of mama? or doesn't he ever get tired? =) anyway, whatever it may be, i still am very thankful for this wonderful toy. because it makes my baby boy busy and occupied, thus, i'm free! even for just 5mins, haha.
but then, 2 things to watch out for. sometimes, maybe he thinks that pooh is imitating his sounds then he'll bang his rattle to pooh's head, tsk, tsk, pity pooh! second, he would mistaken his rattle for a teether and eventually gets it in his mouth. told you, he's fonder of teether, hehe.
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happy grandparent's day!
though di ko alam kung kelan eksakto ito, we still celebrated it anyway, dami ko kasi nakikita sa malls na "happy grandparent's day" eh. i thought that we really should celebrate it coz' it's my parent's 1st time to be lolo and lola.
we went to the mall yesterday. ang aking parents, hubby ko at baby boy, pati ang pamangkin ni hubby na naging apo-apohan na ng aking mga magulang nung wala pa si baby boy. itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang miguel (tunay na pangalan, haha!), anim na taong gulang. after hearing mass, i treated my parents to a sumptuos lunch. then stroll-stroll lang kami, di kami makapag-shopping ni hubby kasi kasama namin parents ko eh, baka makwestyon ang aming pagka-gastador, hehe. after that, punta kami sa worlds of fun at mega rides ang aking baby boy at si kuya miguel nya. i've attached pictures so you can see. naisip ko na ganito pala ang feeling pag may isang toddler at isang baby ka na, ang hirap mag-alaga. pero nakakatuwa kasi may playmate si baby boy, may kasama na sya sa mga rides nya. di tulad nung unang carousel ride nya na mag-isa lang sya.
after that, uwian time na dapat. pero ang parents ko ay hihiwalay na daw at manunuod sila ng sine (how swit!). kaya nung wala na ang parents ko ay natuloy na ang aming kaligayan ng mister ko, ang mag-shopping, haha. bumili lang naman kami ng toys. binilhan namin ng mini-basketball court si miguel, ung basketball na nilalaro by the finger, basta ang cute! at would you believe, nagpabili din ang aking magaling na asawa. hay, di talaga papatalo! as usual, ako ay umuweng luhaan dahil wala akong nabili. =( medyo cranky na kasi si baby boy at wala pang tulog kaya we had to go home na. di bale, bawi na lang ako neks wik sa berdey ko, haha!
eto po ang mga kodak moments namin...
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Friday, September 02, 2005
merry christmas! =)
kaninang umaga sa shuttle, i heard the 1st xmas song for this year. actually, i was really waiting kasi nga ber-month na kaya start na ang xmas countdown. owell, of course, emote ako. hang bilis talaga ng panahon, parang kailan lang when we attended the simbang gabi on the eve of 24 last year, may nakita akong momi na may baby. sabi ko sa hubby at parents ko, excited na ako next year kasi kasama na namin si baby boy magsimba. and now, it’s only 115 days to happening.
i’ve always been excited tuwing xmas season. i’m so happy because everybody’s happy. ang sarap mag-shopping kasi ang daming pang-shopping, hehe. ang daming tao sa malls, carnivals, amusement parks. lots of gifts, outings and parties. and the best, ang family reunions, haaay, can’t wait!
you know how excited i am…tapos na po akong mamili ng mga xmas gifts sa mga inaanak at some friends, hehe. although mahaba pa din ang never-ending list ko, atleast i’m done with my first leg. excited din akong mamili ng xmas attire ng baby ko, at syempre ang kanyang xmas gift. can’t wait to see him open his gifts by himself. sana kaya na nya by then, at sana madami syang i-open, mwehehe.
pero ang aking baby, feeling ko eh last month pa nya feel ang xmas. pano ba naman, binilhan ko
sya ng musical xmas book at aliw na aliw sya dito. kasi greet sya nila Pooh and friends ng Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Xmas! eto po itsura nila…

hay, pasko na naman, ang saya, saya! makakain na naman ako ng bibingka at puto-bungbung. pagkatapos ng pasko, bagong taon na, putukan na naman…sana walang mabuntis, haha! september marks the start of xmas, pero bago mag-pasko, bertdey ko pa pala muna, teehee! =)
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