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Friday, September 09, 2005
Remembering The Memories...
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wow, it's nice to reminisce... (teka, kuha muna ako ng calcu, haha)

TWENTY YEARS AGO...i was in 3rd grade. don't know much about life yet. the routine was mainly house-school-house. pretty boring huh. but wait! (parang tv shopping ah=) i used to play outside with our neighbors from 4pm to 7pm, always been the leader coz' i'm the eldest. =(

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO...already a teener in 2nd year high. medyo pressured sa studies coz' i was in the star section. lalo na pag quarterly exams, mega aral ako. kasi gusto kong matawag ng una sa rollcall kapag balikan na ng test papers eh, arranged kasi ito from highest to lowest, haha. or pag the other way around, gusto ko mahuli, hehe. nothin' much on lovelife, though may ultimate crush ako nun, si uson, hahaha!

*teka, wala bang 13 years ago? nun umusbong ang lovelife ko eh, dami ko pa naman sanang kwento. hmp! =)

TEN YEARS AGO...ah, dito ko na lang ikwento, nyahaha! 3rd year in college and a happy-go-lucky student. but mind you, i was still in the 1st section and a dean's lister. oh my, what a great school i was in! =) me boyfriend pa ako nyan ha, a serious one at that. experienced the pros & cons of being in a relationship and hey, i enjoyed it! had my many FIRSTs in life! but not watchatink, haller, it's too early! =) i was already driving my own car, so imagine the places i've been to. well, not that far, malayo na ang fort bonifacio sa akin nun. =) had my share of gimiks & night-outs, usually sa Ratsky, sa greenhills pa ito dati. looking back, it was a happy teenage life!

FIVE YEARS AGO...teka, mag-compute lang ako...di ko maalala kung me bf ako o wala eh. nuninuninu...ah oo, as of that time eh kami pa pala! =) was already working for 2 years. had my 2nd bf at work and experienced a love-hate affair! i tell you, it's not good to have an officemate bf! well basically, i was just starting my career by this time.

THREE YEARS AGO...i met the love of my life and everything changed from that time! =) talked and planned our future together. started our 1st business, as well.

LAST YEAR...finally, we got married! =) and BINGO! a month after, i was already bearing our lil angel.

THIS YEAR...i gave birth to my precious one. and my life has never been the same. i had the biggest smile upon seeing him and the happiest heart upon having him.
also this year, we are going to ocean adventure in subic and hopefully in bohol or boracay.
this year will also be our 1st xmas with my baby and this gets me sooo excited! merry xmas to all, teehee=)

NEXT YEAR...my baby's 1st birthday! =) we'll be having a pooh party na ngayon pa lang ay inaayos ko na. sorry, OC ako when it comes to bday parties eh. afterall, that's my business!
hopefully(3x)!!! we can go to Disney, HK so i could meet Mickey again, hala, feeling close! =)

TEN YEARS FROM NOW…has 2 kids, hopefully a girl for the 2nd and i'll name her AICA. will we still be here in pinas? can't tell, depends on the economy. all i know and all i want is to have a happy and complete family. my 1st angel would be 10 by then, and my second would be 7. and i'll be 30 by that time! oh my! haha, dream on! =)

WHO I WISHED WOULD TAKE THESE QUESTIONS...everybody reading this. hey, it's fun to look back on those years. =)
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  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger Melanie Alamo said…

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  • At 3:05 AM, Blogger Jeanny said…

    Apols...Nice answers.

    Pramis OC ka nga re sa birthdays eh kc di vah , as early as now your planning you lil boys pooh party. :D

    Have a nice day pooh!!!!

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  • At 10:59 PM, Blogger alpha said…

    excited din ako sa christmas kasi first christmas ni bebe ko :D how i wish masagutan ko din yang remembering the memories na yan (sabi kasi ni jeanny, yung nag-start daw sa "A").. i'm trying to remember pa..

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