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Monday, July 30, 2007
ba-bye Boracay!
i, AGAIN, passed up the chance to be in Boracay now for our yearly TCP (Team Celebration Program) sponsored by our company. all the regular employees are there now since Saturday for their 3-day vacation.
i said ‘again’ because from the start of this yearly TCP (2004), i haven’t joined our Department yet. the first time was June 2004, i was newlywed and just had our honeymoon in Boracay, where the company went also 2 days after i left the island, hehe. in 2005, in Dos Palmas, but my then baby boy was only months-old and i was exclusively breastfeeding so i didn’t join. in 2006, again in Boracay, my baby boy will soon be celebrating his 1st bday then so i was really busy, besides, i still can’t leave him for 3 consecutive days. and now, 2007, again in Boracay! they just get never tired of Boracay, but well, who is anyway? as usual, still can’t leave my lil’ boy behind, won’t last a day without him, hehe. he is still breastfeeding at night, so i don’t think he can sleep through the night without me.
hay, the sacrifices of being a MOM talaga! =)

but i miss Boracay! i miss the honeymoon moment we had there when there was just the 2 of us. and of course, i miss the family bonding moments we shared w/ lil’ boy when we stayed there for 7 days! i guess that was the BEST family bonding we had, bukod sa straight 7 days yun, super saya talaga kasi lil boy was a toddler na eh, so he can somehow relate na, hehe.

we’ll definitely be back to Boracay, if when, that’s the hanging question. =)as per hubby kasi, no "expensive" vacation (local or international) in the next few months! huhuhu!
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Monday, July 23, 2007
on kid's crocs (huli man daw at magaling, huli pa din, nyehehe)

when crocs first came in town 2 years ago (yata), i found those cayman for babies cutie. but unfortunately, there was no small size yet to fit my (then) baby boy's tiny feet.
and then later, the mickey crocs came out, and it was really cute. though i found the scutes and mary jane for girls cuter, hehe.

but then i've learned about the daphne-rustans-crocs story, so the idea of buying got parked for awhile.

but last week, i noticed that his 2nd pair of havaianas (na sadyang ginawa lang nyang tsinelas sa bahay, daig pa ang nanay, hehe) will soon be outgrown already. so time to buy a bigger pair. that's when i remembered the mickey crocs again. =)
and so i looked for his size but unfortunatley again, Glorietta and Rustan's Makati didn't have his size. so i just asked hubby to buy 1 in Rustan's Gateway for lil' boy.

and so, here it is:

and we bought these cute Disney G-bits to jazz it up a lil' bit:

isn't it cute? =)

on adult crocs (tagal kong pinalipas, kaya naman aking kinaripas, haha =)

i've always been a havaianas girl from the start. i like it better than crocs, i like the simplicity and style. and i guess the "bulldog-style" of crocs doesn't appeal to me (actually, i didn't like that style talaga since school days, never had those "Greg" (sp?) shoes ba yun, hehe)

but of course i've tried it on the malls when it first came out. but i found the cayman so malapad for my feet, while the other girly style naman so payat for my feet, hehe. so i guess it wasn't really for me then. and so i wasn't really updated on the latest styles anymore.

until the time i was looking for mickey crocs last week. i finally saw one from crocs that i really, really like!!!
so i checked and called Glorietta, Rustan's Makati & Gateway and Crocs Serendra almost EVERYDAY to see and ask if there's an available stock already, but to no avail. buti na lang, someone from Serendra gave Promenade's number to me, nakulitan na yata sa akin eh, hehe. and at long last, there was a size 7 capri, colored chocolate & cotton candy (oh di ba, pangalan pa lang, ang sarap at ganda na, hehe). so i reserved it na. but since 1 day lang daw ang reservation, i had to claim it last Friday.

and so Friday lunchtime we went, hehe. Jing and i were there past 11am, and i was surprised to see a LOT of nice styles ha. i guess i've missed crocs shops for so long kaya di ko alam na may mga magagandang style na pala sila in fairness. :)

but i guess i need to setlle for just one muna, kasi lagot ako sa asawa ko noh, next time na lang ulit yung iba. (at buti na lang din, hindi din type ni hubby ang crocs at hindi sya naki-terno sa amin ni lil' boy, he's happy with his Nike and hava na daw) ang sagot ko, hanggang kelan kaya? hehe.

look at my new crocs, isn't it so nice...

eto pa ang funny dyan. i wore it kasi agad pagka-bili ko. and since super shiny ng floor sa Promenade (and may katamaran ako maglakad kaya i sometimes slide my feet na lang), ayun, muntik na akong parang "matisod" kasi nga super non-slip sya, hehe. pero sarap din sya sa paa kasi malambot din yung soles nya eh.

after that, we ate at Little Asia, then back to office na. oh di ba, sadyang kinaripas ko!
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Saturday, July 21, 2007
apat na maria
i had 4 parties last weekend, all 4 girls! =) 1st was Disney Princess, 2nd was Carnival, 3rd was Tinkerbell and 4th was Pooh Bapismal...
this blog would be a short-cut version na lang, kasi dami ko pa kelangan gawin eh, hehe.

07/14, sat - woke up at 530 am to buy hotdogs for our hotdog cart. then at around 7am, we're on our way to Makati Sports for the 11am party. my client had a LOT of balloon decors so it was quite challenging to set-up everything, good thing we had ample time to do it all.

we also provided the ice cream and hotdog cart. as well as video services.
you can view more pics here.

when everything was settled, i left my assistants there to man the carts and the party as well.
while me and my assistant left for Makati Parks naman.

12nn - we were at Makati Parks already, waiting for the 1pm set-up time, as usual! while we were at the parking lot, we were pumping some of our balloons manually. lumaki na nga muscles ng tao ko eh, hehe.
at 1pm, start na ng set-up, so mabilisan na naman syempre. we were done at 2pm, kasi we only supplied the balloon decors, standee, entrance styro and the little tikes playground.

and since i had to stay sa party, might as well do something na lang. so i volunteered to do back-up photography for FREE. atleast, naaliw ako, hehe.

more pics here.

07/15, sun - we left our place (w/ hubby and lil' boy, yipee!) at around 930 am for the 11am party at Palladium Clubhouse, near Wack-Wack.
we supplied balloon decors, ice cream cart, cake, cupcake & lollies and backpack souvenirs.

our balloon decors were really simple, just the usual thing we do. pero i was surprised to receive a comment from the head waitress of Blue Petals, their caterer. she said "ay, ang ganda naman ng balloons nyo! sana pala sa inyo na lang nagpagawa yung Boss ko. nag-bday party kasi yun nung isang linggo eh, si _____ ang gumawa, hindi naman maganda. maganda pa yang mga gawa mo." then she asked for my calling card, hehe. syempre pa, happy naman ako kasi naa-appreciate nila yung mga pinag-paguran ko. :)

more pics here.

eto pa, what a small world. kasi yung elder bro pala ng client ko eh barkada ni hubby nung college noh, kaaliw. kaya chikahan muna sila before we left.

1130am - we were already at Somethin' Fishy. i just set-up the table centerpieces that my officemate ordered to me last minute for her daughter's Baptismal.

after that, ate lunch na din sa baba. and here is lil' boy, enjoying his own glass of iced tea.

after lunch, ikot muna sa Eastwood, shopping ng konti, bought toys and pasalubong sa mga pamangkin. kasi at 3pm, went to IL's house para dumalaw. kaya ayun, nagkita na naman ang mga magpipinsan kaya kagulo na naman sila. =)

we left at 5pm to hear the 6pm mass at Sta. Lucia. then had dinner after, and later went home.

another weekend na walang pahinga! =)
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
60 POINTS!!!
as i've previously mentioned in my blog, i'll brag about my lil' boy's basketball last sunday at Glorietta!!! =)

would you believe that he was able to make 60 points in a minute yata! yup, 60 POINTS!!! and he's just 2yo! =)

look at my basketall star in the making...

the stage father was shooting this video while ako ang dakilang alalay na taga-abot ng bola. =)

pero kelangan ko na yatang pakainin ng star rice para tumangkad, mwehehe.

sikat na naman sya dun sa Glorietta, kasi lahat ng dumadaan ay talagang humihinto para panoorin sya. at kaaliw pa yung mag-bf/gf na nakinuod, hirit sa kanya ng gf nya, "daig ka pa nung bata, nakaka-60 points!" nyahaha!
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Saturday, July 14, 2007
relaxed long weekend
as i’ve mentioned in my previous post, i was again on leave last friday.

07/06, friday – i left the house at 8am, earlier pa than if may pasok ako. i’ve set a meeting with a client in Las Piñas at 10am. being a friday and with only a printed map on hand, i knew i should be early! i passed by MOA, chuva and chuva, places i can’t recall already by now. and guess what, syempre pa, naligaw ako. malapit na sana ako but i missed the signboard, so ayun, lumagpas ako! ang kainis pa nun, the road going back was heavy traffic, tipong so near yet so far ang drama ko kasi super slow-moving kami. grrr! Yax, her hubby and baby met me at Caltex and we all went to their venue, PhilamLife Clubhouse. we discussed the decors and i made some measurements of the place.
then we went to Starbucks after to discuss further. around 1130 am, i left na and went home.

pero dahil consistent ako, syempre, naligaw ulit ako, mwehehe! iba na kasi yung daan pauwe eh, at wala akong map pabalik, hehe.

i arrived at Sta. Lucia to buy banana (for choco fontain) and some supplies from National. then arrived home at around 1pm and finally ate lunch, my 1st meal for that day! my assistant was already doing some of the balloons for our 6pm party that night. after eating, finished the balloon décors and left at 230pm.

we arrived at Patio Ibarra in Quezon Ave at 3pm, then i was informed na 8pm pa daw ang time nila dun. nyek! but then i insisted to start with the decors already, since wala namang prior party. kaya ayun, di kami nagmamadali because we had ample time to prepare.

and since 8pm ang start and they got our choco fountain, that means na hihintayin ko pa yun matapos at around 11pm.

buti na lang, magaling ‘tumayming’ ang aking kaibigang si Bodj, biglang nag-text sya na gimik daw kami that night! PERFECT! instant gimik agad. =) so we texted our other friend Jing and so, settled na ang lakad namin, hehe.

we were done with the set-up of balloons and choco fountain by 7pm. sayang lang na i didn’t stay kasi may Lechon Baka, yummy talaga, super laki, hehe. pinapakain nga ako ni Weng, but i needed to leave na din eh.

Bodj, Jing and i met at Gram’s Diner in ABS where we had dinner. there we saw Vhong, Jong, Direk Chito and Panky dining. the food is not that good as we expected. though the ambience and service is nice, and the price is just right. but i wouldn’t recommend it though, pero sabi nila yung breakfast daw ang masarap dun.

after dinner, we headed to Starbucks as usual. pagdating dun, my assistant was texting me already na tapos na daw yung party. so at 1030pm, balik akong Patio at sinundo ang tao ko. i actually invited her to join us na lang sa Starbucks but she decided to go home na lang. and so, i went back to Starbucks and had fun with my friends. it’s been months since we’ve had that kind of gimik na, nakaka-miss talaga minsan. we’re thinking pa nga of going to Music 21 for our much-loved videoke or comedy bars pero di namin alam kung saan si Pooh eh. next time na lang ulit!

we called it a night at 1am, and i arrived home at 130am. wow, what a relaxing gimik after all those parties… =)

07/07 – saturday – wala akong parties that day! so nag-date kaming dalawa ni lil’ boy, dahil nga may pasok si hubby.
at 11am, we’re at World Citi already for lil’ boy’s vaccine and check-up. then went to Robinson’s after, ate lunch and played sa play area na nalimutan ko (as usual) ang name. =)

went home at around 3pm, just slept, stayed home and rested. ang sarap!

not much celebration for us on the 07/07/07, puro wedding kasi siguro to.

07/08 – sunday – the 3 of us heard mass at 10am, had a quick lunch at 11am, and fetched the mascots at 12nn. by 1pm, we were already at St. Joseph Function Hall in Palanan, Makati for the 2pm bday party of Iñigo, Marie’s baby boy. we just provided the mascot, puppet show and she rented my food cart. when everything were settled already, we just went to Glorietta after. as usual, nag-arcade ang aking mag-ama at ang galing-galing-galing ni lil’ boy mag-basketball. naka-tatlong balik nga kami dun noh, sa sobrang addict nila pareho. addict mag-shoot ang aking anak, at addict mag-shoot ng video naman ang proud father, hehe. i’ll definitely blog about this soon.

sumakay din kami dun sa mga walking animals, syempre fav din ni lil ‘boy yun eh. 2 round, 1 with me and 1 with his Papa.

after that, we just ate breads from BreadTalk and drinks from Starbucks.

then went back to the venue at 5pm to pick-up our stuffs and assistants. then home at around 7pm.

that simple!

wow, a different way to spend the weekends! =)
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Friday, July 13, 2007
just a break from my blogSSS about my recent parties...

here is my lil' boy saying "ay wab yu" and counting "wan to welv"! =)

isn't he adorable? i'm one proud momma! :)
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Thursday, July 05, 2007
busier weekend
my weekends are really getting busier and busier, which makes me happier and happier! =)

i took a leave from the office for 2 consecutive fridays, because i had so much to attend to.

06/29, friday – my assistant and i left the house early. went to my balloon supplier to pick up lots and lots of balloons & mylars. then to Divi to buy goodies and prizes for my clients. after that, went straight to my bag supplier to get the lunchbags and small backpacks. then to my chocolate supplier to get the Belgian chocolate for my choco fountain. we arrived home dead tired around 5pm!

and since were tired already, tuloy pa din kami sa trabaho, mwehehe. we started with the 32 table centerpieces that we had to do for the 3 parties that weekend. YES, we again had 3 parties! =)

and since we’re really dead tired na nga, we called it a day, ay night na pala yun, hehe. baka kasi layasan na ako ng tao ko kapag di ko pa sya pinauwe eh.

pero syempre ako, tuloy pa din ang trabaho ko bilang full-time Mom & Yaya sa aking makulit na anak.

06/30, saturday – early morning pa lang ay nasa labas na ako to buy the hotdogs and pick-up the kiddie chairs. at 8am, my assistant arrived na and we started with the balloons already. by 1230pm, we left the house for the 3pm party at Lexington Clubhouse in Pasig.

we arrived at the venue by 1pm and started with the set-up. we provided table centerpieces, customized balloons, host (Symond), bubble show, bubble machine, hotdog cart, ice cream cart, kiddie tables, prizes and lunch bag souvenirs.

it was a happy party, Georgia is so pretty and was dancing and singing the whole time. the kids, mostly from St. Paul Pasig, had fun the entire party. they enjoyed the magic show, the bubbles and the bubble show, where all of them had a chance to go inside the big bubble and have their picture taken. the bday girl also loves the rabbit given to her by my host as a gift, but she was always screaming “the rabbit is pooping!”, nyahaha.

with her twisted Bugs Bunny & Tweety balloons

father & daughter inside the big bubble

more pics here.

the party ended around 6pm. i guess they were all satisfied because Pia (the Tita who coordinated the party) gave us all (including my assistants) tips for a job well done! thanks Tita Pia! Georgia is really lucky to have you as her Tita. :)

btw, it’s also our helper’s bday that day. and as a treat, aside from the gifts we gave her, i also treated them to Jollibee, hehe. yes, we like her na because she likes my son so much, kahit na di sya Yaya. and to those who knows the story of my bad dream, thanked God i’m finally over it. and i’m starting to trust (and like!) this helper already. =)
i just gave money to my Mom and they all went to Joliibee with lil’ boy and my Dad. dapat susunod kami ng tao ko after our party kaya lang, pagod na kami AT madami pa kaming gagawin for the 2 parties that sunday.

we arrived home by 7pm. tired, but still with a LOT of balloons to do. imagine, we were working until 12mn! to think na gumising pa ako ng 6am that morning ha. at super pagod pa sa pag-organize ng party that afternoon. hay, feeling ko nga wala na kaming lakas eh, as in lata na kami lahat kaya i decided to end the night na lang. kahit na ang dami pang gagawin. pinapagalitan na nga ako ng Mom ko eh, kasi nagpapakapagod daw ako masyado dito, at sabay-sabay pa parties ko. okay lang, enjoy naman ako eh. =)
i was able to sleep at 1am na yata.

07/01, sunday – i woke up at 7am and did some of the unfinished balloons. while my assistant arrived at 9am and finished the rest. we left the house w/ hubby at 11am and picked-up my 2 more assistants. nag-dalawang sasakyan pa kami ni hubby kasi super dami naming dala. nung sinundo ko nga yung dalawang tao ko, halos magkapalit na sila ng mukha ng mga lobo noh, katabi, kandong at sa apakan nila ay puro lobo, nyahaha.

we were at Makati Parks & Garden by 12nn, nag-take out lang kami ng food for lunch and ate it there, while waiting for the 1pm set-up time. and as usual, since super kapos ang 1-hr set-up time ng MPG, sa labas pa lang sa sinet-up na namin lahat. pati yung sa susunod na party namin. buti na lang di masyadong kainitan that day.

by 1pm, we started with the set-up inside already. we provided drapes & floating balloons, table centerpieces and all the balloon decors, ice cream & hotdog cart, piñata, personalized standee and Alex, the host.

more pics here.

by 130pm, pinauna ko na si hubby at assistant sa The Little Gym, The Fort to set-up our 2nd party ng 3pm. opo, sabay po ang dalawang parties ko, hehe.

when everything was settled already sa MPG, iniwan ko na ang 2 assistants ko dun and i flew to TLG at 2pm. pagdating dun, i helped sa pag-set-up ng balloon decors (centerpieces and hanging clusters), standee and our super nice styro décor, hehe. and since kami din ang official photographer nila, i started taking shots of the details while hubby was busy with the styro.

at 3pm, the party started already kaya nag-dalawang camera na kami ni hubby. good thing kasi parang there were 2 parties going on ng sabay, one was at the gym where the activities were held with the kids & moms, and yung sa room naman where other guests stayed and ate. so i’m confident that we’ve captured everything naman kasi nga dalawa kaming kumukuha eh.

everybody loved the styro backdrop, i heard a lot of compliments. dami nagtatanong kung san pinagawa, hindi lang ako makasabat ng “ME! ME!” mwehehe, at ang mga balloons at ang mga naglalakihang butterfly mylar, ayun, pinag-agawan ng mga bisita. muntik na ngang di matirhan ang Mom ng bday girl eh.

more party decors here.
more of our shots here.

by 5pm, nagte-text na ang assistant ko sa MPG, patapos na daw yung party dun. so i needed to go back to give the payment to the Host. wala pa kasi sya when i left earlier. so since tapos na din naman yung party sa TLG and hubby was just uploading the pictures to be given to the parents, iniwan ko na sya dun and balik na ako sa MPG.

naguguluhan na ba kayo? lagari talaga ginawa ko eh, hehe. =)

pagdating sa MPG, gave the payment to Alex ang ligpit na ng mga gamit namin. the Mom was thanking me for a beautiful party, "elegant" set-up na naman daw, hehe.

then hubby and assistant arrived na din sa MPG and we all left by 630pm. aliw pa kasi nag-uunahan pa kami ni hubby sa daan, hehe. tipong sisingit pa sya sa akin then bubusinahan ko ng isang matindi at hindi papasingitin, mwehehe. ang tagal na panahon na din kasing hindi kami nakag-drive ng sabay eh, kasi syempre lagi kaming magkasama. i just missed the times na may ka-racing ako sa daan, bad! =)

owel, i't was really tiring, AS IN! pero with all the nice comments we've got, i guess it's all worth it.

congrats to me, hubby and my team for pulling of 3 successful paties in 1 weekend!
next week ulit...=)
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