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Friday, October 24, 2008
looking forward…
yes, i’m really looking forward to the coming vacation!!!

it’s vacation time for my school boy so no waking up early (yes, 9am is already early for both of us!)
it’s Nov 1&2 next weekend so no parties for me to organize.

it’s really 1 whole week of rest!

these past few days, i’m really feeling sick, stressed, tired, burnt out and all! i don’t know, i guess i just need a good massage and a WHOLE DAY rest!

so i’m really excited for the coming week.

also, it’s time to update all my backlogs. blog my Hongkong vacation as well as our MBAP party (sorry mommies, next week na po ang pics ko ha), and a LOT more! update all my party pics and organize all my files.

waaah, feeling ko di din ako makapag-rest sa dami ng kelangan kong gawin!!!

good luck to me and happy vacation to all.

btw, for those who were asking, NO! lil boy didn't walk the aisle! waaah, will blog about that soon. =(
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Friday, October 10, 2008
walk down the aisle...
nope, it's not us! it will be lil boy's turn this time. not (never) as a Groom, opkors, hehe.

it will be his 1st time to walk down the aisle, he'll be the Coin Bearer at his Ninang Ella's (hubby's cousin) wedding on Oct 12, 3pm at Caleruega. reception follows at Splendido. so we're all going to Tagaytay this Sunday.

we were initially planning on staying overnight at our little house in Tagaytay on Sat night, so the kids will enjoy their short vacation. but i had party bookings that day, so no choice but to leave early on a Sunday.

anyway, since it's lil boy's 1st time, we're doing a lot of coaching on how he'll walk carrying the pillow. but everytime he does it, he'll always throw the pillow after! oh my!!! i'm just hoping he won't do it on the wedding.

will he walk kaya? or i'll be walking with him, hay, wag naman sana!

we'll see on Sunday, i'm excited! =)
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