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Friday, September 28, 2007
future mathematician?
mana sa ina? hahaha.
nah! i’m not one, i just excelled in my most fav subject since pre-school until college days. yup, i just so looove MATH! =)

my lil’ boy loves numbers so much! actually, that’s an understatement pa, hehe. he learned how to count 1-10 even before he turned 2yo. and now, he can count 1-30! yes, you read it right, that’s 1-30. he can even count backwards from 10-0, thanks to Game KNB! hehe. he also loves watching Deal or No Deal because of the numbers. he counts anything and everything! as in! kahit minsan sa panaginip nya, you can hear him counting. hahaha.

aside from numbers, he also knows the alphabets already, he can recite the whole alphabets and he knows all the letters already. he’s fond of “spelling” all the words that he sees too.

and now, i just recently changed his “subjects”, hehe. since he knows all the numbers 1-10 and alphabets already, i bought the 1-20 na, so he can learn to write 11-20 soon. here is his new subject in his "home school":

and as i’ve mentioned, 11-20 na ang kelangan nyang aralin isulat. kasi as early as now, at 2.5yo, he can write almost all the 1-10 numbers! watch it here…

and he’s not even schooling yet ha! si WOWO lang ang teacher nyan sa house.

i’m one very proud mama!!! =)
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Thursday, September 27, 2007
an unwanted vacation…
i’ve been home for 6 straight days now!
i’m happy because i’m home with my son 24/7, but i’m also not because he’s sick for 6 days already. =(

last Friday, 09/21, when i was almost home from having late coffee with some of my college barkada, my Dad texted me that lil’ boy was already looking for me. and that he was coughing since morning, which they didn’t tell me naman the whole day. eh di sana di na kami tumuloy sa gimik namin (which had been cancelled a LOT of times already due to my busy sched!).

anyway, Saturday came and i had 2 parties that time. so my parents decided to take lil’ boy with them in Pampanga to attend the baptismal of my cousin’s baby. so sorry we weren’t able to attend due to our prior commitments. lil boy was still coughing that time and had a slight fever that night.

early Sunday morning, we brought lil’ boy to our suking manghihilot, at yun nga, may pilay daw. after that, we decided to leave lil’ boy sa house to have a complete rest. plan kasi namin dapat syang isama sa lakad namin that day, and also sa photo service namin sa party that day. but we decided not na lang kasi baka mapagod pa. the party ended at 5pm. we’re supposed to attend the 6pm mass but my parents texted that lil boy still had fever. so we decided to bring him to the hospital as soon as we got home. hubby even prepared all our things and clothes, just to be ready in case we needed to stay there.

we’re at the ER of World Citi around 7pm. blood was extracted to check infections. we’ve waited long for his urine, ayaw kasi nya umihi. so dun na kami nag-dinner and all. finally, umihi na siya so we waited for the results.
Thanked God there were no infections whatsoever, viral lang daw talaga. so we were given medicines and was home by 11pm.

came Monday, mataas pa din ang fever nya, coughing was so bad, as in sunod-sunod. he didn’t want to eat, puro dede lang from me. kahit yung milk nya from the glass, ayaw inumin. so i was home with him, directly feeding him all the time. kaya naman, ako ang pinapakain ng parents ko, kasi nga sa akin lang daw kumukuha ng food ang baby ko.

Tuesday, hubby also didn’t go to office. we again brought lil boy to the hospital, but now, to his pedia na. pedia suggested an xray to check of any complications. she’s suspecting primary complex!!! please, please, please, huwag naman sana!
kasi daw, di tumataba si lil boy eh, he’s stuck at 10.2 kilos, almost underweight na sya actually. though di naman talaga sya sakitin, now lang. and he’s a happy and kulit boy pa din naman, masigla and malikot. pero yun nga, di tumataba, kahit Pediasure na iniinom nya, and minsan may Heraclene pa on the side, wala pa din. hay, i’m just praying na everything is okay!

Wednesday, still can’t go to work kasi nga, di pa din sya kumakain, as in sa akin lang sya umaasa. para nga syang bumalik sa pagka-baby eh, as in purely breastfeeding ulit ang baby ko, hehe. buti na lang, medyo gumagaling na sya with the new medications his pedia gave.

Thursday, i was about to go to the office. but the pedia called for the xray results. and based on the xray, it’s a possible PC daw! huhuhu! pero kelangan pa i-PC Test to confirm talaga if it’s PC. parang injection yata yun na skin test eh, which will be done on Sat, and the results will be after 48 hours. i'm still hoping and praying na it’s NOT!!!

please pray for him too!

tom, Friday, i’ll hopefully be back to office. and hopefully, my son will be back to his normal kulit self. =)
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Monday, September 10, 2007
partieSSS (part 4) - 09/02 - 09
last part na...

September 02, 3pm - Eisha's 1st Birthday
Makati Sports Club - Zobel; theme is Mickey Clubhouse

we, with hubby and 3 assistants, were at Makati Sports by 9am. there were a LOT to set-up so we were really early for the 3pm party.
this was a RUSH party, only about 2 weeks to prepare. so pareho kaming pressured ng mother.
she went out of the country daw kasi and was back lang few weeks before the party. so when she inquired the 1st time, i was thinking na simple party lang, kasi nga 2 weeks na lang yata. but nah! it was one big party, atleast for me. =)
and not to mention na nahirapan kami sa paghahanap ng images nya, kasi naman Mickey Mouse Clubhouse daw ang theme. na to some na di alam eh "mickey na nakatalikod", haha.

we provided the cake and all the balloons

including the styro backdrop, the mickey & friends standees.

at ang pinaghirapan kong personalized pinata, hehe.

and of course, our nice themed carts. Nacho Cart and our cutie Popcorn Cart

we also provided glitter tattoo and the host, Chubster.
more pics here.

September 02, 3pm - Julia's 2nd Birthday
Santuario de san Antonio; theme is Dora

yup, sabay ulit to. but this time, si hubby and assistant lang ang nagpunta sa venue. because i had to stay for the carts and the program.

we just provided the balloon decor, cake, Dora standee and Bobi the host.

more pics at this link.

September 08, 3pm - Calvin's 1st Birthday
Makati Sports Club - Zobel; theme is Calvin & Hobbes

after a week, we're back at Makati Sports ulit. and with a unique theme again. since there are no Calvin & Hobbes mylar balloons, we just improvised styro decor instead.

more pics here.

September 09, 11am - Ashley's Baptismal
Max's Scout Tuazon

i set this up alone, kasi konti lang naman. lil boy & our helper were with me, kasi busy pa si hubby so di sya nakasama. while lil boy was playing sa Little Tikes ng Max's, i was busy setting-up everything.

more pics at this link.

September 09, 2pm - Migs' 1st Birthday
Friday's Glorietta; theme is Barney

after eating lunch at Max's, went straight to Friday's already and met hubby there. it was Migs' 1st Birthday already. Migs is my former officemate, Jonel's son. parang kailan lang yung baptism nya sa Dencio's Rockwell where i also provided the balloon decors. ngayon, 1 yo na sya, ang bilis talaga! =)

we provided the backpack souvenirs, standee

excuse lang ha, nangangati yata si lil boy eh, nyahaha!

and photo services.

i haven't uploaded the pix yet, will soon do.

hay, finally! i'm done blogging my parties. updated na ako, woohoo!
next would be my personal affairs naman. when will that be? i dunno! hahaha.

til my next update...
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partiesss (part 3) - 08/25
continuation again...

August 25, 11am - Chia's Baptismal
Panciteria ni San Jacinto; theme is "It's a Girl!"

we provided styro decor, balloons and cakes & cupcakes.

more cutie pics here.

August 25, 11am - Erica's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, West; theme is disney princess

yup, same time, at super magkalayo. kaya nilagari ko na naman tong dalawang parties na to.

pictures here.

then went back home to get the balloons for my 3rd party that day.


the biggest party booboo, EVER!

August 25, 3pm - Lance's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, Edsa; theme is Diego

since there were a LOT of balloons and only an hour set-up, i had 3 assistants with me. plus our helper, because i took lil' boy with me. planning to go malling with him after the 3pm set-up. but NO! it didn't happen...

we were at the venue by 1pm, there was a prior party until 130. so that was the only time we started the set-up.
she ordered 2 stage pillars, 6 stage flower plants, 100 floating balloons (the hardest thing to set-up), 4 post balloons, 12 centerpieces and balloon burst. they also got Chubster, the host.

it was almost 3pm, 2:40 to be exact and i was almost happy because we were almost done with the set-up. just some finishing touches here and there. medyo na-pressure kasi ako at first dahil akala ko mabibitin kami sa set-up.

my lil boy was outside the room, dun sa may lobby sa 2nd floor, playing with our helper. buti good boy at di nakikigulo.

then, my assistant approached me, "san daw po yung Dora mylar sabi ng client?". parang biglang tumigil yung mundo ko! nasan nga ba?

client gave me 2 big super shaped mylars which she bought from the US. 1 dora and the big number "1". i didn't inflate it yet kasi di na kakasya sa van eh, super puno na kami. and i guess that was my biggest mistake! but then, nilagay ko na sa plastic yun and sinama ko dun sa mga things to load sa van. what happened pala, niligpit ng tao ko. so hindi nasama! OMG!!! i was speechless, didn't know what to do. it was almost 3pm, the party was about to start. and not to mention the heavy traffic on a saturday afternoon!!!

and so i talked to the client and took the blame (dahil kahit tao ko yung palpak, sagutin ko pa din yun dahil nga tao ko yun eh). told her i'll be back in no time. the client was ok naman, pero ako, hindi!

so i left all of them there. nagpaalam lang ako sa anak ko kasi ayoko talaga syang isama because i was expecting a dangerous speedy ride ahead. so mabuti nang mag-isa lang ako noh!

at 3pm, i tightened my seatbelt and made the craziest ride of my life. since it was a saturday, i passed all those heavy or i would say worst traffic. plus point na siguro na 'in-born fast driver' ako, Lady Schumacher, ika nga, hehe. but i would say na that was the fastest and scariest drive i've done in my entire life. lahat yata na-overtake ko na, counter flow kung counter flow, singit kahit ka sa kaliit-liitang pagkakataon. and not to mention na i was on the phone most of the time i was driving. bad, i know. but i didn't have a choice. i was calling all the party shops nearby if they have stocks of those big mylars. but unfortunately, yung isa lang ang available, so no use din. wala ding tao sa house kaya wala akong mautusan na magdala. naka-hazard naman ako eh, so i hope they understand. akala siguro nila manganganak na ako. haha. =)

i arrived home at 340, oh di ba, 40 min from Edsa to Marikina on a sat afternoon, what a ride, hehe. i inflated the balloons at home. then off i flew to Kamayan again. same crazy driving, and it took me only 30 mins to arrive. kausap ko pa sa phone yung tao ko nun to monitor the part of the party program.

i arrived at around 415. good thing the party started at around 4pm na lang din because most guests were late due to HEAVY TRAFFIC. ha, traffic ba? haha.

funny pa kasi i have a friend na invited sa party. and she just lives near our house. sabi nya, more than an hour daw yung byahe nya dahil super traffic. need i explain more what kind of driving i did that time?

hay! that was the 1st major booboo we've ever made in my 5 years in this business. buti na lang nalusutan ko. lesson learned, even how competent your people are, i guess di mo pwedeng iasa sa kanila lahat. though i really do check it myself din naman always eh, dito lang yata ako pumalya. malas! =)

owel, aside from that, everything was ok na naman. the client was still happy with the party.

napakain na din kaming lahat dun dahil sa sobrang stressed naming lahat. at di na natuloy ang date namin ni lil boy. so went home by 530 pm na lang din.


to be continued...
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partiesss (part 2) - 08/11-19
now, for the continuation...

august 11, 11am - EJ's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, Edsa; theme is barney

we provided almost all party supplies, except the food of course. =) including photo services.

more pics here.

august 11, 3pm - Jadon's 1st Birthday
Chili's Greenbelt; theme is cars

unfortunately, i forgot the memory card of my other camera, so i wasn't able to take pics of this party. ganda pa naman ng ginawa naming table centerpiece. buti na lang the client gave me pics, thanks Jessie. =)

one more pic here. =)

august 11, 4pm - Sean's 1st Birthday
CVJ Clubhouse; theme is spongebob

we provided styro backdrop and standees, balloons, cupcakes, host, bubble show, ice cream and choco fountain.

ganda ng decor namin, sayang lang talaga wala akong dalang camera. kainis! from clients lang din lahat ng pics ko.
and due to my october client's request, wag ko daw muna i-upload sa webshots link ko
yung party pics, kasi gagamitin nya tong backdrop eh, hehe.

yup, we had 3 parties that day. kung paano ko nilagari lahat yun, di ko na matandaan, hehe.

august 12, 3pm - Joaqui's 1st Birthday
Makati Sports Club, Ayala; theme is barney

we provided almost everything also, including Chubster the host, balloons, cakes, cupcakes, food carts and photo/video also.

view more pics here.

august 12, 3pm - Jacob's 1st Birthday
Dad's Megamall; theme is Sesame

opo, as in sabay tong 2 parties na to. we were all at makati sports in the morning and finished all the set-up. then hubby with my 2 assistants were left there, while i, with my 2 assistants din went to megamall. hay, dami pang naging problems with dad's megamall, they were so palpak, kainis. to the point na nakipag-away pa ako sa shungak na receptionist nila. at nagpunta pa ako sa SM office para makipag-usap sa Logistics.

anyway, natapos naman kami before 3pm. i left my people there while i literally 'flew' back to Makati Sports. buti na lang it was a sunday, no traffic. kinaya ko yata ng less than 15 minutes ang Gamol to Makati Sports, hehe.

i had to go back to do back-up shots kay hubby.

thanked God all 5 parties that weekend were successful. =)

August 18, 11am - Matt's Baptismal
Betty's Q. Ave; theme is "It's a Boy!"

it was raining hard pero tuloy pa din ang party. paalis na ang bagyo, and during the whole party, i was praying hard na tumigil na ang ulan. kasi we were scheduled to Tagaytay the following day. but that's another story. =)

link to the pics is here.

August 19, 2pm - ___'s 1st Birthday
Ayala Hillside; theme is minnie

sorry, i forgot the name of the girl. this was a rush party actually. the mom just called me days before the party. i actually turned down because we were going nga to Tagaytay, but the client insisted, kahit na daw assistants ko na lang, basta lang ituro ko lahat ng gagawin. she likes my work daw kasi, naks naman! =)

so the night before, binilin ko na lahat ng gagawin sa tao ko. they just got balloon decor and face paint anyway, not much supervision needed.

to be continued...
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partieSSS (part 1) - 07/21 - 08/05
i give up! i think i can no longer make kwento of all my previous parties because i'm so busy. isa pa, nalimutan ko na yata yung mga real kwento, yung mga behind the scenes eh. so i'll just list them all down, post pics, and mention some important details, that is, if may ma-remember ako. haha.

july 21, 3pm - Johann's Baptismal
Christ The King Function Hal; theme is bear

we added some styro decors to the usual balloons.

more pics here.

july 22, 10am - Adian's 1st Birthday
Marikina residence

just a simple party with balloons and choco fountain.

july 22, 3pm - Nadya's 1st Birthday
Jamesville Resort, Antipolo; theme is tinkerbell

we provided the cakes, cupcakes, lollies and photo/video services.

sadly, i still haven't uploaded our shots in our webshots. hay!

july 29, 3pm - Akous 2nd Birthday
Mandaluyong residence; theme is barney

they got cakes and cupcakes, mascot and standee and chairs & tables from us.

grrr, can't find the pics right now.

August 5, 2pm - Rob & Pia's 7th Birthday
Casa Milan, Fairview; theme is "christmas in august"

we provided Symond the host, themed carts and photo/video services as well.

and since sa photo services webshots namin yun, di pa din uploaded, opkors! =)

to be continued...
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
webshots party pics - UPDATED!!!
FINALLY! i was able to update all my party pics, including my 2 parties just last Sunday. :) yipeee!

pero di ko pa din naba-blog, hehe. soon...

you can check my latest party pics HERE.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Happy 13th Anniversary Uneven 7!
i’ll start my series of short (delayed) posts just to document everything, for ‘memory gap’ purposes. =)

to start with, july 20, 2007, friday!

we were scheduled to meet at Gateway to celebrate our 13th anniversary over dinner.
i guess everybody was excited (or not? hehe) because there were major issues to discuss.

but Che’s baby (and maids) got sick so she can’t leave the house. so we had changed of plans last minute and just celebrated it at their house in Marikina.

we arrived there around 830pm, had dinner, cake and ice cream.
after that, the much-awaited ‘heated discussion’! :)

thanked God everything went fine, we cleared up things which were misunderstood and misinterpreted. we pointed out and explained our views and our side. and we just finally agreed to disagree. anyway, different strokes for different folks. =)

what’s important is that we were able to resolve those issues bothering us for almost a year already.

funny because we’ve been together for 13 years, through thick and thin since college days. we are all matured individuals but we still have issues on the way. i guess that’s how we keep the fire burning, that’s how we strengthen the bond of our friendship and that’s just how we are.

actually at first, i chose to just be passive and let it pass. but i guess they’re right, it’s better to face everything up front and resolve it now. than leave it at that and make issues worst. after all, we know that we’ll still all be together for the rest of our lives. and that’s how we want it to be. :)

again, to Ann, Che, Denny, Karen, Pinky and Rhona (in the USA), Happy 13th Anniversary! indeed, 13 is a “bad” number for us, hehe.

i love you all guys, keep our ‘fire’ burning. mwehehe.

pasensya na, si 'yaya' ang kumuha kaya puro kurtina ang nakita, nyahaha.

our signature 'stairs' shot. :)
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