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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Happy Birthday!
Nov 25 – my Uncle Ador’s (bro of my dad) 60th Birthday!
went to Pampanga around 11am. ate lunch at their house and killed time by watching tv. while lil’ boy played with Miguel (hubby’s nephew na sinama namin) and JM (lil’ boy’s 2nd cousin).

they had a fun time sa napakataas na basketball court.

while lil’ boy was trying to imitate his kuyas in dribbling his plastic ball. haha, manual ang pag-bounce ng ball nya, eh plastic kasi. =)

around 4pm, we went to Villa del Sol Clubhouse, where the dinner party was held.
kainis ang balloon arrangements nila ha, so lousy. sana nga lang daw ako na lang ang nag-arrange. kaya lang nahihiya sila sa akin kasi super layo pa daw ng travel ko.
just look at the arch, hindi pantay at mali pa ang ikot ng balloons. hay!

and they paid 4k for this plus some ordinary table centerpieces and balloons on stick! kainis talaga, i should have done it instead! =(

anyway, we still had fun seeing all our relatives around. and lil’ boy kept on running and running with the other kids. he really is “one of the kids” already. =)
and look at him while doing his own version of “Pacquiao”.

we left at around 9pm. as usual, tired but happy!
again, Happy 60th Birthday Uncle! more blessings to come…

Nov 26 – my Daddy’s 62nd Birthday!
yes, magkasunod po silang magkapatid, hehe.
we first heard the 11am mass at Robinson’s. then visited the newly-opened Toys R’ Us! wala kaming nabili kasi ang mahal talaga ng mga toys dito. how i wish may Toy Kingdom sa ginagawang SM sa malapit sa amin. then did a lil’ shopping on the side. went home and rest for awhile.
then left for Eastwood again around 4pm with the whole family, including Tita Pinky (sis of my mom) and Miguel again. after malling and eating the yummy ‘cuapao’, we headed to Something Fishy for an early dinner. as usual, had a yummy feast! and lil’ boy enjoyed walking around the resto.

side kwento:
my lil’ boy is so Kapamilya! he loves to watch (w/ matching action) Game KNB and Deal or No Deal! and opkors, WoWoWee! =( he dances everytime he hears the WWWee song. and lately, the BoomTarat song! hay, he so love this show. i just hope, as Liz Almoro had said…”he won’t grow up to be like Willy”, hehe! =). lil’ boy knows the BoomTarat song by heart, with complete action and dance steps. at kahit ano pang ginagawa nyan, basta marinig nya yan, sasayaw at sasayaw sya, with fellings pa.
and here he is, dancing at Something Fishy. look at his mouth,,,nakatikom pa yan and full force kapag “boom, boom, boom” na! nakakatuwa talaga!

back to the birthday of my dad! we had a good time. it was another family bonding moment. and special thanks to the Lord above for giving him 62 years…and praying for more healthy years to come! =)
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Monday, November 27, 2006
back to BF!
BreastFeeding that is! =)
and i'm sooo happy! as well as lil' boy!
last friday night was the start. i took my last antibiotic a week ago, and so, it's now time to be back to my normal routine.
upon showing my breasts to lil' boy and telling him that i'm sick no more and he can breastfeed all he wants,,,oh boy, i should have captured his looks on cam. it was priceless, hahaha. the smile and excitement on his cute little face. and how "maniac-looking" he touched and suckled my nipple. hahaha! =)
he was suckling the whole night i think! how he really missed it huh. for 22 days (nov 2-24) he'd waited for my sickness to be over. and now the time has finally come, hehe!
and ouch! i thought i had a newborn again. my nipples are both sore and i'm in pain whenever he bf again. owel, it will pass, a little sacrifice for my lil' boy's health. =)

this morning on my way to the office, i had my 2nd bag (avent) again. i missed carrying it everyday. and i had my usual "pumping" schedule. but sadly, barely had anything yet. still have to establish my milk supply again.

so for now, i'll just pump and pump and pump...milk that is! =)
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Saturday, November 25, 2006
lunch break party! =)
it's friday lunch-out! =)

went to Dencio's Rockwell before 12nn to set-up the simple balloons my former officemate ordered for her son's baptismal.

just had some simple baby rattle and pacifier balloons all around the place.

and delivered her rosary souvenirs:

swarovsky rosary for the godparents and ordinary stones for the guests.

medyo eat-and-run ako because i had to go back here sa office.
thanks jonel for the yummy lunch, lalo na ang crispy pata! =) and hope baby migs will like my gift. =)
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Friday, November 24, 2006
xmas attire
last wednesday during my "productive" lunch out again, i saw this cool shirt from Cool Kids from Landmark. a pretty new brand and the shirts are oh so cool! =) i bought one for lil' boy, pang-xmas japorms nya, hehe.

and chanced upon this one sa Candy Station. so cute i can't resist. for my basketball-addict lil' boy.

and he surely loves it! =)
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maliit na ang slippers ni lil' boy. hehe, sinusulit ko talaga eh. time to buy a new one. i was planning to buy Crocs kaya lang the smallest still doesn't fit lil' boy's cute little feet eh. sayang, i heard good feedbacks pa naman.

and here is lil' boy enjoying lolo's rocking chair:

and here is lil' boy being enjoyed by his lolo. =)
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Richwell Sale
after the haircut, went to the yearly Richwell Sale!
there were lots of people, lots of toys and lots of alikabok too! but i definitely enjoyed it!
i was able to complete my gifts for inaanaks. there were even some toys na i can't resist buying para sa mga inaanak namin na meron na talagang regalo. but i thought na mas mae-enjoy nila yung bago kong binili eh. so pinalitan ko na lang yung gifts nila. kaya i ended up with sobrang gifts, hehe. bahala na, madami pa namang pwedeng pagbigyan eh.
pagpasok pa lang namin, we saw this Barney stuff toy na kumakanta ng "I Love You" and "You're My Bestfriend" w/ matching flashing lights pa. so kinuha ko na agad and gave to lil' boy. tagal ko nang gustong bilhin sa mall ito kaya lang namamahalan ako eh. buti na lang naka-sale dito.
but then, i saw this VTech Smart TV and found it so cute and educational. wala na ding stocks, buti na lang may natira pang hindi sira. iyon na lang ang xmas gift ko kay lil' boy. so we ended up with so many things. pati yung shoes ng mga pamangkin ni hubby na pampasalubong namin. so i was thinking na alisin na lang si Barney, tutal may VTech na naman sya eh. pero ayaw ni hubby, so binili pa din namin.
buti na lang pala at binili namin yun. lil' boy loves it so much. as in di nya binibitawan. at everytime Barney will sing the part "with a great big hug" eh i-hug talaga nya si Barney with matching sound effect pa na "hmmm". ganun kasi mag-hug/love yun eh, may sound, kaaliw! then "and a kiss from me to you", i-kiss nya talaga si Barney. hanggang pagtulog, katabi nya yun. =)

then we went to Eastwood where we bought my early xmas gift for hubby. where else, kundi sa Nike! wala na daw kasi syang pang-basketball eh. sabi ko nga mag-Greg shoes na lang sya para sure na matibay eh, hehe.

then headed to IL's house, nandun din kasi si SIL at lahat ng pamangkin eh, kaya nag-enjoy si lil' boy. we also gave them our pasalubong na shoes and they all liked it.

we were home by dinner. at aliw na aliw ako sa mga napamili ko. at sa sobrang aliw ay babalik pa kami this saturday, yehey! wala lang, baka may mga bagong good buy eh, sayang din yun, hehe.
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last saturday, 11/18, we went to the pedia for lil' boy's vaccine.
then ate at Tapa King in Libis, missed the tapa and garlic na may halong sinangag, hehe.
after eating, hubby saw Bruno's. sakto kasi gusto na naming pagupitan si lil' boy. pero sa Bruno's? hello, baby pa kaya anak ko noh!
owel, dinala pa din ni hubby dun si lil' boy at pinagupitan ng "binata" look.
waaah, di na sa kiddie salon nagpapagupit ang baby ko. at gupit-binata na din sya. di na mukhang babyyy! =(
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
my 1st xmas ('06) gift
we bought lil' boy's 1st xmas gift for this year last Oct 14. kinda' excited huh! =)

actually, it's not our gift. it's her Ninang Jing's (my bestfriend) gift. i've been looking for this blue rocking horse months ago, but always out of stock. so when i finally saw one in Sta. Lucia, i immediately called Jing and told her that i'll buy that na. nakakontrata na kasi eto sa kanya eh. hehe. actually, it's her budget for lil' boy and me, pinagsama ko na lang para isang gift na lang kay lil' boy. dedma na sa gift ko. =(

and last 10/20 was our yearly time-out. all sept & oct bday celebrators are treated by the company to an exclusive movie w/ food, during office hours!
so i left the office around 1pm for our time-out.
after that, Jing and i met sa Italianni's Gateway for our regular gimik and tsismisan, haha. i gave na din my xmas gift to her:
pic of bag
o di ba, so early ang christmas celebration namin. actually, i found that Elle bag so cute and decided to buy 2, one for Jing nga. i remembered kasi when i went to the US, may pasalubong ako sa kanyang Esprit na black bag, pareho din kami nun. kaya ang cute dati sa gimiks kasi pareho kami ng bags, haha. so now, same ulit kami. pero di na cute kasi matatanda na kami eh, hehe. owel, cute pa din yung bag. =)

32 days before Christmas...can't wait!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
11/11/06 - 4th party (6th part)
we left home around 930am. super puno kami sa van kasi i brought 2 assistants, then the 2 clowns, plus hundreds of balloons.
we arrived at RSCC (ampunan near SM City) past 10am. binaba ko lang lahat ng mga balloons and party things, pati mga staff ko. there's an ongoing party pa kasi until 12nn, kaya we can't start with the set-up yet.
naaliw pa ako kasi while we were checking the venue, may lumapit sa aking isang batang lalaki and told me "ate, buksan mo to" showing me his closed fist. sabi ko pa "ay, ayoko. =)" kasi i was thinking baka may gagamba or whatever na hawak sya eh, hehe. then he said "sige na, buksan mo lang". then i tried to open it. but he said "unahin mo ito", pertaining to his thumb. so i lifted his thumb, then he said "you're OK", with a thumbs-up sign! aaaw, how sweet. na-inspired tuloy ako lalo na pagandahin yung party for them, hehe.
after that, hubby and i went to our styro supplier to get our styro entrance. then took-out lunch. went back to the venue and we all ate a quick lunch.
around 12nn, natapos na ang party kaya it's our time to set-up. medyo challenge lang for us kasi it's our 1st time to put drapes in a very high ceiling. no choice kami, hindi abot ng hagdan namin so i had to let one of my staff climbed up the roof talaga. hay, super nerbyos ako kasi kapag nalaglag yun, syempre sagot ko. buti na lang at sanay sa akyatan, hehe.
surprisingly, we were finished before 2pm, ang bilis namin mag-set-up. and it turned out super nice. ang ganda ng effect ng drapes talaga, pahirapan lang sa pagkabit (at pagtanggal!). it really gave the carnival/circus effect! here, take a look:

the styro entrance

the drapes and balloons

the cake arch

the animal table centerpieces

the banderitas

we just played with the RSCC kids while waiting. grabe, naawa nga ako when i looked at their nursery. as in cute babies were there, di ko maisip kung paano nakayanan ng parents na iwan sila dun. na-missed tuloy namin bigla ni hubby si lil' boy upon seeing those babies.

the party started around 4pm. medyo na late lang ang bday family kaya medyo nag-panic lahat, kasi most of the party stuffs were with them. so bilisan na lang ng pagkabit pagdating nila.

the party was a success. actually, to hold your party at that place is already a fulfillment. the RSCC kids and the guest kids surely had fun. they enjoyed the clowns, the game booths and the food carts. medyo magulo nga lang coz' there were a LOT of kids.

we were also happy because everybody liked the decor, especially the styro entrance, it really set the mood of the party. we had several inquiries, i just hope they'll all inquire again, hehe.

whew, that was our last "weekly" party. wrong timing lang talaga yung sakit namin kasi kung kelan sunod-sunod yung mga parties eh saka pa kami nagkasakit. owel, thanked god we were able to pull everything through. and with all happy faces from our clients despite my condition. =)

11/12/06 - sunday. we heard mass and went to the mall. missed these 2 places for 2 weeks! =) everything's back to normal, except for my breastfeeding!

unfortunately, after 2 weeks of SL, it's back to work also!!! =(
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11/04/06 - saturday (5th part)
so ayun na nga, confined na nga ako. pag-akyat ko pa sa 7th floor, dinaanan ko pa yung room ni lil' boy, hehe. halos magkatabi lang yung rooms namin. sana nga dun na lang ako kasi mas malaki yun eh, same rate lang naman.

medyo mahimbing na ang tulog namin ni hubby that night. di na kasi namin naririnig ang iyak ni lil' boy eh. but we definitely missed him. our 1st night to be away from him. another FIRST! another tragic first! =(

11/05 - sunday. my parents came to visit me w/ lil' boy. syempre pa, tuwang-tuwa sya pagkita sa amin. at tumabi agad sa akin para dumede. kaawa talaga! pero pinauwe ko din sila agad. kasi naman, nagsusumpong na si lil' boy dahil nga antok na at gustong magdede, eh hindi naman pwede. kaya kahit masakit sa loob ko ay pinauwe ko na lang at binilin na huwag na munang papuntahin sa hospital. =(

11/06 - monday. hubby went to work. so bantay ko ang daddy ko. my friend ann visited me. nothing much happened. thanked god i was feeling better. my doctor advised me that i can go home the next day. daddy left early evening. then hubby arrived na from work. still missed lil' boy! =(

11/07 - tuesday. hubby went to work again. while daddy arrived to process my philhealth and insurance. for 3 days in the hospital, my bill reached a whopping (almost) P40K! grabe, sa tindi at dami ng antibiotics na nilagay sa akin, umabot ng ganun kamahal! grabe!!!
we were out of the hospital by 1pm. i photocopied all my bills and gave MiniStop a copy. para lang may idea sila sa nangyari sa akin. but then again, dedma naman sila. hay! at ang dami ko pang take home meds na kailangang bilhin, ang gastos talaga!
i was given clearance to go back to work on 11/13 pa. need to have 5 days of rest pa daw, time to recover.
so when i arrived home, i was so happy to see lil' boy. imagine, almost 2 days na hindi kami nagkita. si hubby nga eh ayaw nang umasok nung morning kasi gusto na rin nyang makita si lil' boy eh. pero di pa din ako pwedeng mag-breastfeed because of the medicines i'm still taking. at si lil' boy, milk strike pa din!
on a positive note, medyo nasasanay na sya to sleep on his own sa gabi. basta napagod na sya sa kakalaro, konting tap-tap lang, nakakatulog na.
like that night when he wanted to breastfeed, i told him na mama is still sick kaya wala munang dede. natulog na lang din sya on his own. =)

11/08-9 - still recovering at home. better now because i can take care of lil' boy. i'm also doing the banderitas and other party things for our saturday party while resting. =)

11/10 - friday. my assistant came to our house to do our ballon decors for our saturday party. this time, i was able to move and do a lot of things. we've finished around 10pm already. and now i'm all ready for the party. =)
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Monday, November 20, 2006
11/04/06 - 2nd & 3rd party (4th part)
we had 2 parties that saturday. actually, 3 sana kaya lang di na kayanin ng powers ko yung isa kaya i had to let it go. sayang, sa crowne plaza pa naman sana un. =(

1st party is the 2nd bday of Sam (ni Jacqui, a n@wie). small Elmo party lang sa house nila. she just got the invites, tarp banner and banderitas from me. we gave her the invites a week ago. while yung banderitas ay ginupit-gupit ko habang sumasakit ang tyan ko, hehe. hubby delivered the tarp and banderitas nung friday, 11/03.

and for our major party, 12nn at Ayala, Alabang.
background: Apple, also a blogger, blog hopped and left a note at this blog a month ago inquiring about my party services. nagandahan daw sya sa mga party decor ko kaya she became interested in my service. ang problem, she's in Davao and the party will be in Alabang, at her IL's residence. and she'll be in Manila just a week before the party. and a month before the party, she practically had nothing planned yet.
so we started the discussions through email, call and text. when we agreed with everything, she deposited 50% down on my account. that was a big amount, and i was so thankful that she trusted me that much, to think that we haven't even met. i just met her MIL when i made an occular visit to their place in Alabang. as she blogged it, she trusted me because of our names, hehe. not just because of "our" names, but also because of our hubby's names. his hubby's name is Ryan and our party shop's name is "Yan-Ple" =) get the connection? and oh, one of her daughter's name is also my real name. owel, such a cute coincidence.
and because of this trust that i was really careful never to break, even if i was suffering from so much pain. i didn't tell her about my condition, until we were all set during the party.

we left our house around 830am, our van FULL of balloons and party things. we arrived there before 10am and started to decorate the place. we were done just in time before guests came in by 12nn.
we've personalized most of the decors according to her party theme which was "angel".
we had the entrance arch:

the tarp and "flying" angel standee:

the angel baloon standee:

the personalized chandelier balloon:

the personalized table centerpiece (w/ angel figurine) and personalized piñata:

we also provided personalized name tags, souvenir stickers and halo. the angel costume of Sophie. angel cake, cupcakes and choco lollies. food carts and choco fountain. professional host/magician and me as party coordinator. i also provided a free bubble machine which the kids enjoyed so much.

hubby and my assistants were in-charged of the major things. while i helped in my own little way. i was so weak but tried hard not to show it. i didn't eat anything, just a Nestea bottle and water lasted me the whole event. i still coordinated the party flow, but with the help of my assistants.

the party was a blast! the kids and adults as well love my host. and there were a number of inquiries and referrals. as apple texted me after the party, "we had fun, tnx to u. =) daming nagalingan sa host and d kids and sophie rly enjoyed, dats wat rly matters to us. =) d decorations were vry nice also. Tnx again! =)".
and upon checking on her blog, she wrote this: "Sophie turned one last November 7 we celebrated last November 4 and it was a blast... The kids and Sophie had so much fun and I am very happy... Thanks to our coordinator ***** who single handedly did almost everything... Even though she was sick at that time so she really deserves more appreciation..."

i'm so thankful for this party because i have met nice people like apple. thanks for entrusting your cutie sophie's 1st bday to me. thanks to my people for doing a great job. and thanks to the Lord for helping me pulled it through, despite of my condition.

my host, suppliers and friends in that party were telling me na namumutla na daw ako. magpa-confine na daw ako because amoebiasis is no joke. to think na matindi pa yung dumale sa akin. =(

so we arrived home around 4pm. just had a little merienda, then headed back to the hospital. since tapos na ang commitment ko, CONFINE ME NOW! hehe. and sadly, i didn't get any better, kaya confine na nga ako!!! =(
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11/02/06, thursday (3rd part)
hubby went to work while i was still on SL. the OTC medicines were no help at all. finally, i've agreed to be brought to the hospital JUST for a check-up. at the back of my mind was a big problem: my major party on saturday at Ayala, Alabang! my parents were also worried and asking me if hubby and our assistants can do it without me. unfortunately NO, because i was the only one dealing with the client and hubby knows nothing about the details of the decor.
i guess this is 1 major problem when you have your own business. not like when you are employed, i can just easily text my boss and tell him that i'm not fit to work. voila, a minus to my SL and some text messages to officemates for my deliverables. but here in my business, i can never be excused! kahit na hindi na ako makatayo sa panghihina at sakit ng tyan, it's not enough reason to be excused. in the 1st place, hindi naman kasalanan ng client ko kung magkasakit ako. also, hindi dapat mag-suffer ang client ko sa sakit ko. talk about professionalism. and that was my major problem!

my dad and i went to the emergency room of World Citi again. they asked for blood and stool sample. after checking, they found out a severe case of amoebiasis! and i was asked to be confined! oh no, and the minimum would be 2 days, that would be until saturday.
so definitely, i said NO! i just asked for take home meds and preferred a "home confinement". they asked me to sign a waiver, since i didn't follow their advise. another worst problem, the antibiotics were not safe for breastfeeding! =(
i texted my pedia to ask what temporary formula can i give lil' boy while i'm on medications. she advised NanHA.

pag-uwe ko sa house, nagkulong na ako ulit sa room ng parents ko. i felt so low. super hirap na ako sa kalagayan ko, continuous pa rin ang lbm-vomit, stomach pain and no food intake. hinang-hina na ako, worried pa ako sa party ko. and then, i can't even be with my baby and worst, can't breastfeed. feeling ko, wala akong silbi. super sakit ng feeling ko, grabe. i hated amoeba, i hated burger steak and i hated MINI STOP!

side kwento why i hated Mini Stop. feeling ko talaga eh yung burger steak na kinain ko ang dumale sa akin eh. kasi after eating that, nanlamig na ako and sumakit na katawan ko. and we finally concluded it because pati yung Lab puppy na kumain ng tira ko ay nagsusuka na din after eating. so we were both sick because of that. we tried to complain but to no avail. kasi isolated case daw yung sa amin, kaya walang basis. eh haller, dalawa na nga kami nung puppy na nag-suffer noh!

anyway, i spent the night at my parent's room with them. di kasi ako pwedeng tumabi kay lil' boy dahil for sure ay mag-breastfeed yun. kaya ayun, kawawang lil' boy, iyak ng iyak. napuyat si hubby at mom ko sa pagduyan sa kanya hanggang madaling araw para lang makatulog. at napuyat din ako sa kakaiyak dahil sa nangyayari. 1st, dahil alam kong hirap si lil' boy at hinahanap ako (or breast ko to be exact, hehe). 2nd, it's my 1st time to sleep without lil' boy by my side! alam mo yun, di ako sanay talaga. for 19 months, katabi ko yun sa gabi, bigla na lang mababago without much preparation on my side. and bigla akong nag-stop mag-breastfeed. super major change! and i super hated it!
to think na ilang FREE out-of-town company outings like boracay and palawan ang pinalagpas ko dahil di ko kayang iwan ang anak ko at hindi kami sanay parehong matulog na hiwalay. tapos eto ngayon, bigla na lang naging ganun. HAY! =(

11/03/06, friday. my assistants went to our house early in the afternoon to start the balloon works. pinupuntahan na lang nila ako sa room to ask for instructions. or minsan, kapag nakaya ko, lumalabas ako to check on their works. eto pa ang kainis dun, kailangan ko pang taguan si lil' boy tuwing lalabas ako, kasi di nya ko pwedeng makita dahil sasama sa akin yun. at kapag nami-miss ko sya, sisilipin ko na lang sya sa window while he's playing sa terrace. o kaya pagmamasdan ko habang tulog sya. o di ba, what a pity!
nung gabi ay pinilit kong tumayo at gumawa ng balloon decor. yung "angel balloon standee" kasi ay ako lang ang may alam, so i had to do it. finalized everything and was able to finish around 9pm.
di ko napigilan kaya nakipaglaro muna ako kay lil' boy because i missed him sooo much. pero nung naghahanap na ulit sya ng dede and medyo sleepy na, tinakasan ko na ulit and i went back to my parent's room. same thing happened that night, iyak to death pa din sya before he fell asleep.

another problem: he didn't like to drink his milk (formula)!
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Friday, November 17, 2006
10/31/06 - tuesday (2nd part)
pag-uwe ng hospital, i rested the whole afternoon sa room. sobrang bigat na ng pakiramdam ko and ang sakit na ng katawan ko.
hubby went home early. then his family went to our house to visit lil' boy. ang daming tao sa house, ang saya. pero ako, nakalugmok sa kwarto, kainis!
i barely ate dinner. pagkain ko, i threw up right away. that was the start, fever-lbm-vomit-severe stomach pain! so tragic! =(

11/01, wednesday. i was so sad because we were all set in visiting our grandparents (mom's side) sa Heaven's Gate in Antipolo. i was quite excited pa naman kasi it's our 1st time here sa memorial park. before kasi, sa Tarlac pa kami nagpupunta for our lolo. but since my lola died this year din, we transferred both of them na to Heaven's Gate nga. so it was a reunion-picnic type, kaya looking forward ako.
unfortunately, i can't! so naiwan kaming tatlo sa house. ang masakit pa nito, i can't even be with my lil' boy. i was so weak, can't eat, lbm more than 10x and vomit everytime i drink! so i stayed in my parent's room the whole day lying and sleeping. i heard him cried and looked for me, but i can't do anything. i was practically helpless!!! i just got him in time for breastfeeding since i didn't take any medicines yet. i just had the chance to cuddle him nung sleeping time na, tinabihan ko na sya to breastfeed. buti nga may milk pa ako eh, kasi i literally had no food intake. it was such a depressing and a painful day! =(
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10/29 - 1st party and start of tragic week (1st part)
my highschool classmate just recently called me to inquire about my choco fountain and other party services. since the venue is just in Marikina, we got the deal.
we went to the venue around 2pm with our clowns, the choco fountain and the banner. when everything was set,

choco fountain
we immediately left to bring lil' boy to the hospital for a quick check-up because his cough wasn't getting any better. we planned to hear mass after the check-up. then pick-up the clowns and choco fountain after the party.

what was supposedly a quick check-up turned out to be a hospital confinement for lil' boy. he suddenly had a 38.8 fever when we arrived, quite unusual. and when his blood was checked for monitoring, my pedia called me to explain things about hemoglobin and why he wanted lil' boy to be confined to further monitor his condition. when i heard that dengue was a possibility, i immediately looked for a hospital room in the Admission. can't take the risk, i wanted him to be closely monitored.
being a dengue stage 3 survivor myself 11 years ago, i definitely know how hard, fatal and painful it is to have one. i had around 20 bags of blood transfusion, a platelet of 19, blood clots all over my arms and being confined in the ICU for a week! but well, God is good! or sadyang masamang damo lang ako, hehe.
having experienced all these, i prayed, prayed and prayed even harder that my lil' boy will be cleared from it! i texted family and friends to ask for prayers. but i intentionally didn't text my party clients to free them from worrying about my deliverables. =)
hubby went home to fetch the clowns and our party items and to get some things for the hospital confinement. so i was left with lil' boy in the emergency while waiting for our available room. mukha ngang ako yung patient coz i was lying there also sa bed while breastfeeding him. and as usual, it was such a PAIN to hear my lil' boy cry while the IV was inserted. and it took them 2 trials before they made it, kaya medyo nainis din ako.
finally, a large private room was available kaya we took it na. it was again a family bonding for the three of us. sad nga lang kasi nasa hospital kami.

10/29, monday. hubby and i didn't go to work to be with lil' boy. thanked God when his pedia visited her, his blood was A-OK. no signs of dengue whatsoever. medyo lumapot lang daw siguro yung blood nya because of the cough and fever kaya tumaas yung hemoglobin count. but when he was hydrated already, everything was back to normal. thanks to all those who prayed for us! =)

10/30, tuesday. hubby went to work. but before that, he bought breakfast for the two of us. since closed pa daw ang mga nearest fast food chains like Mc Do & Jollibee, he had no choice but to buy sa MINI STOP! he bought and ate siomai and rice. while he bought packed 2-pc BURGER STEAK for me. i ate the 1-pc burger for breakfast while lil' boy ate the hospital food around 10am na. then my parents arrived na para ayusin na ang paglabas namin ng hospital. after eating breakfast, nilalamig na ako. i thought it was just the aircon kasi super lakas. then, medyo mainit na ang pakiramdam ko at sumasakit ang katawan ko. sabi ng mama ko, baka ako naman daw ang lagnatin dahil sa pagod at puyat ko sa hospital. she even joked me na wag ko na daw bitiwan yung room at ako naman ang magpa-confine. =(

anyway, we arrived home around 2pm with the remaining 1pc Burger Steak in tow. my Dad gave it to his new Labrador puppy, and he loved it. =)

and i was still not feeling well!

to be continued...
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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Oct 28 - Saturday
San Fernando Pampanga's fiesta! =)
my whole family were on the way to Pampanga around 10am in time for a sumptuous lunch at my Uncle's (bro of my Dad) house. The lechon was crispy and yummy, can't get enough of the balat (and cholesterol, hehe).
in the afternoon, we headed to the Gates of Heaven in San Luis, as an advanced visit to our grandparents for All Soul's Day.

lil' boy's 1st time to visit a memorial park

it was tiring as we reached home. added burden pa ang cough ni lil' boy. but it's always a nice feeling to have visited relatives, both living and not. =)
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Happy Halloween
last 10/27, friday, was our Trick or Treat Day here in the office.
syempre pa, kanya-kanyang decorate ng cubes. and here is my place:

around lunchtime, i went back home to fetch my lil' boy and yaya. unfortuntely, medyo may sinat at ubo si lil' boy, but he can't miss the FUN, hehe.
and here is MY boss in my cube:

ang aking lil' boy, nakakatawa kasi takot na takot sa decor ko. sound activated kasi yang skeleton na yan, kaya tuwing may maingay or may mag-clap, biglang mag-scary laugh yung skeleton, kaya ayun, takot yung mga toddlers lumapit, hehe. pero ang mga kids and adults, aliw na aliw.

and this is my share of treats:

and here is my lil' Superman!

busy trick or treating...

with anya the ladybug and sam the tigger:

late afternoon, hubby arrived in the office. nag-half day sya kasi he needed to do some personal matters. and he wanted to see his Superboy in action, hehe:

after office, we went to Eastwood to have dinner and a lil' friday shopping. =) went home around 10pm.
look at all the treats he got, nabawasan na yan kasi kinain na namin on the way:

at syempre pa, shopping won't be complete without his additional basketball collection, hay!

it was really a FUN experience. and i'm sure lil' boy had fun too. with all the kids and toys around, it was indeed a HAPPY Halloween! =)
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