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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
vacation mode
after the much needed vacation in Palawan last weekend, which i’ll be blogging details later, (kasi hinihintay na, hehe), we’ll be going to Tagayatay T-House this Thur-Fri for a (still) much needed rest, massage and spa! wow, sarap! can’t wait!

and today (11/28) is our Company Time-Out, Sept & Oct bday celebrators will have a half day time-out at GB3, to watch Wonder Emporium!

so this morning will be my last day at work this week, sooo happy! sunod-sunod na bakasyon. =)
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crocs, again!
i had an emergency meeting with my supplier last night sa Glorietta. it was urgent because i just had a meeting yesterday with a client and she needs full dressed-up of their conference room for their company Christmas Party. since it will be a big affair, i asked hubby to join us sa meeting for some creative ideas.

after the meeting, nag-ikot muna kami ni hubby. and saan pa ba, syempre sa Nike and Shoe Salon kami nagpunta, as we’re both footwear addicts!

as he was trying different shoes, i was looking on some flip flops to entertain myself. then he suddenly told me, “gusto mo yan? sige, kunin mo na”. hahaha! so naghanap talaga ko, minsan lang tong chance na to, hehe. i looked for Crocs of course. pero wala yung style na gusto ko dun, so i immediately called Serendra branch, hahaha.

of course, off we went to Serendra after! kaya ayun, ako pa ang nakabili ng Sassari Crocs. sya pa yung walang nabili, wawa naman, hehe.

so i was so happy, out of nowhere, nadagdagan na naman ang collection ko, hehe. biglang hirit si hubby ng “o, xmas gift ko na yan sayo ha, hahaha!”. and i just said…”HALLER!!! Excuse me noh!” =)
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Thursday, November 22, 2007
08/08/08 (no more!)
huhuhu, for those who have been reading my blog, you know how significant this 08/08/08 is to us. for those who don’t, please read it here.

last 11/16, friday, i just had my period so i went to my OB for the scheduled paps. and when she saw me, she asked me to weigh agad. hahaha! what happened to me daw?! would you believe that my weight now is almost my weight when i was full term with lil boy!!! oh my!!!

and so, as i expected, my OB didn’t advise me to get pregnant yet. because it’s not safe daw and there can be a lot of complications if i get pregnant with this built! she told me to come back to her when i’m payat already. wish nya!!! when will that be, let’s just wait and see… =) malamang only child na lang si lil boy, hahaha! =)

but it’s really sad, since hubby and i we’re really planning to have our baby girl this August 2008, and we are already expecting it huh. as in we were already preparing lil boy and ourselves too, because we thought that it will happen soon.
but now, no more baby! well atleast on 08/08/08!

i immediately called hubby and told him the bad news. it’s ok daw, better to be safe than sorry.
honestly, when i was gong back to the UST parking lot, naiiyak talaga ako. kasi i was already expecting my baby eh. i was hoping to get pregnant agad and all. i’m already planning and looking for cute clothes (owel, before pa naman, hehe). basta, it was really disappointing.

but then i guess, no one to blame but me! i didn’t prepare much for this pregnancy. i lost control and took my body for granted. i abused myself. i was wrong to think that it’s okay to reward myself after a super tired day from work and party by eating all the handa in the party, especially lechon! hehehe. i was totally not ready, YET!

and the good Lord knows it. i’m confident that He’ll give me my baby when we are really ready, in all aspects! and i’ll just patiently wait for that time.

meanwhile, i need to diet! starting...next year? oo naman, xmas season kaya, sarap kumain noh. hahaha.

and so i texted my close friends who already knew my plans. so sad pa kasi they texted back na they were already waiting na nga for my announcement na i’m preggy na anytime eh. some advised us na 090909 na lang daw, hehe.

owel, whenever that will be, the Lord will tell me. =)
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Richwell Sale
after my OB check-up, na talagang tinaon ko sa 1st day ng Richwell Sale, hehe, i went to Libis already.

the warehouse opens at 1pm during Fridays. i arrived there at 3pm, only 2 hours after the 1st day opening! but guess what? super dami na ng tao! as in!!!

the lines were already long, the items were everywhere, the people were all busy!

sadly, this year wasn't like the previous years, where i went home carrying a LOT of shopping bags! this year, i was only able to buy 2 Hot Wheels race track for my nephews and a Vtech Write & Learn Toy for lil boy. just so not to go home empty-handed.

the stocks were old. and not really that cheap. there were a lot of same toys that i was able to buy last year pa. halos walang bago. just the same as last year. so i wasn't really that happy. =(

so now, i need to do another round of xmas shopping sa malls...
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One More Chance
after the Sale, my best friend Jing and i met at Robinsons to watch "One More Chance"! yup, super jologs, but who cares, i like the story, hehe.

it was a simple movie. a simple but a heavy one i may say! and i was able to relate. hehe. naiyak talaga ako dun sa dialogue ni John dun sa friend nya sa hospital na uminom ng shampoo. and at the end of the movie, i told my friend na ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko. ewan ko ba, parang super na-feel ko yung pain nila, grabe!

yun lang, i love the movie though. it's cute. kapamilya eh. period! =)
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Halloween 2007
as usual, super delayed post!

weeks before the halloween, i already saw a super cutie spider costume at Toys R Us. but when i was trying it to lil' boy, he wouldn't even want to wear it. kainis, it's so cutie pa naman!
and so, since he's a lil boy already and i know na di ko na sya kayang paglaruan with his costumes, we let him chose na lang what he wanted.

and as usual, he just picked a green costume, which happened to be a very boring Little Robinhood costume. hay!

but then last Oct 25, when my officemates and i were at SM Makati buying things for our halloween cube decorating contest, i found myself looking for another costume for lil' boy. i told you, the robinhood was plain boring for me, hehe.

then i saw a Lil Prince costume that i knew would be too cute on my son. and so i bought it for P600!!! praying and hoping that lil boy will wear it, or else, P600 down the drain...

came Oct 26, i went back home in the afternoon to pick up my son and his cousin, Achie. luckily, he wore his cute costume! thank you Lord! =)

and here he was, simply the cutest, hehe. :)

and guess what, he won the Best in Costume award!!!

kaya lang, P500 GC lang prize nya, abonado pa din ako. hahaha.

and here is our 'SUKOB' cube, while playing the movie itself. we didn't win though, kinarir talaga nung iba eh, with matchng costumes pa sila, hehe.

it was one cute celebbration. we got a LOT of candies and small toys. lil boy really had fun. =)

btw, here are his halloween pics for the past 2 years, nung kaya ko pa syang paglaruan, hehe:

my sweet "kisses" last 2005; my kawawang "superman" last 2006, naka-havaianas lang, hehe
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Thursday, November 15, 2007
that’s how some of my clients call me now. =)

i’m really grateful and overwhelmed on how they look at me as a person playing a LOT of roles in life.

i hope it’s ok to share some of their comments on my party services:

Stage Décor, Balloon Burst, Drapes and Ice Cream Cart – Apple of Yan-ple – 10+
I call Apple a “superwoman” because she’s able to combine her full-time corporate work, part-time balloon & party planning business, being mommy to ****** (who was a breastfed baby pa!) and wife! Bow talaga ako sa kanya when it comes to time management!
Ang daling kausap ni Apple and ang bilis sumagot sa text/email! She actually followed all my requests.
I highly recommend Apple’s services!

>>>Comments by Eileen

Here's our supplier ratings with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

Party Planners: YanPle's Party Needs (personalized
balloons,drapes, video coverage,caricature artist,balloon arch,balloon
chandeliers, personalized standees,little tikes rental)
Rating: Pwede bang 10? :)

I agree with all the satisfied clients of YanPle na "superwoman"
talaga itong si Apple. Nandun sya early and pagdating namin handa na
lahat they even helped set up the rented kiddie tables and chairs na
akala ko since I got them through another party planner naka-setup
na. Siguro nagkaron lang talaga kami ng miscommunication. Midway
through the preparations I got in touch with Apple. Sobrang na-
appreciate ko yung suggestions nya para sa food ng kids,etc. Super
prompt sumagot whether YM,texts or emails kaya no worries talaga. Sya
pa nagpaalala na di ko pa naibigay yung mailing address ko para
maipadala ang video. May nag ocular inspection nga during our event
nung tinanong sino Party Planner sagot agad ako na YanPle's sabay
turo sa kanya. Final product ng video natuwa rin kami kasi kumpleto
lahat ng impt details.Yung caricature artist last minute decision na
yun pero na-book pa rin nya.Super hit din sa mga bata at adults.

>>>Comments by Tina


what can i say, i love what i’m doing and i’m so happy whenever people get to appreciate my services.

thanks to all my clients!!! keep them coming... =)
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Baby Magazine
i was surprised to receive a note from my blogger friend that i’m included in the party shop directory of Baby Magazine, Oct 2007 issue.

and so, came Monday, i went to Glorietta and bought a copy. the cover was a boy with a basketball cake and their main topic was party planning. and i was happy to see “Yan-Ple” listed there in their party directory as one of the party shops. and i’m with big time party shops, yihee! hehe.

honestly, i don’t know why i was included there. kasi naman, if i only knew, i should have included my website noh, hehe. email add and my landline numbers are there, sayang at di nasama ang www.yanple.com.

anyway, i’m still happy. and i’m hoping to get more free advertisements soon.

thank you Baby Magazine! =)
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party

thanks to Apol’s for successfully and patiently organizing this event. =)

it was held last sunday, nov 11, 6pm at Mc Do Greenbelt.

ang kaso, as usual, nilagari ko ulit, hehe. i had 2 parties that day. same time, 1 at Town & Country Clubhouse and the other, where we stayed, was at the Villamor Airbase Museum.

at 6pm, they were already texting me, san na daw ako at kumpleto na sila. while i was there, taking pics of Leodini’s magic show (still can’t get enough of Leodini, hehe). we were also the official photographers so i can’t leave hubby alone, need a back-up as promised to the client.

the party ended past 630pm, and that was the only time i was able to leave with lil’ boy, leaving hubby and my assistants behind. hubby had to burn all the pictures in cds so we can give to the client right away.

while me and lil boy drove to McDo for the xmas party.

we arrived there past 7pm, just in time for uwian. hahaha.

no, not naman, it was mascot time, wrong timing i may say! Grimace was dancing when we arrived, and so the lil boy was afraid of course!

after that, exchange gifts and awarding. then i distributed the personalized keychains to some blogger mommies as Yan-Ple’s give aways. some because not all submitted their family pictures. and i'm glad that they all liked the tokens. =)

kainis pa kasi i made 8 keychains, but for some reasons, i left the 2 keychains! and guess for whom, for Apols and Jody, the 1st and last sender of pics.
and kainis pa lalo kasi they happened to be our ‘mommies’ ni lil boy, sila pa ang di ko nabigyan ng xmas tokens. but i promised to send it through DHL naman, kasi sayang dahil i made those talaga for them noh.

and thanks Apols for the cutie frames. and Jody for lil’ boy’s cutee shirt.

also, hope Abie likes my album gift. and hope Mickee fits the dress lil boy gave her. =)

the party was short (well, atleast for me coz’ i was late, haha) but sweet. we had fun and we are hoping for another one. usapan is coffee na lang, na kami lang, no hubbies and kids! para chismisan to the max!

thanks mommies, it was nice seeing the faces behind those blogging names. see you again! =)

and on the way home, walang sinabi si lil boy kundi “wa, purple!”, “aw, purple!”. hahaha, he’s afraid of the purple mascot, Grimace!

and now i’m worried…how will we watch Barney, to think we are seated in front! waaaaah!!!
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Saturday, November 10, 2007
"eskwa" is our term whenever we see lil boy dirty and yucky! it's derived from the word 'squatter', sorry! =)

and you can see how "eskwa" he is in this picture. taken after 4 hours of not wearing slippers (because he hates it!) and 1 hour of continously playing on his slide outside!

definitely, EEEWWW!!!

i really had to take a pic to show to his Papa before i gave him a bath. haha. i know hubby will have a good laugh when he sees this pic.

and kanyang anak na "eskwa"!!!
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1st xmas gifts
it's only 44 days before xmas, and i can't beleive that i haven't done 'real' xmas shopping yet for anyone!

i used to have a LOT of xmas gift items under our bed as early as august or september before. because since i'm always at the malls, i can't help but buy things that i think my friends and kids will love.

but this year is a different story. yes, i'm still a mall rat, but i buy mostly for my party requirements, and leaves me no time to buy other things. that's why i'm expecting to be one of the xmas 'rushers' this year!

1st time i bought something for xmas was last friday. and it was because i really had to. our 1st ever Blogging Mommies Xmas Party is already this Sunday, and we are having Mommy and Baby Exchange Gifts.

these are our gifts for Mommy ---- and Baby ------. =)

see you all this sunday...
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missing hubby...
it's been 39 hours since hubby and i separated!!! =(
and i think this is the longest time we've been apart since we got married.

where is he?
he and his friend had a wedding photo coverage today at 2pm in Clark. they left last night around 11pm, after hubby's work and OT from 730am.
they were provided accomodation at Holiday Inn so they can rest before the actual shoot.

and because of this, i had no choice but to cover the photo requirements of my party awhile ago at Quezon City Sports Club. good thng it was just a simple and short dedication party with only 50 guests. and my bestfriend Jing was able to do back-up with me, for a fee of course, hehe.
after which, we had a coffee at Starbucks Morato before we finally called it a day. hey, we deserve that break, hehe.

back to hubby, he's on his way home now so i hope he'll be here SOON! because lil boy misses him so much.

and he better have some 'ubong' for us because lil boy is now our "toll gate", he gets toll ('ubong') whenever you enter the gate. haha.
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right in front of BARNEY!
yes, as in we are seating right in front of Barney!

yipee, i'm really happy because i already have our 3 tickets to Barney...Let's Imagine show this Dec 23, 11am. and we'll be seating at Row A 13-15!

i don't care kung mangalay kami sa pagtingala (haha, like in our old movie houses), all i want is to be so close to Barney! atleast, picture taking will be easy, that is if they allow. and when they go down, we can easily run and snap a pic with them. and also, i like seating in front so lil' boy can have all the space to run and play. i'm just really hoping he won't be afraid of Barney this time!

can' wait! =)
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Thursday, November 08, 2007
BARNEY is coming to town!
yipee, i'm one excited momma! =)

thanks to Peachy's YM status.

now, i've reserved 3 VIP tickets to Barney's show at the Araneta Coliseum on Dec 23, 11am!
i've long been waiting for this to happen because i know that it'll be a different experience for lil' boy. can't wait to see that purple dinosaur my lil' boy adores live in 'person', haha.

even if he's so sanay (but still takot!) of our own Barney mascot, iba pa din ang real Barney.

i just hope he won't be afraid this time. i'll be happy even with just 1 smiling pic of him beside Barney, sulit na ang almost 5k namin, haha.

for more info, please check Ticketnet.

our own version of Barney during lil boy's 2nd bday. o di ba, super cry sya. haha
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
our wishlist!
hello fellow bloggers,

super sorry for this late post, been busy lately so i really can't think of our wishes. =)

for now, here are our wishlists:

for me:
1. nice picture frame (8R).

haha, i really can't think of any! waaah! i'm not fond kasi of buying for myself eh. i've been thinking for 30 minutes already, puro kay lil' boy lang naiisip ko, hehe.

2. long hotdog pillow w/ pillow case.

wala na talaga ako maisip.

for my lil' boy:
1. havaianas for babies (color green; he's currently wearing size 7c (USA), so please get 1 size bigger).

2. polo shirt (color light green, size for 2yo)

3. EQ Dry diapers (size L)

thanks to our "mommies". see you soon. =)
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