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Monday, April 30, 2007
themed food carts
last saturday (04/28), we had a party at Bounce, Ortigas Ext. it was Gab’s 1st birthday. and it was nice that the mother, Zen, invited my lil’ boy to the party also. =)

we supplied our food carts, balloon burst, character cupcakes and my professional host, Symond.

and finally, we already have our “THEMED FOOD CARTS”!

Zen was so happy and surprised to see that the 2 food carts were themed, and really cute kasi the Barney lay-out of our carts is the same as their backdrop’s lay-out. ask pa nya if pinasadya ko, hehe.

here are our themed food carts (Barney):

fyi, same rates pa din kami, kahit na themed na. =)

and here is Symond, the host, doing his live animal magic (rabbit) and puppet show.

and here is my lil’ boy, enjoying not the bouncers, but the basketball, as usual! =)

pero grabe ang dinanas namin sa Bounce ha, we weren’t allowed to cook the food (hotdogs, squidballs, fishballs & kikiam) inside kasi daw, bawal ang LPG sa loob. so hubby and assistant cooked everything outside, as in OUTSIDE ng warehouse. so literally under the sun sila the whole afternoon. we just used the back of our van as shade, pero super init pa din. at ang init pa ng fryer of course. kawawa nga sila eh. i stayed inside naman taking care of lil’ boy while staying sa carts to serve the food.

but it was well-appreciated naman, so ok lang. part of the job yun eh. as long as we were able to do our commitment, whatever it takes, naks! =)
and as long as our clients are all happy with our services, no problem at all.

it was again one successful party brought to you by Yan-Ple’s, hehe.

here are some more pics:

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our weekend
sat (04/21) – before the dental check-up at 12nn, we attended first the Level 5 Class at Gymboree in Shang. buti na lang pala we didn’t enroll him, kasi di naman sya nagpa-participate eh, all he did and was interested the whole time was the balls and the basketball goal, AS ALWAYS! nag-join lang yata sya sa activity w/o any hesitation was during the time na they’ll pick up balls and shoot it dun sa basket. that’s it, the rest, dedma na.

i’m beginning to worry about his addiction to basketball ha. kasi super grabe na eh! kahit kapag nasa play center kami, he’s just interested sa balls. kapag sa toy shop, dedma sa lahat ng toys kapag nakakita na ng bola at ring. and more often than not, paiyakan kapag aalis na kami sa ball area. hay, grabe!
i just really hope he’ll be a good basketball player soon.

then after the Gymboree, just had a quick munch, then the Dental check-up nga, then we ate lunch and malling lang sandali. after, went to my ILs and lil’ boy played with his cousins.
then we heard the 6pm mass at Sta. Lucia. good thing, my parents were there also, kaya sabay-sabay na kaming nakapag-simba. then ate dinner at eat ng “hao-hao” (halo-halo, lil’ boy’s current fav) after. sinabay na nila si lil’ boy pauwe, while we did some groceries.

sun (04/22) – we cleaned the whole house, since no stay-in house help pa din kami! huhuhu. at 1pm, we all went to the last day of the Car Show in Mega Trade Hall. since my Dad & bro are car-addicts, na nahawa na din ang hubby ko, we all went there to watch and support some of their car owner friends na kasama sa Car Show.
my Dad’s car should have been a part of the show since last year pa, nuon pa sya in-invite nung car shop owner. pero di nya kasi maasikaso kasi madaming kaartehang kailangan gawin sa car nya. though this October yata ay sasali na daw sya, good luck! =)

we first ate late lunch at 2pm sa Gamol, then went to Trade Hall na. the cars were all great, super hi-tech! buti na lang hindi ako mahilig sa kotse, kasi ang mahal ng mga gadgets nila noh. so ayun, ininggit lang namin ang mga sarili namin, hehe.

here are some shots of lil’ boy w/ his Papa & Lolo.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007
dental problems – please help!
as i’ve previously blogged, we were at Dentista in Shangrila for our 12nn appointment last Sat 04/21.
Dr. Jorge Junio is a very good pedodentist! he played with lil’ boy while doing the check-up. he managed to count and check in detail lil’ boy’s teeth and did oral proph to lil’ boy without him crying or being fussy about it. he was even all smile and pretty excited with the whole process, he loved opening his mouth and seeing himself in the mirror.
i was quite surprised because as per his last session with a pedodentist in Medical City, he was all crying the entire fluoride application process.
but with Dr. Junio, not a single tear! and he even taught lil’ boy how to spit the water when he brushed his teeth. he usually drinks it kasi when we brush eh, hehe.
he’s really so good, that’s why his rates are stiff, not to mention that we are inside Shang! his consultation fee is P600!

now for the sad news, since i was asking for a 2nd opinion based on the findings here from his 1st dental check-up. everything got even WORST!

the findings are these:
- root canal is needed for his 4 front teeth. grabe, at 2yo, kailangan nang i-root canal?! then baka daw hindi na kumapit ang pasta, so he’s suggesting stainless steel crown after.
- restoration on his 4 molars, kasi may cavities na din daw. and this involves drilling talaga!
- he’s suggesting to have my son sedated the entire procedure (IM/IV Sedation), which is around 3 hours! para isang gawaan na lang daw lahat yung 8 teeth.
- another option would be the oral sedation (which is cheaper), pero not sure how my son will react on this. kasi minsan daw, walang effect sa bata, hindi din sya nase-sedate. and also, good for 1 hour lang yata yun, di pwedeng matagalan.
- the cheapest option would be the regular anesthesia lang. pero paglagay pa lang nun, battle na sa bata kasi di ba masakit yung pagtusok nung needle. and during the process, feeling ‘maga’ yung gums nila. kaya as per experienced daw, super cry ang bata during the procedure. kaya medyo mahirap sa dentist gawin, and also sa parents dahil nga cry to death sila for atleast an hour. one more kaya di nya recommended yun, kasi hindi pwedeng gawin lahat sabay-sabay, kasi nga kawawa naman ang bata if 3 hours syang umiiyak dun. so pabalik-balik kami sa kanya if ever, para magawa lahat yung 8 teeth.
- and for the rates!!!
o IM/IV Sedation – P10,000
o Oral Sedation – P2,500 (per visit)
o Pulpectomy (Root Canal) – P2,400 each x 4 front teeth = P9,600
o Stainless Steel Crown – P1,900 each x 4 front teeth = P7,600
o Restoration – P990 x 4 molars = P3,960
o So if I’ll choose the IM/IV, total would be P31,160 lahat!!!

first concern ko is the sedation. i actually don’t want my 2yo boy to be sedated. takot lang ako sa side effects. although he assured me na may anesthesiologist na magbabantay the entire process. pero takot pa din ako, hehe. ako nga nung na-CS, parang humina na ang memory ko eh. ayaw ko naman na magka-effect din sa anak ko yun. =(
second, the cost! grabe, di pa naman kasama sa benefits namin ang dental. kaya super mahal nun for us. super mahal ba sya dahil Shangrila Doctor yun? do you have any recommendations na magaling na pedia-dentist, pero cheaper than him?
third, the entire procedure. i don’t think my son will endure that. naaawa ako sa kanya. i’ve undergone root canal and restoration so alam ko yung feeling. parang di ko kaya sa anak ko yun.
fourth, as they all say, wala namang ganun dati ah. sabi nga ng parents ko, temporary teeth pa lang naman yun, matatanggal din yun. parang sayang naman kung gastusin nyo ng ganun. yung iba nga, hinahayaan lang nilang mabulok at matanggal eh, tutal di pa naman permanent teeth eh.
but as per our Doctor, yung temporary teeth ang foundation ng permanent. if sira daw ang temporary, chances are na pangit din ang tubo ng permanent. and yun nga, sa 7yo pa ang tubo ng permanent, so 5 years nya pang dadalhin yung sirang teeth nya. which eventually, eh sasakit din daw. =(

hay, di ko na alam gagawin ko! baka naman you have same experience, pa-share naman kung anong ginawa nyo. or for those na may alam about this, can you please share your views and recommendations.

i badly need help in deciding. need to know all the pros & cons, better if based on experience talaga! =)

salamat! =)
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Friday, April 27, 2007
dental check-up
last wed, 04/18, my parents had a wedding to attend to in the afternoon. so we decided na si hubby ang magbantay kay lil’ boy, kaya nag-leave sya sa office. i was on my way to the office that morning, kaya lang super heaaavy traffic. so since i wanted to bring lil’ boy na din to the pedodentist in Clinica Manila for a 2nd opinion, i just decided to go back home. our weekends kasi are pretty busy eh, kaya we wanted a weekday check-up. actually, more of naiinggit lang ako sa mag-ama ko na magkasama, mwehehe.

and so i was back home. by 11am, we were already at Megamall. unfortunately, there was no available pediatric dentist in Clinica Manila. so they just scheduled me at Dentista in Shangrila on Saturday, 04/21.

so ano pa nga bang ibang pwedeng gawin sa Megamall, no choice but to shop, nyahaha!
natupad na munting pangarap ko na naman ito, hehe. ang makapag-malling kaming buong family on a weekDAY! when everybody else are working at their offices. =)

so we first ate lunch, then shop around. of course, more time spent on toys, toys & toys ni lil’ boy. we also took out some Krispy Kreme, lil’ boy’s favorite donut. would you believe that he can finish 3 donuts in one seating, actually, more pa nga yata but we just control him eh. sugar overdose na kasi, hehe.

nung napagod na kami sa kakalakad (di ko talaga type mag-shopping sa Gamol, it’s too big, kakapagod maglakad), we decided to go home around 3pm.

pagdating sa house, super init!!! parang ang sarap bumalik sa mall ulit! so aircon on and slept the entire afternoon. ang sarap! =)

there, another weekday spent with the whole family, happy bonding again. =)
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Thursday, April 26, 2007
my bald techie lil' boy
we had his hair cut last 04/15, after his pool party. sana pala before the party na lang namin pinakalbo, kasi bagay sa kanya eh, he looks so cute & pogi! =)

and that’s him enjoying his laptop (gift of Ninang Jing & Ninong Bodj).

his signature pa-cute smile

he’s such a techie at 2, he knows how to operate it agad. and he already knows some of his alphabets, just can’t fully say it all yet. and same with the numbers 1-10. but he definitely knows all the basic colors already. to which, his favorite is “GRI” (green).
he has eyes only for green, like in a particular picture, ang una nyang makikita at sasabihin ay “griii”! then to follow na lang yung ibang colors. sa food din, be it vegetables (alteast mostly green), halo-halo, mallows, gelatins, colored candies, ang kakainin lang nya yung mga color green, the rest, ayaw na nya, hehe.

wish ko lang hindi mag-refect sa mind nya ang pagka-hilig nya sa green, mwehehe! =)
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disneyland party
as i’ve blogged here, we had a party last April 9, Bataan Day, lil’ boy’s birthday. and funny kasi the party was also at CVJ, where we celebrated lil’ boy’s 1st bday party last year, same date, same time.

and so, last Easter Sunday, we were busy with the balloons and all. and came Monday, when i was done with the simple celebration we had for lil’ boy, we immediately left to start with the decors.

we took care of almost everything,

all the balloon decors

the styro backdrop

the standees

the invites (ticket)

Wizzo, the host

Mickey, the mascot

the cake & cupcakes,

the lunch bag souvenirs

the choco fountain

and we also acted as their back-up photographer. his brother being the main photog.

it was a great party of course. i’ve also helped in the coordination of the party, for FREE!!!

good thing, he invited lil’ boy to come to the party also, so we enjoyed it altogether. feeling tuloy ni lil’ boy eh bday celebration nya yun, hehe.

we stayed until the end of the party coz’ we helped pa sa pagligpit ng lahat ng gamit.

the mom, Eileen, had only this to say after the party:
“Naku very happy ako esp Nadine nsa cloud 9 pa up to now. Thanks ha 4 everythng and 4 ur gft 2 i just saw it tnx again. My visitors enjoyd tlaga up 2 nw nag txt cla dat they enjoyd. Hay naku hyper pa ako kc happy ako. Tnx again.”

another job well done for Yan-Ple’s Party Shop! congrats to us, mwehehe! =)
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Monday, April 23, 2007
holy week 2007
this is a very late post, just needs to write it down for my “memory gap” purposes, hehe.

we spent our Holy Week this year in a very simple way. for the 1st time, we spent it at home, and my 1st time to spend it withOUT my parents.

my parents went to our house in Tagaytay. they wanted us to come, but we opted not. first, we had a major party that monday, so we needed to do a lot of preps for that. not to mention the preps for lil’ boy’s party also on the 14th. second, we wanted to rest! it was really tiring these past few months and we thought that this 5-day holiday (owel, just 3 days for us because Sun was preps day and Mon was client’s party day) is a rare chance for us to just stay in bed until almost lunchtime, hehe. to just cuddle w/ each other and play 24/7 with lil’ boy. kapag sa tagaytay kasi kami, for sure, everyday na gala at labas yun. tiring because that place is like Baguio na din during holy week. so many people and very heavy traffic.

note: our main house help left and the other (labandera/plantsadora) is on vacation. so in reality, hindi rin actually “rest”, kasi we needed to do some chores, hehe.

here's a quick summary of how we spent it:

Holy Wed (04/04)i
it was half day in the office, yippee! after office, i got the styro backdrop from my supplier, withdrew some cash from the bank, deposited DP to one of my suppliers at BPI, bought balloons, fetched hubby from his office (they were dismissed at 4pm), bought Belgian chocolates for my choco fountain, ate merienda, bought some styro from National, bought aluminum rod on the way home.
and at 7pm, we were finally home. hay, tiring, so many things to do. we definitely deserve the rest!

Holy Thu (04/05)
my parenst left for tagaytay, so we were all alone. we first had breakfast at McDo to deliver the standee to my client, Peachy. after that, we gave out lil’ boy’s party invites to our friends within Marikina. then went to IL’s house in Parang. then ChowKing for some halo-halo, what a way to beat the heat. then went back home and slept, ang sarap! =)
when i woke up, had to cook dinner. since nga wala kaming katulong, housewife cum maid ang role ko, mwehehe.
after dinner and ALL the household AND baby chores, it was time to relax. relax by doing the table cover for lil’ boy’s party.

lil’ boy helping in putting Barney stickers to his table cover

at dahil nakakapagod ang ginagawa namin (atleast for us, hehe), we craved for midnight snacks! so hubby prepared a special one!

look! kasama na si lil’ boy sa servings talaga. we are now preparing 3 servings everytime. =)

Good Fri (04/06)
hubby did the standees for Eileen’s party on monday. while i was doing the table centerpieces. and lil’ boy was doing his own things, hehe.
as usual, i cooked lunch and prepared everything. after that, we went to OLA church by 2pm.
we prayed the 14 Stations, then heard the Last Words and attended the 330pm mass.
went home and ate merienda, of course, NO MEAT! pati nga si lil’ boy eh, nag-abstain. =)

Black Sat (04/07)
this was the day na pinaka-na-feel ko ang aking pagiging housewife (cum maid =).
i cooked breakfast, fed lil’ boy, washed the dishes, cleaned the CR (my 1st time in so long), while hubby cleaned the terrace. after that, lil’ boy and i took a bath together (as we always do), fixed our room and the whole house, then cooked lunch again.
after lunch, buti na lang breastfeed pa din si lil’ boy kaya my time to nap with him, hehe. but then i realized na madami pa pala akong gagawin, so pagkatulog ni lil' boy, i went online and uploaded lil’ boy’s pictures. then fed him merienda when he woke up. then my 2 boys bonded for their haircut. they’re both so pogi! =)
when they arrived home, biglang nagyaya si hubby na manuod daw kami ng movie. a treat for a very tired ME! =) nakakatamad na din kasi sa house at mainit pa.
since wala kaming ibang kasama sa house, we had to take lil’ boy with us. so no option for us, but to watch “Ang Cute ng Ina mo”, hehe, ginawa pang rason si lil’ boy eh gusto naman talaga naming panoorin yun, haha.

we were all excited because it’s our 1st time again in almost 2.5 years to watch a movie sa big screen. last time hubby and i watched was last December, 2004 pa, Filmfest pa yata yun with his nephew. i gave birth kasi ng April 2005. and with lil’ boy’s existence, no time for that anymore! it’s also lil’ boy’s 1st time to watch a movie. so we didn’t know what to expect pagpasok nya sa loob na madilim at may giant tv screen. =)
and so, nasa Robinson’s na kami. pumasok na kami ng maaga sa loob so we can get nice seats, punuan daw kasi eh. as usual, hit na naman si Ai-ai! =) hubby just took out our dinner from McDo.
katuwa si lil’ boy pagpasok, maliwanag pa kasi kaya okay lang. laki daw ng tv, haha, parang inosente! actually, he is, hehe. nung nag-start na, no problem at all. he likes the song kasi and dances every time he hears it. and isa pa, busy sa pagkain ng fries and popcorn, kaya dedma sya sa movie.

it was a funny movie, natawa naman kami kahit paano. and sulit naman yung aircon ng sinehan, kesa nasa house kami at super kainitan. =)

Easter Sun (04/08)
we heard the 10am mass. then celebrated simply lil’ boy’s birthday in advanced. we just had lunch at the mall, then bought some toys for him. we had to go back home early because there were a lot of balloons to do.
pagdating sa house, my assistants were there already, and ginawa na namin ang mga balloons for Eileen’s party.
my parents arrived in the afternoon at nagsimba sila nung hapon. buti na lang sumama si lil’ boy sa kanila, kaya nakapag-concentrate ako sa balloons ko. si lil’ boy naman, 2nd mass na nya, kaya advance thanksgiving mass na nya yun for his bday nung 04/09, hehe.

i guess that’s it. that’s how we spent our Holy Week. it may not be as “fun” as before, but we managed to rest and “reflect”. and most of all, the 3 of us bonded happily. =)

‘til next year, sana out of the country naman, mwehehe. =)
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Thursday, April 19, 2007
lil' boy's 2nd birthday party
time flies really fast, parang kailan lang, may baby pa ako. but now, i already welcomed myself to the world of “Terrible 2’s”, hehe.

here goes the kwento of my “baby’s” 2nd birthday party and suppliers too. wala nang rating kasi mostly naman eh puro Yan-Ple’s (kami yun,) eh. in short, kinarir na naman naming lahat. just like during his 1st bday party. =)

actually, it was just a simple party, tutal it’s his 2nd party na naman eh. since my lil' boy (and his cousins) loves swimming, we planned a simple swimming picnic party w/ Barney. =)

i underestimated the preps for the simple party i had planned. i realized that there’s no simple preps for an OC like me. =) kaya ayun, 3 hours lang yata tulog ko the night before. syempre, kami lahat ang nag-inflate ng balloons and all. and of course, aside from the preps sa décor, i’m still the mom of the bday boy, kaya super preps din sa things to bring naming lahat, lalo na dahil swimming, super dami naming dala.

i slept around 3am, and woke up at 6am. by 730am, my assistants and i were already at the venue starting the set-up. while si hubby naman was on the road buying everything else that we needed, like ice, charcoal, etc.

by 10am, our families, with the bday boy, arrived na. while the guests started arriving by 130pm. the party ended at 6pm. it was really tiring and very, very hot! we were literally under the sun the whole day. indeed, it was fun under the sun!

the party was a blast, it was obvious from the looks of the guests (especially the kids) that they all had fun. and i got really nice compliments after the party, thanking me for inviting them, and even receiving a text from a friend saying “as usual, gusto na naman ni (daughter) ng ganung party”. =)

and the laughter of my “baby” was more than enough para mawala lahat ng pagod at hirap namin sa party nya. i’m sure he enjoyed the swimming part, medyo takot nga lang sa clowns at kay Barney, haha.

and now for the suppliers:

Venue: New Family Swimming Pool (Vista Valley Exec. Vill., Marikina City)
i had a hard time looking for a venue, nagka-problem kasi ako dun sa 1st venue na pina-reserved ko eh. so last minute, i had to look for another venue. and since summer time, lahat na ng venue within our area were all booked. and when i was almost settled to have it at Jollibee na lang, i made a one last call on this venue. and i guess it was really meant for us, kasi biglang nag-back out daw yung nag-reserve for our date. kaya ayun, tuloy ang swimming! =)

if you want to read the whole kwento on the venue-search, click this link.

what i like about the venue is the nice pool with Jacuzzi, pool shade and rain shower. the kubo, cabanas and the playground.
disadvantage though is it’s quite small. and since small, limited lang to 80 pax ang guests. that’s why i had to trim down our list last minute. =(

Balot-Balot (adults)
since i wanted a “picnic” atmosphere, i wanted our guests to eat sa “dahon ng saging”, hehe. and since tried and tested ko na naman ang Balot-Balot, lalo na ang SISIG!, i ordered from them. pina-deliver ko lang sa kanila and there was no problem at all. they delivered on the venue on time. and may label pa bawat isa, since iba-iba kasing viand ang order ko eh. lahat naman masarap at nagustuhan ng guests.

Jollibee (kids)
need I say more, kid’s favorite pa din ang spag and burger ng Joillibee. i just called them that morning and made an advance delivery order. they were just right on time.

Mr. Softy Ice Cream
ok din ang Mr. Softy, dahil sa super init, hit na hit sa mga guests. and since their office is just in Marikina, they have a discounted rate within the area. kaya lang, kulang lang yung dala nilang toppings. it was supposed to be 3, pero di nila nadala yung mallows. good thing i added chocolate kisses and cookies.

Halo-Halo Bar – Yan-Ple’s
ito ang pinaka-mabenta sa mga food carts namin this summer. and it truly beats the heat (somehow). sarap kasi ng mga sangkap eh, walang panama ang ChowKing, hehe biased! =)

Others (additional food – embotido & shanghai, food during lunch, hotdogs, pica-pica, soft drinks and juice)
kami na lahat gumawa nito, with the help of our families and assistants. masarap lahat, pramis, hehe!

Balloon Decors – Yan-Ple’s (of course!)
i wanted to get away with the balloon decors sana, kasi simple swimming party lang naman. pero syempre, i had to set the “birthday atmosphere”, kaya di pwedeng walang balloons. i just had simple arrangements on the arch and some balloons on stick w/ a twist.
for the table centerpieces, i just had a simple balloon arrangement, but put the letters of my baby’s name on it. and each letter has a meaning with matching pictures, hehe. it was supposed to double as guest sheet, pero nawala na sa loob kong pasulatan sa kanila. naalala ko na lang nung uwian na at pinaghihingi na ng guests yung mga centerpieces, i just had to remove all the letters on it.

Styro (backdrop & surf board) – Yan-Ple’s
i really wanted to have styro backdrop. mas maganda kasi tignan because it’s 2D, mas buhay ang kulay at ang characters. i received a lot of compliments on the backdrop, gusto ngang iuwe nung iba eh, hehe. and for the welcome standee, we designed it as surf board, para match naman sa swimming. and we also had a welcome banner at the gate, para lang hindi lumagpas ang mga guests, hehe.

Host (clowns & Barney mascot) – Yan-Ple’s
i just got my clowns to host the games. i didn’t have any fancy program at all, no magic show, etc. because i know na hindi naman papansining ng mga kids because they’d rather swim than watch them. eh kung yung mga games nga, konti lang yung mga nag-play eh, yung mga gusto lang talaga ng prizes. the rest of the kids, hindi mapaahon sa pool.
hit din si Barney sa kids (and moms, too). panay picture taking nya with the guests.

kaya lang, my lil' boy was afraid of them all. ayaw na pumunta sa pool nung lumabas yung mga clowns, hehe. and he only had 1 picture with Barney, umiiyak pa yun ha. owel, ganun naman yata talaga at this age, takot sa mga kakaibang creatures, hehe. di pa sya nasanay, sabi ko nga dapat di sya matakot kasi negosyo namin yun noh, he has to live with it. =)

Give-aways (hamper & picture bag) – Yan-Ple’s
we personally did the hampers, cute din naman sya lumabas. lalo na kasi different colors, kaya pinag-agawan talaga ng mga guests. agawan pa sa kulay ang mga adults, nakakatuwa. and the picture bags for the Ninangs are also nice. a lot of my friends are asking for it. sabi nila pabinyagan ko na lang daw ulit si lil' boy at gawin ko din silang Ninang para may bag din sila, mwehehe.

Prizes, Lootbag items, Pabitin, Piñata, Table games, Give-away (neck pillow) – Landmark, SM Makati, Divisoria
since i’m always our for lunch these past few months, madami na din akong nabiling items sa Landmark at SM. but of course, di naman pwedeng mawala ang most reliable na Divisoria eh.

Director Chair – Yan-Ple’s
the Barney director chair was the special chair of the birthday boy. dami nga nagka-interes eh, tanong nila if hindi kasama sa give-aways yun, hehe. sorry, medyo mahal yun noh. but it would be nice as give-away to kids, kasi natutupi yun eh, and may handy bag pang kasama. so madaling bitbitin kasi maliit lang when folded, parang small umbrella lang sya.

Cake & cupcakes – Yan-Ple’s
my supplier actually made it. it’s a 2-layer all cake and a Barney stuff toy on top. the cute chocolate cupcakes were a hit sa kids, super sarap daw! i just put stickers on top of the cupcakes to align with the theme.

Photographer – Yan-ple’s
eto ang kinarir talaga namin. aside from coordinating the whole party, entertaining the guests, taking care of the bday boy, we were also documenting the whole event. palitan kami ni hubby sa paghawak ng camera. then to my Dad naman kapag kasama kami both ni hubby sa picture. super tiring ito, kasi syempre, being the OC to details that i am, kailangan documented to the last detail ang lahat. and i made sure na lahat ng detalye ay na-picturan namin. minsan nga, pagpasok ng guests sa gate, bago ko salubungin at mag-welcome beso, eh pi-picturan ko muna ang pagdating nila, hehe. and i’m happy naman that we’ve documented everything fair enough. super toxic nga lang.

i guess that’s it. told you puro kami lahat ang suppliers eh. kaya wala nang rating kasi biased eh, dahil we’re really one satisfied client, mwehehe.

thanks for reading this far. and thank you for all those who greeted my “baby” (forever!).

for the pictures, please check this link.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
happy 2nd birthday lil’ boy
as per my previous blog, there’s no way to stop time. and besides, lil’ boy himself was super excited for his birthday. he even sings the birthday song for himself until now. and after the song, sabay clap and blow ng candle kunyari, hehe, praktisado.

and so, april 09, 2007 came. we woke up early (because i had a party) and cooked breakfast. while eating breakfast, lil’ boy woke up and walked sa dining table. so we sang his favorite birthday song when he came, all smiles naman sya syempre.
after eating at kahit nagmamadali na kami, kasi nga we needed to go to CVJ for my 3pm party, sinabay ko pa din maligo si lil’ boy, like we always do when we’re together. super nakokonsyensya kasi ako eh. kasi birthday nya tapos di nya kami makakasama ni hubby almost the whole day because of the big party we were having that time for a client.

side kwento: bakit nga ba kami may party that same day?
months before pa, when we thought of having a swimming party for my lil’ boy, we really want it on april 14, saturday. not on his actual bday na april 09, even if it was a holiday monday. why? kasi it’s a looong weekend, so i was assuming na most of our guests are still on vacation, or they might be tired kasi kauuwe lang galing sa mahabang bakasyon. ad since it’s a swimming party, iwant it on a saturday para wala pa ding pasok the following day.
so when Eileen (my client) inquired if i’m still available on april 09 and she told me about the venue, i immediately said yes. sayang din naman, pandagdag din sa party ni lil’ boy yun, hehe. and about the venue, sa CVJ din, same venue where we had lil’ boy’s 1st bday party the year before, exactly same date. so parang reminiscing din ako dun, hehe.

back to the main topic: and so after we took a quick bath, binihisan ko na si lil’ boy for his candle blowing. yes, i ordered a small Barney cake, para naman ma-feel nya talaga yung actual day nya.

at eto ang aking lil’ boy, super kulit na talaga. =)

after this, we immediately left. buti na lang hindi umiyak ang aking anak. and so we were at CVJ as early as 11am to decorate the place.
good thing the mother Eileen, asked us to take lil’ boy later sa party nila, she knows kasi na bday din nya eh. she even had a gift nga for my boy eh, kaaliw. and so we were so happy. atleast kasama namin sya the entire party. and mag-enjoy pa sya, feeling nya it’s his bday party na, nyahaha.
hubby fetched lil’ boy around 3pm. kaya ayun, magkasama na kami the entire party. medyo tiring nga lang because i was helping Eileen in coordinating the party, while hubby was taking pictures of the party also (but we weren’t hired as coordinator and photographer, we’re just doing it for free). so salitan kami sa pag-'yaya' sa anak namin, hehe.
funny pa kasi lil’ boy was afraid of Wizzo, the host. big man kasi eh, naka-prince costume pa kaya siguro natakot sya. and ayaw din nya kay Mickey mascot, nyek, paano kaya si Barney sa party nya. told him nga na hindi sya dapat matakot dahil negosyo namin yun noh, hehe.
saya pa sa party kasi sa amin ang host, kaya dami kami prizes, haha, ang daya. =)

*i’ll have a separate blog for the party soon.*

we were able to go home around 8pm, tumulong pa din kasi kaming magligpit after.
at dahil super pagod na kaming lahat, including my parents who were left home, at dahil wala kaming maid!!! we decided to eat outside na lang. we’re supposed to go to Gerry’s Marquinton for a quick dinner lang just to have pancit for lil’ boy’s birthday, kaya lang ayaw na lumayo ng parents ko dahil nga we were all tired. so we just ate at our yummy neighborhood Chinese resto, Luyong! =)

ang kalat ni lil' boy

w/ lola & lolo

pagdating sa house, his Lolo gave his gift to lil’ boy. a light & sound moving airplane.

and our gift for lil’ boy. as usual, may iba pa ba!

Jordan shoes from Nike, limited edition daw kaya naman binili agad ni hubby pagkakita nya. sus, susunod nyan, limited edition naman ng Lebron. hay!
indeed, a Nike Boy! =)

we were really all so dead tired! but of course, it was a HAPPY birthday for all of us.
can’t wait for the swimming party this saturday.

and should i welcome myself to the “Terrible 2’s” =)
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