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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
divi day
last monday (05/21), i took a leave from the office because i had so many things to do for my parties.
i took my assistant with me and went to divi early monday morning. kailangan maaga coz i brought our van eh, medyo mabigat kasi yung bibilhin namin kaya di kayang i-mrt.
we were at divi before 8am, oh di ba, excited. :) i bought tela for the ceiling drapes of my party at Makati Parks on 06/02. bought some prizes and lootbags for my party on 06/16. bought some themed aprons for our themed food carts, hehe. was able to buy bear stuff toys for my party last 05/26 (another blog). bought a lot of things na wala naman sa list ko, nyahaha.
i so love divi, super cheap talaga. kahit wala sa plano mo, mapapabili ka dahil sa sobrang mura. at ang dami mo talagang makikita, lahat yata ng kailangan mo, nasa divi eh. but of course, quality-wise, wag na nating pag-usapan, hehe. kaya dapat, watch out din sa mga bibilhin mo, kasi baka malugi ka din at the end of the day dahil baka 1 week pa lang, sira na. :)
but still, i love divi!!!
we left the place around 4pm na, so tired. at umulan pa ng malakas, kaya imagine the traffic, hay!
arrived home before 6pm. kaya happy naman si lil' boy kasi ang aga ko umuwi galing office, hehe. at ang dami ko pang "ubong" sa kanya.
another happy day for us! :)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
a baptismal party
last may 19 was Eevi's baptismal. daughter of Elise, a co-n@wie and the sister of my California Garden Square client weeks ago. the ceremony was held at The Shrine, while the reception was at the Penthouse of The Medical Plaza in Ortigas.
hubby had an exam in his new company that morning, so i was just with my assistant. we did all the balloons that friday night. and at around 8am, we were already setting up at the venue.
and since her theme was "Precious Moments", and sadly, there are no available mylar balloons of that, we just used styro instead. we were done with the set-up around 1030am. unfortunately, i wasn't able to bring our camera, so i just used my camera phone to take shots of our work, sayang talaga.
here are some of the pics:

sayang talaga, labo tuloy nang mga pics ko, hmp!

and here are some of the pics taken by their official photographer:

sayang din kasi their photog was not OC to party details, hmp. cute pa naman ng decor. hehe.

may 20, sunday. i got a short notice booking from our friend catering, CVJ, for our food carts. they got our themed (Blues Clues) French Fries & Squidballs Carts. it was held at Greenhills West Clubhouse and it was a BIG party. whoa, i wished i was the one who decorated the venue, hehe. and guess who was the magician, si Lou Hilario lang naman, mwehehe. beautiful party. and of course, dahil CVJ, the food was superb! :)

busy, busy weekend. but very happy. :)
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Saturday, May 19, 2007
my basketball star
last may 14, after we've served our roles as concerned citizen of the Philippines by voting our preferred candidates, lil boy did what he loves to do best!

played basketball with complete attire from head to foot, including his baller, hehe. and of course, the stage mom that i am, took our camera and started taking shots of my little basketball star!

isn't he adorable? :)
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Thursday, May 17, 2007
1st major gasgas
hay, lil' boy's really starting to be a playful kid.

yesterday, 05/16, went i arrived home, may kwento daw si lil' boy sa akin. so dedma lang si lil' boy (since di pa sya marunong magkwento, mwehehe), kaya ang Lola na lang ang nagkwento.
nagyaya daw sa basketball court si lil' boy, then nagpunta sa may chapel and playgroud where there were kids playing. ayun, nakikisali daw sya dun sa pagtakbo. and take note, umuwe pa daw sila sa bahay at kinuha yung portable basketball ring nya. kasi nga, di nya maabot yung sa mga big kids dahil medyo mataas na yun eh. pagbalik nila dun, takbo daw ng takbo, shoot daw ng shoot, haggang PAK! dapa! iyak! si lil' boy.
ayun, umuwe sila ng di oras. ang dami kasing gasgas, kawawa naman. at lalong umiyak daw nung nilagyan ng gamot, hehe.

"aawch, aawch" :)

o di ba, mana sa ina, pouting lips, mwehehe

he's really beginning to be a "real kid"!
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Monday, May 14, 2007
Happy Mother's Day!
to me, to you and to all the great mothers out there! =)

hubby had a booking for his photography services for a wedding in Manila. yes, wedding ito, kaya medyo demanding. sinama nya ang kanyang photog friend dahil for sure, di uubra ang aking digicam as back-up for a wedding, hehe.
and so, we weren't together on Mother's Day. that's why we had an advanced celebration.

05/12, sat. also our 35th monthsary, yipee, 3 years na kami next month! =)
morning pa lang, hubby said na wala daw silang gift sa akin ni lil' boy. so he'll just treat me out for dinner. ok, fine! =)
we left early for lil' boy's follow-up check-up. may ubo't sipon kasi kaya we had to visit his pedia. then ate lunch na din sa hospital cafe. then went to my supplier to buy some more balloons for our parties next week. we also bought some mylar balloons for Mother's Day for our Moms. then bought a cake and went to IL's house. touched naman si MIL sa cake and cute balloon nya. we ate merienda there and lil' boy had fun playing with his cousins. at 530pm, we left to attend the anticipated mass in SSS.
then after, hubby treated me to a special dinner at Barrio Fiesta. super na-miss na din kasi namin ang Crispy Pata nila eh, hehe. and since we'll miss the pata again on Gaby's (my barkada's 2nd baby) baptism on May 26 (since i have another party in Makati), sinulit na namin that night. even si lil' boy, kaagawan namin sa balat, hehe.
and i decided to eat there na din kasi kailangan kong sukatan yung door entrance ng Barrio, i'll put a simple arch din kasi for Gaby eh. oh di ba, di talaga mahiwalay sa katawan ko ang balloon business ko. =)
after eating, went to Robinsons to do some quick grocery. and also bought a cake for my Mom.
so when we arrived home, my Mom was so happy receiving her favorite cake and special balloon from us.
that's it, that's how we simply celebrated my special day...
...or so i thought! =)

05/13, sun. hubby woke me up as early as 630am. i was really sleepy and didn't want to wake up just yet. but then i saw a bag of McDonalds breakfast in his hand and a Happy Mother's Day kiss from hubby. so gising na gising na ako, hehe.
we ate breakfast in bed, tinirhan na lang namin si lil' boy kasi ayaw pang gumising eh.
after eating breakfast, we just spent the rest of the morning talking about sweet nothings, mwehehe.
around 9am, hubby had to leave for their wedding photo coverage in Manila at 2pm.
so since hubby left na and lil' boy was still sleeping, wala na akong magawa kundi matulog ulit. haha, batugers! haller, ang aga ko kaya nagising noh.
around 10am, my Mom was knocking at my door, may naghahanap daw sa akin sa labas. and to my surprise paglabas ko ng house (w/ matching pungas pa ng mata, mwehehe), there was a special delivery for me. cake and flowers from my 2 boys, aaaw, how sweet! so sweet because it was a total surprise, kasi the special dinner and the surprise breakfast in bed was more than enough noh. aba, may pahabol pa talaga. =)
so i texted hubby thanking him for their gifts, what gift daw? charing! =)
and here is lil' boy with their gifts:

at 11am, wala kaming magawa so nagyaya si Daddy ko na i-treat daw nya kami ni Mommy. so off we went to Market-Market, my Mom's fav mall, w/ Tita Pinky & lil' boy. sayang, wala si hubby.
Dad treated us lunch sa Seafood Island. then some shopping sa tiangge inside the mall. before going home, we ate merienda muna. and i was able to taste the famous halo-halo ng Razon's, yummy!
pagdating sa bahay, we were all tired na. but happy of course. it was a 2-day celebration for me. =)

on the other hand, hubby arrived past 12mn na, with a LOT of beautiful pictures from the wedding they covered. this deserves a seprate blog.

again, Happy Mother's Day! and hope all the great moms enjoyed their day. =)
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Friday, May 11, 2007
1st official photo services
thanked God we had our 1st official client for our photo services last May 5.

official meaning booked and paid. during the start kasi, we were covering kiddie parties for free. and then my Disneyland party didn’t book me but we took pics na din, and in the end, the mother decided to pay us na din for the photos we took, as we acted as back-up photogs for their event.

but this time, we were the main (and only) photographers! =)

we were already at Valle Verde 2 around 10am for the 11am party. we also supplied the welcome standee:

unfortunately, we didn’t do the balloon décor, because she had a contact already months before she met me.

and so we started taking tons and tons of pictures. i’m confident that we’ve captured ALL the details. being the OC Mom that i am, i always want my party details documented in all aspect (and angles, hehe). and my being a party decorator i guess helped us to be very detailed in taking pics. of course, if i’m the decorator, i would want ALL my balloon décors documented noh. =) and that’s exactly what we did.

and of course, we also documented the whole program, the guests and especially the family and the birthday girl, Charlene! it’s an advantage that me and hubby have our own cameras (making it 2 cams for the price of 1 =) because we confidently captured almost everything.

you can view some of the pictures here:
Charlene's 1st birthday

at the end of the party at 2pm, we uploaded all the 1,028 pics (yes, you read it right, we’ve taken 1,000++ shots from that 4hr party! hehe) on our laptop and transferred it to DVD copy for the client. yes, we gave out the raw pictures to the client just right after the party. and she was so thankful for that.=)

being a client myself during my baby’s 1st bday party last year, i was only able to get the raw pictures from my photographer after 5 days, which made me so inip and excited. and so for our clients, they’ll be waiting no more. because as soon as the party is over, as well as their pictures. they can view it already by the time they go home. =)

and what’s more, we are giving away for FREE a board picture of their party highlights. i’ll post it here as soon as we’re done with it.

all these for just an amazing price of P2,500.00 ONLY! mwehehe.

p.s. as a feedback: Thess, the mother, said that we’ve captured all the details and we had nice shots daw. thanks, thanks! not bad for a “buena-mano”. =)
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Sunday, May 06, 2007
themed carts again
last thur, may 03, i had to take a leave from the office for a very important matter!
i had a party! =)

it was a short notice, but was able to accomodate it still. actually, ang client ko talaga was her sister, Elise, for her baby's baptismal on may 19.
her sis, Jing, just inquired for a simple pool party for the 3rd bday of her son. and fortunately, everything turned out fine. so we were at California Garden Square Pool Area around 12nn for the 3pm party.

she got our themed food carts also,

cake and balloons

ice cream, tables & chairs and our clowns as hosts.

it was a simple and happy party. as expected, the kids enjoyed the swimming pool. and our food carts too. =)
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