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Saturday, March 29, 2008
it's the day of the week again where i need to do all my errands and just stay out of the house to keep my sanity, hehe.

i started my friday really early. hubby woke me up at 530am!!! because i needed to deliver the 100 balloons to Marikina Sports Club for the "World TB Day" motorcade. good thing huuby went with me. so after giving them the balloons, we ate breakfast at McDonalds beside MSC.

we're back home by 7am and hubby prepared for the office. while i went back to sleep, hehe. you see, i am really NOT a morning person. i only wake up early when i have party commitments, othen than that...please, let me sleep! besides, i slept at 3am that morning noh, so i deserved that nap. =)

woke up again by 9am, prepared and left at 10am. went to 2 banks to deposit, pay and withdraw. then went to my supplier to get stuffs for lil boy's party. then to Greenbelt 3 to meet my friends Jing & Jam. had lunch at Fuzion, we needed to stay outside because of smoking, so we stayed at the open sofa bed area, no aircon!!! so guess what? after eating, we were all complaining of headaches because of the weather...SUPER INIT!!!

Jam had to go back to Smart while Jing had to go back to the bank. while i stayed at the restroom lounge for 20 minutes just to rest, buti pa dun malamig.

at 3pm, i went to Globe to meet Bodj and gave him the invites. good thing he's done with his work so he joined me at my suppliers to get the cupcakes and balloons for tom's party.

i had a scheduled meeting that afternoon which i had to cancel because of all these things i needed to do for this weekend's and my lil boy's party. so sorry!

by 630pm, we're so hungry! so we ate at Gerry's Grill in ABS. it was a nice dinner because all the songs being played were those from our generations, para kaming nasa Ratsky Greenhills nung araw, and we wanted to dance and order "BlowJob" hahaha!

at 830pm, we parted ways as he had an appointment massage at Fitness First in ABS, while i needed to go home to catch the ending of Maging Sino Ka Man, hahaha. and i want to end this with the makapagbagbagdamdaming linya ni Ely, "kung may mas higit pa sa mahal kita, yun ang para sayo"...ay, tama ba? hehe, basta ganun, ang lalim!!! =)

it was again a happy day-off for me. now, back to reality...=)
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Thursday, March 27, 2008
so busy!
i've been very busy lately...that's why wasn't able to blog, bloghop and answer all your tags...so sorry. will catch up soon.
i'm just finishing all my party shop tasks now. i've been watermarking thousands of our party pictures and posting them all to our new multiply site.

btw, please add our multiply account, http://yanplepartyshop.multiply.com. it's still a work in progress as i'm still uploading all the pics until now. so please do check it often.

*'commercial' again, my lil boy keeps on waking up because of his cough, so i need to go back to bed and breastfeed him again to sleep. yeah, he's turning 3 and still breasfeeding! =)

ok, back to the topic, hoping to finish everything soon so i can concentrate on my blog again. and my 'other' task naman. =)

got to go, i'm just waiting for 230 am now so i can give lil boy his meds. then i'm on my way to dreamland...
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lil boy is sick, huhuhu!

i think he got his cough from his cousin Miguel who stayed here in our house last holy wed night til good fri morning for a quick vacation.
then we went swimming to Club Manila East last black saturday, and lil boy just won’t get out of the pool.

so at sunday night, he started coughing and got worst last monday and tuesday.

so today, wednesday, hubby took a half-day leave from work to accompany us to his pedia. good thing it was just just plain cough, no phlegm or whatsoever. so pedia just gave us medicines. at the same time, he gave lil boy his flu vaccine which was really scheduled on that day.

after that, we ate lunch at KFC, as usual, per lil boy’s request. then off to office hubby went, while lil boy and i went to Robinsons (again as per his request) to play basketball and Tekken. and bought his medicines too.

hope he’ll get well SOON!
his bday party will be next week already.

i really hate it when he's sick! hay!
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Monday, March 24, 2008
Blog advertising
i guess the latest in online advertising now is through blogging. you’ll get everything you look for in a just a snap of a finger. and both advertisers and bloggers get what they want in this kind of advertisement.

and guess what, i’m one of these people now. i get paid to blog anything and everything that i like. are you wondering how to advertise on blogs? it will simply connects advertisers with bloggers. advertisers can pay qualified bloggers to write opinion posts with links back to the advertiser’s site. i think this is really effective as bloggers share their experience and views on different products of the advertisers. and in this growing world of online blogging, this is just the perfect place to advertise your products.

so if you want to advertise something, why don’t you try this blog advertising. and if you are like me, a blogger, don’t you want to blog for money? earning while doing what you love most, blogging!


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Little Angel
thanks Jody for this. nice way to rev me up blogging again, hehe.

i'm passing this to karen, arlene, bodj & vesta. these are my real 'old' friends.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Goodluck Apols!
i guess i’m the last to post (as usual) about this. sorry na, zuppper busy, as always.

last mar 14, friday, we, the mommy bloggers, scheduled a (supposedly) surprise ‘farewell’ get-together for Apols. she’ll be leaving for Singapore this mar 29. thanks to Thea for organizing this.

anyway, it was a terribly busy Friday for me…

woke up at 8am to cut the remaining tumbler prints of a client. since i was running late and still had a LOT of things to do, i decided to call my assistant and asked her to come to our house and help me do the errands. she arrived at 10am, asked her to buy printer ink as i ran out printing lots of tumbler covers! my gosh, i underestimated the colored printing and i didn’t know that it will consume that MUCH ink. huhuhu, i was so lugi, abonado ako ng P1,500 because i’m using original ink eh, kainis!

anyway, when my assistant arrived, we did the “get well soon” balloon bouquet that a client ordered. i added a personalized ‘GWS’ tumbler also patterned on the balloon, so cutie.

at 2pm, lil boy and i left already. yeah, i promised to take him with me. we first delivered the bouquet balloon at UP Village. then headed to Makati to deliver the lunchbags and tumbler prints. after that, headed to Greenbelt 3 to meet the mommy bloggers at 5pm. since we’re meeting beside TimeZone, lil boy had his time of his life playing, playing and playing. paiyakan pa before we can finally leave the place.

then i finally saw Joy at Big Chill already, so we went there na. then Thea followed. Mich, Apols, Aggie & Jody arrived after. we decided to transfer to National Sports Grill and had a LOT of chikahan. though i wasn’t able to hear all of those sizzling chikas because i was taking care of my lil boy. lesson learned! hehe.

Jacqui and Kelly followed there also, kaya lalong umingay because of Jacqui, haha.

sadly, hubby arrived na at 7pm from work. so he got lil boy first and they played again sa Timezone, while i was catching up on some chikahan pa din. at 730, i really had to go because hubby was already hungry. so i left them na, but came back after a while to give the mini cake to Apols, which i left sa parking lot, toink!

we ate dinner sa Fuzion, then window shopping, then left na. lil boy fell asleep as soon as we hit the road, super tired with all the playing, hehe.

it was one fun meeting again with the mommy bloggers. though i missed a LOT of chikas and secrets because i wasn’t paying much attention and needed to leave early. you can see all the secrets and revelations on their personal blogs.

will definitely miss you Apols! next meeting would be sa Sgp ha, hehe. or sa mansion ba ni Jane? family outing ito? hahaha.

see you soon!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008
venue: checked!
yipeee! i was so happy this afternoon when i got a text from the secretary of my target venue. she said that it has now been reserved to me. after days of waiting and pleading, hehe. i actually looked for some alternatives already if in case, we won't get the 1st venue.
but since for me, that's the perfect place, i still prayed hard to get it. and now, prayers answered!

now, i can finally start with the preps! yeah, only 1 month to go, cramming again for my own lil boy's party, as always.
anyway, this will be his 3rd so just a simple party actually. not much kaartehan like before, hehe. simple but fun for sure, especially for the kids.

***btw, it's 3am already. i just blog hopped the whole night. what can i do, don't have 'racket' na, waaah!
i better sleep now...
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HongKong, here we come...
finally! i was able to book our tickets for HK on my birthday this september, yehey!

the last time i went to HK was during my 18th bday, whoa!!! that was xx years ago, hahaha. my parents kept on coming back there but for some reasons, i wasn't always available. there were a lot of plans also before, especially with the opening of Disneyland, but hubby told me to delay it further when lil boy can appreciate the park already.

and i guess this is the best time, hehe. =)

i've booked my parents through their miles last year for HK, flight will be september this year. and yeah, i've scheduled it on my bday so we'll have all the reasons to go with them and celebrate, hehe.

so finally, after the long wait, Cebu Pacific offered P888 to ALL their international flights, just what i was waiting for, hehe.

so i checked the site and inquired if there are still available flights for the 3 of us. and bingo, we're booked! hahaha, that was fast! i just told hubby that i'm already booking, while he was busy playing with his PSP, he just told me, 'bahala ka'. and that's a sounding "YES!" for me. hahaha.

i'm so excited for lil boy. and as usual, hoping that he won't be afraid of the mascots there. waaah!

and i'm also excited for hubby and i, this will be our 1st international vacation together, puro kasi kami domestic before eh. and of course, we're both shopping addicts...just wishing we'll have money, money, money by then. =)

time to go, time to pack!!! haha, excited! =)
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to all mommy bloggers, you'll guess why i'm so sad!!! huhuhu.
just after 6 days...i'm now down to 'BOKYA'!!! huhuhu

'sandaling kaligayahan lang pala to'!!! waaah!

what will i do? heeelllppp!!!
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Monday, March 03, 2008
Manila Ocen Park now open!

yup, finally, after more than 2 months delayed, it had its SOFT OPENING last March 1.

no, we weren't there because i had party that day. and i don't think i want to be there on the 1st day, haha.

but i got 1st hand info from Wanlu himself! he was there with Wizzo to perform magic and ventri show, just to entertain the guests while falling in line for the tunnel entrance, he said the crowd go inside by batches. the park is big and there were a LOT of people there. they just performed in the morning, because he's the magician in my party that afternoon. he also advised me to wait a little longer before we visit the place, because it's not really finished yet. there were still uncemented walkways and some finishing touches being made. and of course, it's better to visit if it's not that crowded anymore, don't want to fall in line for hours just to watch a 10-min show huh.

but i'm really excited, since december pa! so excited for lil boy since he'll be having a close encounter with those sea creatures. i loved Ocen Park in Hongkong and Sea World in San Diego, so i'm hoping that i'll like this Philippine version even more. besides, love your own, so i'm very proud of this world-class '1st in the Phil' amusement park.


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missing our 'house'
before hubby and i got married, we've decided to get one of the housing loans offered by my company. it was supposed to be finished only months after our wedding date. but some problems came up with the developers and it wasn't finished until i became pregnant.

so for obvious reasons, my parents didn't allow us to transfer to our house because of my condition. besides, it's a little farther from where we are staying (my parents' house) so we all decided to stay until i gave birth. but we were already paying for the mortgages and all that time.

and after giving birth, we found it harder to leave my parents' house. yeah, talk about convenience huh. we didn't have a nanny because i chose not to hire one, i'm afraid of the horror stories around. then i went back to work which made it impossible to live on our own. then my parents got so attached with my son that it will break their hearts if we'll leave. a lot of reasons, really, that we've decided to just sell the house to my Tita. it was really sad on our part, but in a way happy because we are now free of monthly mortgages. =)

but in the near future, we are still deciding to purchase a house of our own. of course i want to live on our own, where i can be the only queen! and that will bring us back to paying mortgages and all the expenses.

and since our finances are limited now, need to know how much we can afford for this. good thing i found out this free mortgage quote in the web. totally no obligation, and they can even consider a lot of factors in their quotation. so this will definitely be a big help as we prepare for our major investment soon.


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our happy friday!
yeah, it's hubby's payday, but that wasn't our reason to be happy, well part of it maybe. haha.

i was scheduled to go to the bank to pay my supplier. and since i stayed until early morning blogging, i woke up already by 11am, hehe. at 1pm, lil boy and i were dressing up already. i was planning to take him to the banks and we'll go malling after.

then hubby called and told me that they were dismissed already because of the rally! wow! what a good news, these rallies can also do good sometimes huh. =) so we agreed to just meet at the mall.

after my never-ending waitng time at 2 banks, remember, it was a payday-last day of the month-friday! we're finally at Sta.Lucia by 330pm. since i was craving for iced tea, we ate merienda at Wendy's. just ate the shrimp sandwich because no meat allowed. =) then of course, we played at Worlds of Fun, because lil boy kept on asking for horse (carousel), basketball and tekken.

after playing, hubby and i decided to look for a venue nearby for lil boy's bday party. we're again having problems with the 2nd venue we have. waaah, it's just a month to go and we still don't have a definite venue yet. talk about a party planner cramming for her own party huh! i'm the one paying kasi here eh, and i don't get paid. that's why! hahaha.

after that, we went to IL's house to visit them, had dinner and play with the kids. lil boy had fun as usual, he really enjoys playing with his cousins.

we were home by 9pm. it was a simple unexpected family bonding for us. and i truly enjoyed it. life's simple pleasures! =)


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i hate viruses!
i think my laptop acquired a virus again, damn! i was alerted by my anti-virus software when i opened my thumb drive awhile ago. and guess what, the thumb drive was used by hubby in his PC, which means that his computer is infected too! waaah!

aside from the inconvenience that virus could bring, i learned from the life lock reviews that certain viruses can be used by hackers to corrupt files and get needed information. oh my, that's a big security risk!

and reading more of this lifelock reviews, i realized how fast and easy these hackers can steal your identity. with the latest technology now, nothing is impossible. so i think it's better to be safe than sorry. best to invest in something that will guarantee the safety of your identity and all your confidential information.

so better check this particular lifelock review as they are offering discounted rate in guarding your identity and life in general. and i don't think you can go wrong because they are offering 1 million guarantee in protecting your name. isn't that a terrific deal?

anyway, back to the laptop and virus, i think i need to do another round of formatting just to get rid of that virus, and be safe from identity theft.


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eversince i've visited bonifacio high street in fort before, i already fell in love with the place. that was last year, when there were not much stores yet, only Krispy Kreme and some i can't remember anymore. it wasn't even known as BHS, it was still associated with Serendra that time.

but now, with almost all stores opened and publicity everywhere, it can get crowded on weekends. but anyway, i just love the ambience, the structure, the people and especially the green grass between. i get the feeling that i'm shopping in the USA. =)

but anyway, i'm pertaining to the green grass alone of BHS, hehe. i love the kids running and playing around. and sudenly, last night, i was asking hubby that will go there this sunday, just so lil boy can play around. then i've thought that lil boy will have more fun if he can run with his cousins too, then the list goes on and on.

so instead of BHS, i was suddenly planning of a picnic outing that night, to be held the following day, haha, nice planning ha. i don't know, i just wanted to go to a place that's NEAR, where the kids can play all they want and run anywhere (without getting bruises, that's why i want grass surroundings). so hubby suggested EcoPark, but we've been there already. i was thinking of UP, but hubby said they don't allow, though i've seen some people there. how about Wildlife, Circle or Luneta? hehe, too crowded and i honestly don't like the 'crowd'. obviosly, we've thought of nothing. sayang!

so we're on with the planning still. can anyone suggest a place near Marikina where we can do picnic outing? should be greeny area with a "nice" surrounding, you know what i mean. don't want the kids to play with some uneducated kids around, as well as don't want the kids to see couples kissing (PDA) in public.

please, please, please, i'm trying to find one SOON! thanks!
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Sunday, March 02, 2008
yes i am! and i plan to stay that way, hahaha. though i'm trying to control myself a little now because we're trying to increase our savings for bigger purchases.

so since i can't control it much, i just limit my purchases to sale and discounted prices. it's cheaper that way, yet still satisfying that urge, hehe. and one thing i'm really looking forward this month is the black friday sale! oh, i can't wait for the huge discounts they are giving out on so many participating stores. and what's really great is that almost all my favorite stores are there. and since i'm at times guilty when i shop for myself but feel all the reasons to do when it's for lil boy, i always check on babies "r" us and toys "r" us first! and i really get excited on cutie items and cheap tags huh. next items on the shopping list are for me and hubby of course!

and aside from all these discounts, it's online so i really don't need to check on these items physically and fall in long lines just to pay them. how convenient is that! c'mon shopaholic girls, check out the site and be a member of their email list so you can be informed when they post their ads.


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party pics
finally, i've uploaded my party pics until this february 08. you can check it here:


but sadly, i haven't uploaded for monthsss already those parties that hubby covered (as photog). i guess the last party posted there was still july 07 party. oh my, and we've covered a lot already after that. that's my next project. upload! upload! upload! anyway, here is the link on our shots:

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Six Unimportant Things About Me
been tagged by aggie, thanks girl!

i'll just write what's on top of my head now...

1. i'm a night person. i can totally go sleepless at night. but never expect me (especially now) to wake up before 9am! that's one of my considerations in quitting my day job. i think i should be in call centers? haha.

2. i like watching GOOD romantic movies (filipino movies will do). i hate fiction, scifi or anything related to that. haven't watched any Harry Potter, LOTR, etc at all! don't want to think much when i'm watching, just want to relax while eating my popcorn. =)

3. i can think of LOTS of party ideas for my clients, but when it comes to my own (lil boy) party, i go blank! as in long process before i can think of a good original one.

4. i love pictures!!! since highschool, i love taking pics and browsing them again and again when i have time. i love reminiscing and thinking of what transpired when that pic was taken. that's why it will take me hours just looking back at my pics, hehe.

5. like alpha, i love playing with my dead hair, it can be addicting ha! once you start, you just can't stop. and lately, lil boy loves feelng the 'roughness' of it. hahaha.

6. i drive like crazy! i've been driving my own car since college, maybe that gave me confidence, hehe. i drive fast and crazy at times, and when the need arises.

i'm tagging , melisse, liza, eileen.
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Saturday, March 01, 2008
the gambler in me
yes, i love gambling! but not professionally, we just do it for fun. though at times, there's real money involved to make it more exciting.

we've been playing cards eversince i was a kid, i'm always part of the "Black Jack" or "Lucky 9" games in my family during reunions. and would you believe that we were playing "Pusoy Dos" with my college barkada even during class hours, while profs were boringly discussing their lessons, hahaha! that's how addict we were, though no money involved because it was just really for fun and to 'maximize' time, hehe.

now, in our modern world, i miss that addiction that's why i'm on the look-out for the best online games in town. as there are a LOT, i tell you, need to find some sites who do online casino reviews. and i found it! i like it here because all the best casinos are classified per kind, so i can easily choose one that i like. and of course, who can resist bonuses? that's why i'm looking for the casino with best bonuses in this site.

i'll definitely share these sites to my 'gambling' friends so we can bring back that old addiction, haha.


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Linky Love
i was tagged by mel.

Cut and paste the following starting here.
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i'm spreading the love to Apols, Thea and Peachy, my current 'teachers'. thanks gurls! =)
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One BIG Love!
ever since i resigned last january, i always see to it to schedule 1 weekday 'day-off'. just to keep my sanity, haha. you see, i'm a very outgoing person, i need to be out in the open atleast 3x a week, that's why you rarely find us home on weekends.

and for the past 3 weeks already, i've always been with my 2 best friends jing & bodj. jing has always a sched in makati every 2 weeks or so. she just submits papers to the bank, then she's free after that. while bodj is working from home, so he's free anytime, just like me. haha.

so yesterday, jing & i met at Megamall by lunch. after finishing my errands (deposit/wdraw/pay at the banksss), we ate at Sbarro (missing Glorietta Sbarro badly!). then she bought a bag at Lacoste while i tried my BEST to control myself and buy nothing...although i'm really drooling on that black slip-on for 4k++!!! maybe next time...

after that, we finally watched One BIG Love! haha, jologs again! =) it was a funny movie, a feel-good one, a (as usual) bubbly Toni, a sophisticated (just support role) Kristine and a cute obese (later, hunk!) Sam. surprisingly, Sam can do comedy roles ha, hehe. i love his dance steps, hahaha.

after that, Bodj is ready to go so we picked him up at Pag-ibig office after his housing loan application. then went to Shangrila and had dinner. of course, laughter all around! it's always fun being with these 2, i'll never get tired of them i swear!

and to cap the night, a grande choco chip frap from Starbucks. whoa, i'm totally energized! that's it, see you again next week, hehe.

i arrived home by 11pm, my 2 boys waiting for their "ubong", siopao from Kowloon. hehe.

another bonding moment with my 2 BFs. =)
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"debt threat"
debt is really threatening, especially if you have more than you can handle. i guess all people have debts one way or another. lucky are those who are totally debt-free.

i have debts, lots of it actually. but i believe i'm a resposible payer, i don't want missing a payment, i hate interests and late charges! i don't want their agents reminding me about my dues and all. and most of all, i don't want to be blacklisted with bad credit.

but what is really the problem with debt? problem arises when you can't control it anymore, when you can't manage your finances well, and when you can't find where the money for payment will come from. but i believe this didn't develop overnight, it was a long unright process. you just realize the problem when you are deep into it already. so sad and unfortunate, right?

i know one who's into that problem right now. that's why i was telling her to seek financial advise because debts won't never go away if you just take them for granted. remember, interest counts daily! i guess it would be better to make certain arrangements with your debtors, than just ignore them at all. you can compromise and come up with certain agreements, like you paying him an amount which you are capable of. i'm sure the debtor will like it that way, than not getting anything back from you. there are a lot of ways in debt management, you just have to know what's suited for you.

once you've managed your debts, then a llittle control and being responsible, you'll surely bounce back into your normal life happy and worry-free.


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