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Friday, October 26, 2007
zuper buzy 2 weekz
it's 4am but i'm already up on a friday morning, that's how buzy i am right now!
just when i thought i can have a relaxing 1 week rest next week because i already filed for a leave the whole week. but nah, i don't think so!

will just list down everything that's keepig me busy and will keep me busy in this 2 weeks!
owel, just want to air it out...

last tue, 10/23, i had to go to Glorietta. yes, not because i want to but i had to. i had to buy some things for my parties at Landmark and SM Makati so i had to pass by Glorietta. and this was the 1st time i saw it after the blast.
hay, it feels so sad, really! there were no people, as in super konti lang. and you can see na the people are really very cautious, iba talaga yung feeling, kakalungkot.
and eto pa, there's a certain smell sa may bandang Glor 3, parang amoy fumes na may halong ongoing construction na ewan, basta, parang amoy sunog. kaya nakakatakot pa din dun. =(

wed, had to finish some office things, a lot actually, in preparation for my whole week leave. didn't go out kasi closed ang Glorietta eh, hehe.

thu, we're back again at Landmark, Glorietta and SM (ang tigas talaga ng ulo eh, hehe!). since we're organizing our Department's Trick or Treat and we had to buy props for our Cube Decorating Contest, we were there ng lunchtime until 230pm.
eto pa, since super nabo-boring-an ako sa Robinhood costume ni lil' boy (na pinili nya kasi green!) eh nabilhan ko na naman sya ng Prince costume, na hopefully eh isuot nya. =)
back to the office, i still had meetings and had to finish my Project Status Report. ang report na di ko matapos-tapos! eh paano naman, lahat ng tao sa paligid ko we're busy doing their T or T preps, kaya di ako makapag-concentrate sa trabaho ko. hay, istorbo talaga ang work, haha.
and not to mention that i still have a lot of things to do for my upcoming parties.
kaya ayun, syempre di ko nagawa yung report ko. at dahil sa pagod last night eh di ko na din nagawa yung long list of things to do ko for my parties naman.

kaya i'm up early now to do it and to go to the office early to finish the report. kasi for sure, lalong di ako makapag-concentrate later today coz' it's our Trick or Treat day!

i still have to go back here sa house by lunchtime to pick up lil' boy and my assistants. opo, kasama sila kasi may parties pa din ako today, hehe.
choco fountain tie-up at Bounce. and balloon decor tonight at Makati Sports. kung paano ko pagsasabayin lahat yun, including the 2 ToT activities of my son this afternoon eh di ko alam. goodluck sa akin mamaya. =)
btw, wala akong kasamang helper or yaya, waaah!

tom, 10/27, we'll leave early morning to Antipolo para ipa-bless ang aming new van, separate blog.
then party at Tektite in the afternoon.

sun, 10/28, party at Makati Parks in the afternoon. my family will be going to Pampanga for the fiesta and to visit na din my grand parents sa cemetery. di na naman kami makakasama because we have prior commitments already.

mon, election day! then i have a client meeting at Town & Country before lunch.

tue, balloon decor at Sunlife again. and a party at Dad's in the afternoon.

wed, i need to go to Divi to buy some things for my parties. and i hope i can drop by my OB for a check-up before we do baby no.2. *wink*wink*

thur, 11/1, will go to Heaven's Gate.

fri, big party at Makati Parks in the afternoon.

sat, a bigger party at Valle Verde 6.

sun, 11/4. 2 parties, 1 in Pasig and another in ATC.

o di ba, super pahinga ako this week. waaah!

i was even planning to pamper myself next week, haircut, xtenso, manicure, pedicure, foot spa and all. now i don't know how to do it anymore!

ok, that's it for now. have to start my long list now, or else... =)
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Friday, October 19, 2007
Glorietta blast!
GOD is so good to me!

sa mga di pa po nakakaalam, ako po ay taong-glorietta. i go there almost 3x a week, and never missing a Friday lunch out.

but since last week, i was so busy with my parties that i wasn’t able to frequent the mall.

and today, Friday, i was actually thinking of going there for lunch, since i miss it already. =)

but there were still a LOT of things to do. i needed to go back to Sunlife to get the payment. go to Landbank, BDO and BPI to deposit my down payments to my party hosts. and to Chinabank to withdraw money.

Thanked God for these errands! i was saved from the accident and the trauma.

i was in line at BPI when hubby asked me where i was and to inform me that G2 was bombed! grabe, super kinabahan talaga ako, kasi i could have been there. and i know that a LOT of my friends and officemates were there, it’s a Friday lunch out. most Makati people go to Glorietta during Friday lunch!

and so i called my friend from 6750, she was safe. and the initial report was a leak from LPG of Luk Yuen.

but then, reports and pictures came, casualties counted (including officemates now in Makati Med) and everybody is saying that it’s worst than a LPG leakage. it was a BOMB! as of writing, no definite reports given yet.

hay, i really can’t believe it. Glorietta is closed now and Makati is definitely shocked and sad, it was really a tragic incident.

a lot of my friends called and texted me, even some of my clients. i truly appreciate the concern. and my Mom even called and asked where i was when she saw the news flash.

good thing, masamang damo ako kaya i was spared. =)

seriously, let’s all pray for the victims! as well as the culprits also, may they be enlightened.....and be burned in Hell NOW!!!

as we (Jing & Bodj) we're having coffee awhile ago at 11pm in Starbucks Shang, while waiting for my people doing the choco fountain, someone from Smart texted me and confirmed that our officemate, from the IT department, died because of the blast! grabe, nanghina talaga ako. let's all pray for their souls!

...it could have been me!
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Thursday, October 18, 2007
weekday parties
i’m now starting to receive weekday parties.

today Thursday, 10/18, a simple balloon décor in PAOC Clubhouse in Fort. good thing this is just near my office so i just dropped by there to check my assistants’ decors. and glad that i can now leave my assistants on their own, they can now decorate and follow all my instructions.

tomorrow, Friday, 10/11, our 1st Corporate client, SUNLIFE! yes, someone from Sunlife called me last Wednesday to order 3 balloon pillars for the blessing of Sunlife Paseo. they need it by 9am so early set-up ito, we need to be there by 8am. that means leaving our place by 630am! waaah!

then Friday night, chocolate fountain service for a debut party in Shangrila Mall. my assistants will also take care of everything. i’ll just fetch them sa gabi. and dahil we’ll kill time in Shang, my friends Jing & Bodj will be there too para samahan ako, instant gimik, hehe. di kasi pwede si hubby kasi walang kasama si lil’ boy.

wow, magkasabay na ang work ko and business ah, pati weekdays meron na. sana magtuloy-tuloy pa...
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Friday, October 12, 2007
what a day!!!
harassed will be an understatement of how my day went yesterday, Thursday!

it’s the last day in the office for this week, since we were having a long weekend, i was really looking forward to that. supposedly lunch out in Glorietta (hey, i haven’t been there this week!), just 3 meetings in the office, not much legwork for my parties because i’m only having 2 minor parties this long weekend, 1 simple balloon décor on sat night and 1 simple styro décor on sun afternoon!

but as early as 6am that thurs, someone already texted me re balloons for Saturday. ok for that because those were just simple flying balloons. but then, on my way to the office, my Ninang called me and asked me to give her a quote for 8 food carts and entertainment for the whole day (clowns, magicians & entertainment). they were having a free medical mission this Sunday, in their new building in marikina. wow, 8 carts and around 5-6 entertainers, in 3 days!!! talk about short notice huh!

so at 930, as soon as i arrived at the office, i checked all my rates and texted her all the details. then my Boss called me already for our 930 meeting. after that, around past 10am, still texting and calling my Ninang about our services. i guess she was also very busy so she didn’t really have that time to discuss. so ako, waiting in vain!

1030 was my 2nd meeting, medyo late pa ako kasi nga dami ko inaasikaso. ewan ko ba pero nagkasabay-sabay pa yung dami ng party inquiries ko that day. i think i’ve a
answered 3 phone call inquiries while in the middle of the meeting, hehe. nagbubulungan na nga lang kami nung client eh, kasi baka madinig ako sa meeting na puro balloons ang pinagsasabi ko, hahaha. and i received a LOT of text inquiries, meron pang gustong mag-franchise sa province ng business ko, hehe. as in i was answering text messages and phone inquiries during my 3 meetings, bad!

the 2nd meeting ended by 12 noon, lunch time. but i still had to deposit some downpayment to my 3 hosts for my future parties, not to mention ang pila sa bank dahil last day of the week. while i was inside the bank, my Ninang called and confirmed to me her orders. kaya ayun, nangarag talaga ako, kasi i had to look for all the available suppliers on that day, gudlak talaga. i was just eating waffle & shake for lunch, while i was in line waiting for my turn sa bank.

hay, as expected, almost all my suppliers are already booked. i really had a hard time looking. siguro naka-1 million text messages yata ako that day, hehe. i had to delete messages a number of times, dahil laging no space na yung Inbox ko. sa sobrang hirap kumuha, i just had to make singit na lang our party time sa mga scheds nila.

after visiting 3 banks with an almost empty stomach (yeah, a waffle can’t fill up my big tummy =), i was back in the office for my 2pm meeting. i was literally running just to make it to my meeting in time, pero late pa din ako sa tatlong yun. haha. it ended at 330 and i still had to do MOM, kami kasi nag-facilitate, argh! as if may naintindihan ako noh, eh puro parties kaya nasa isip ko. =)

i was supposed to meet up with my friend, Jenne, in Coffee Bean, Gateway (where we’ve met twice already since last week) by 8pm for our ‘racket’, but i left the office at 8pm so damn tired! with still a lot of things unfinished, the food stubs for the 7 carts and all. so i just asked her to cancel our meeting.

was finally home by 930pm. pero naman, pagdating sa bahay, tambak pa din ang gagawin ko. but i guess, sumuko na katawan ko. so i just slept soundly through the night.

hay, really, what a day! and what a long weekend will this be? let’s wait and see…
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
online payments
Having a website for my party shop business is really a great help in promoting my services. But being able to accept online payments from my clients will surely boost my business more. That’s why I’m happy to finally chance upon this great website which can help me accept credit card payments. This way, it will save time and effort for both me and my clients. We don’t need to meet up anymore just to hand over the payments for my party services.

Being a busy mom and party owner myself, I love doing businesses online also. And it’s definitely very convenient to do everything with just a click on your computer, from inquiry to payment. So for all business minded people out there, it’s time to think about your client’s convenience, so better fill up this application form and expect online payments coming your way.

For more info and details, please click their site and find the link that will best suit your business, there’s one for every kind.


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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Everybody is into blogging! So I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I join the wagon. =)

I’ve tried several online opportunities before, but it was so hard to reach their certain quota. Good thing there’s now this easy online blogging, such as http://www.blogsvertise.com/.

I’ve registered in other blogging sites also, but I guess http://www.blogsvertise.com/ has the easiest and fastest process, because my application was approved in less than a minute. So now, I’m on my way to happy blogging!

So for all of you bloggers who haven’t joined the crazy and happy world of blogging, please visit http://www.blogsvertise.com/, and you’re sure to getting that "extra" while doing what you love most. =)


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september parties
September 15, 3pm - Angelo's 1st Birthday
Northeast Greenhills Clubhouse; theme is Mickey Mouse

we only provided on the spot picture magnets for this party. too late na daw kasi when she learned about my services. she had everything planned already. sayang kasi from same company pa naman kami, hehe.

here is the sample picture magnet of the family, the guests definitely loved having their pics taken and seeing their magnets after.

thanks to my bestfriend Bodj who helped me & hubby on our 1st picture magnet service. me gimik kasi kami after kaya nabitbit ko sya, for free, hehe. conti's lang katapat nya. haha.

September 16, 10am - ?
CVJ Clubhouse; theme is moon & stars

don't know the name of the baby, kasi kinontrata lang kami ng friend ko na owner ng CVJ to do styro decor for them of moon & stars.

we were there with hubby, lil boy and 3 assistants by 8am. we were done by 9, so we headed to IL's house para ayusin lahat ng kalat namin sa bahay nila. kasi dun lahat nakatambak yung mga standees at styro backdrops namin, hehe. imagine how big and bulky those are. kaya kelangang ayusin namin lahat.

after lunch, we headed to Tektite already.

September 16, 230pm - Quisha's 1st Birthday
Tektite Auditorium; theme is flowers & butterflies

i wasn't supposed to have this party anymore, but last minute, the mom called me to do the hanging drapes on the stage and ordered some food carts.

so after we set up everything, including the 2 carts, we left na. just left my people there to man the carts.

we went to megamall to have merienda and quick shopping. we also heard mass na din there kasi baka wala na kaming abuting mass pag-uwe namin eh.

the party was over by 6pm so we all went home after.

September 22, 3pm - Jomo's 7th Birthday
Vittorio Room, Albergus; theme is Pokemon

last minute request also, she just added some floating balloons and balloon burst. so we were at the place as early as 1pm to set up. and we're done by 2pm.

after that, we then headed to Max's Roces for another party set-up.

September 22, 6pm - Nico's 1st Birthday
Max's Ruby A, Roces; theme is Prince Mickey

this was one party where the mom had an early preps. i just love these mommies, who are so much addicted and excited with their kid's parties, just like me, hehe.
we provided almost everything, the host (Bobi), the balloons, banners, food carts, etc. so we stayed there the whole party.
it was one successful event, everybody was happy, including the bday boy.

September 23, 3pm - Charly's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, Edsa; theme is Disney Princesses

hubby & i even went to Divioria that early afternoon (after we brought lil boy to hilot, see previous post) to get some stuff. we were in a hurry to get to Kamayan before 3pm because it was raining hard and a little traffic. buti na lang umabot kami.
we needed to set-up kasi our new set of Princesses standees.

and we were also the official party photographers. =)

September 29, 230pm - Lance's 1st Birthday
St. Ignatius Clubhouse; theme is Sesame Street

we set-up as early as 9am for this party. we just had pillars & table centerpieces for the balloons. then my team went there na lang before 3pm for the hosting (Bobi), food carts and the bubble show, which unfortunately, didn't turn out well daw. kaya i'm still coordianting with my supplier. hay, eto ang hirap ng may 3rd party supplier. kapalpakan nila, damay pati pangalan ko syempre. but i'm definitely taking the blame, kasi sa akin kinuha yun eh. kaya i'm doing all the necessary things para maayos lahat. will get back to you Toni! =)

September 29, 4pm - Sophia's 1st Birthday
Philamlife Clubhouse, Las Pinas; theme is Under the Sea w/ Ariel & Nemo

eto na yata ang pinaka-masikip na byaheng nagawa namin, hehe. imagine, ang laman ng van were: kami ni hubby sa harap (na halos di na kami makagalaw dahil puno na din ng gamit), 2 food carts, all things & gadgets for the carts, big compressor, all our party balloon thingies, 30 flying balloons, complete accessories (laptop, printer, etc) for the picture magnet booth, complete gadgets for bubble show and 6 assistants sa likod. uminit na ang pwet nung 2, kasi sa may tapat na ng makina nakaupo, haha. and it ws a looong ride because of the rain and heavy traffic.
hay, i guess we really need a bigger delivery van. yoohoo! =)

we arrived at Jollibee Las Pinas by 12noon, we just bought some food and ate lunch at the venue. medyo madaming gagawin because the client provided us with a LOT of super shaped mylar balloons. not to mention the ceiling drapes to give the 'waves' effect.
thanked God wwe finished everything just in time. and the outcome was so beautiful. there were even some people doing occular of the place na humingi ng calling cards ko eh. at meron pang iba na may kasamang party organizer pa, ayun, pinicturan nila ang mga centerpieces ko at lahat nung decors ko dun, ang daya! hehe.
naaliw pa ako kasi may isa pa dun sa kabilang party yata sya, flower arranger naman, nagtatanong kung pwede ko daw sya turuan (for a fee) ng mga balloon decors, kasi ang ganda daw ng mga gawa ko, naks! =)

please check some pics here:



the table centerpieces

the illusions of Wanlu

the successful bubble show
fyi, same supplier of bubble show, but this was indeed successful. i guess wala lang sa mood yung na-assign sa kabilang party, kainis!

the picture magnet lay-out

please check all pics at this link.

yey, updated na ulit ako sa party blog ko, yung personal na lang...
it's already 3am, time to sleep.
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Friday, October 05, 2007
Primary Complex
last Wednesday, i took a half day leave from work because it was lil boy’s sched PC skin test with his pedia. results will be after 48 hours.

and the 48 hours is TODAY!

since i can’t take a leave again, my parents brought lil boy to the pedia.

lunchtime, while we were waiting for our food ni hubby sa Glorietta, i called my Dad to ask the results.

and sadly, it was indeed PC!!!
and another bad news, his weight dropped to 9.something na lang daw, from his ‘underweight’ weight of 10 kilos! imagine, at 2.6yo! =(

though sabi daw ng pedia, nothing serious naman kasi he’s still active and all. and yun nga, it’s common naman daw to babies and kids. just need around 6 months medication, he’ll be okay!

pero syempre, sa akin, hindi ok yun!
naluha talaga ako, buti na lang kasama ko si hubby to comfort me.

i feel so guilty, feeling ko napabayaan ko yung anak ko. ewan ko ba!
masakit sa akin kasi i know i’m doing everything that i can naman to protect him, all the sacrifices. hey, i even breastfed him exclusively for 1.5 years para lang maging super healthy sya. and i’m still breastfeeding until now. feeling ko, those sacrifices are non-sense kasi nagkasakit pa din sya. =(

i feel so bad, sad, guilty, depressed, lahat na yata! feeling ko talaga di ko na masyado natututukan yung anak ko, dahil sa work on weekdays and business on weekends. though i know naman na di sya napapabayaan ng parents ko, pero iba pa din yung feeling ko eh.

i guess i really have to make a firm decision now on my career and family life. i need to make the change asap before it’s too late.

please Lord, help me decide! and always be by my lil boy’s side. =)

please pray for him too. thanks!
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
things to blog
as per checking on my blog, super delayed na ako sa postings ko. super busy lang kasi talaga!

so i have to make notes muna of the things i need to blog and need to do para di ko malimutan.

aug 3 - went out with Bunag and Pasamic families in Metrowalk.
aug 19-20 - went to Tagaytay with hubby, lil boy and my 2 best friends, ninang jing & ninong bodj.
sep 7 - hubby's new job (again!)
sep 11 - my bday at manila pen and kamayan, edsa
sep 17 - yaya diary

on my parties naman,

my NEW on the spot souvenirs, picture magnet and keychain.
sep 16 - quisha's 1st bday at tektite audi
sep 22 - jomo's 7th bday at albergus
sep 22 - nico's 1st bday at max's roces
sep 23 - charly's 1st bday at kamayan, edsa
sep 29 - lance's 1st bday at st. ignatius
sep 29 - sofia's 1st bday at philamlife clubhouse, las pinas

meanwhile, i've updated my webshots pics for some of these parties, you can view them here.

and for my to do list:

- update webshots pics (yanple1) of our photography services.
- make a proposal for Kamayan, Edsa's possible tie-up inquiry.

whew! kelan ko kaya matapos lahat to?
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
shopping galore!
a week ago, hubbby requested if i can atleast leave 1 day on a weekend party-free. para naman daw may time pa din kami sa anak namin. and i guess he missed those family bonding namin, which happened every weekend before.

so his wish was my command. i turned down one party last sunday, 09/30. anyway, it was already a late inquiry so might as well not accept it na lang.

so another request of hubby, greenhills we went! =)

i was hesitant at first kasi feeling ko eh wala naman kaming gagawin at bibilhin dun! WRONG! i was so wrong!

i ended up enjoying the most because i was able to buy pants and 5 blouses! yes, 5! haha! it was mixed emotions actually...happy because shopping galore ako. but sad because i knew i needed to buy those clothes because almost everything in my closet won't fit me anymore! huhuhu! more on sad pala ako kasi that only means na super taba ko na. waaah!

syempre pa, di papatalo si hubby at si lil boy sa pag-shopping noh.

on our way home around 8pm (w/ a box of Krispy Kreme donuts of course, na naka-ubos na ng 2 donuts si lil boy sa van pa lang!), nagco-compute na ako sa mind ko, syempre nga di ba mathematician ako (see my last post! haha!). at sinabi ko kay hubby kung magkano nagastos namin in just 4 hours, grabe, ang laki! owel, jinustify naman ni hubby. minsan na lang daw naman kami mag-shopping noh. yeah right, minsan sa isang linggo. hehe.

and for sure, mapapadalas na now, kasi xmas season na. i just love xmas!!! =)

so there, another happy family bonding moment for us 3. we just missed this!
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