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Thursday, July 31, 2008
The Power of Prayer
Thank you Jacqui for sharing this prayer ...

Prayer for the MV Princess of the Stars fatalities and survivors.

Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have a good life after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going. LET’S P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS).

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Join us in our prayers : Cheryll, Jammy, Karen, Arlene, Maver.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
1st day of assessment
we were already in school 10 mins before 10am.

as we arrived there, Sam was already inside the classroom taking the exam. it was a one-on-one thing so lil boy had to wait for his turn inside the classroom.

while i stayed outside and water-marked my party pics on my laptop while waiting for them.

after around 15 minutes, Sam went out already. she took the exam for about 25-30 minutes i think.

and so, it was my lil boy's turn already.

after around 10 minutes, lil boy went out already with Teacher Layn. finished na daw. haller, di pa nag-iinit ang pwet ko at wala pa akong nagagawa sa mga pics ko, finished na agad!

eh kasi naman daw, di pa sinasabi ni Teacher ang directions, sinasagutan na ni lil boy, pa-bibo talaga ang anak ko! the Teacher was smiling naman while telling me, so feeling ko, ok naman ang assessment nya.

i even told her na i'm excited na for their next lesson, kasi i saw sa book na alphabets na ang next topic nila. told her na i won't have to teach him anymore.
then Teacher told me na he's giving advance lessons na daw to lil boy, he's teaching him sounds of the alphabets already. para soon, he'll learn to read na daw.

nyek, kala ko pa naman eh pahinga na ako sa pagtuturo this time, yun pala, may advance lessons na anak ko. kaya need to teach him sounds as well here at home.

back to the assessment, lil boy got a big sticker.

so he knew what that meant, very good sya. kaya ayun, Robinsons daw kami, buy daw sya '123'. so off we went and bought him another Math booklet.

last 2 subjects this Friday...
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Monday, July 28, 2008
Classes suspended!
i was one happy Mommy when i heard the announcement on late night news that classes were suspended due to typhoon SONA! hehehe.

you see, lil boy wasn't really feeling well that Sunday. he was brought by hubby to manghihilot because he was having cough, colds and fever. and as usual, may pilay nga daw sya. that's why our planned lakwatsa to Bonifacio High Street was cancelled.

so i wasn't really planning to send him to school today because i wanted him to rest and be ready for his assessment come wednesday.

so luckily, no absent record still for lil boy because there were no classes indeed! hep, hep, hooray! =)

kaya eto, 4 days straight ang vacation namin from school. and from time to time, i review lil boy with his lessons. di pa kasi alphabets and numbers ang lessons nila kaya di pa nya ganun ka-master, hehe.

i'm having quite a hard time teaching him with the "similar-different" concept, and also the "excess" thing, yung tipong excess kapag 3 legs ang chicken. eh haller, di pa naman masyado familiar ang 3yo dun noh. anyway, we're getting there. =)

so good luck to us. i'm excited and nervous at the same time.
hay, the stages of motherhood. =)
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Friday, July 25, 2008
1st Unit Individual Assessment
yesterday, Teachher Layn gave us the schedule of lil boy's 1st Assessment.
as expected, kaming mga parents ang kinabahan, hehe.

july 28, monday - regular class
july 29, tuesday - kinder & prep; no classes for nursery
july 30, wednesday - 10 to 11am - Sam & lil boy's sched (Reading & Science)
july 31, thursday - kinder & prep; no classes for nursery
august 1, friday - 10 to 11am - Sam & lil boy's sched (Math & Filipino)

nyay, need to review lil boy. this is it!!!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
lil boy had his 1st assignment last July 9. and boy, i was excited and nervous, hehe.

here is my lil boy doing his assignment on his own, with full energy ha, hehe.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008
a STAR stamped on the hand of a pre-schooler is a sure delight of every Mom. because this indicates (in a way) that your child behaved in school, during the times that you can’t monitor him personally.

during the first 2 weeks of my son’s schooling, there were no traces of a star anywhere, hehe. though i would seldom see his classmates showing their parents their hands with star during dismissal time.

whenever i asked my lil boy, he would just tell me “wa”, “ayaw star!”. then i was worried, and so with my hubby, hehe. he would ask me to ask his teacher why he didn’t have a star. haller, ayoko naman noh. baka feeling nila eh masyado akong “feeling”, hahaha.

until i checked the books of my son. and there i saw a lot of stars!!! hala, may mga nagawa na pala silang activities sa books, di ko man lang alam. BAD! and dun ko nakita na puro ‘Very Good’ ang marks nya sa book activities nya.

and so the following day, i bravely asked the teacher if why he doesn’t have stamps on his hand. it turned out na ayaw pala nya palagay, kasi dirty daw! hay, OC talaga ang anak ko! kaya ayun, sa books na lang nilalagay!

so i explained to my son the importance and the essence of the star on the hand. and feeling ko naman, na-gets naman nya. kasi the following day, ayun, he had 2 stars on his hands na. and he was so proud!
paglabas nya ng room, takbo sya sa akin with a big smile on his face, showing his hands! “mama, stars! punta tayo Robinsons, buy ABC!”. lagot, napasubo tuloy ako, hehe. kaya diretso kaming Rob after, for his treat. =)

and now, it is a daily routine. he doesn’t go home without stars! as in everyday na, either 2 or 3 stars sya lagi. i’m just so proud of him!!! at dahil mamumulubi ako if everyday eh mag-Rob kami, i amended the contract, hehe. weekly thing na lang ang treat nya, mwehehe.

but seriously, i’m one proud Momma! and all i get from the teacher is positive feedback. =)

here are his stars...
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
The Domino Tag
Making the Domino Tag come alive again ;)



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Tagging alpha, cheryl, jammy, melisse, rhea, and toni.
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Wu Chun and Calvin Chen LIVE!
please see full story details and balloon decor pictures of the Entertainment Live episode on my other blog.

add me up and leave a message there. =)

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Monday, July 14, 2008
my new personal blog
i have my own personal blog.
actually, matagal na yun, so busy lang kaya di ko ma-update, hehe. and good luck sa akin kasi 2 blogs na i-update ko. =)

anyway, please add my new blog, appleofyanple.

feel free to leave your comment and URL so i can add you up also.

thanks and see you there. =)
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Entertainment Live
“ENTERTAINMENT LIVE is ABS-CBN’s no.1 Saturday showbiz talk show hosted by
Ms. Toni Gonzaga, Ms.Mariel Rodriguez, Ms.Bianca Gonzales and Mr.Luis Manzano, which airs every Saturday right after Wowowee.”

on July 12, 2008 (Saturday), they will have a Grand Welcome for a very special guest, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit (Taiwanese Boy Band) and also the leading men of Romantic Princess (Taiwan Drama Series). and he’s the leading man yata sa Hana Kimi.

and guess what, i’ll be their special guest too! ay mali, yung mga balloons ko lang pala. hahaha.

yeah, i’ll be decorating the whole stage and dressing room of Wu Chun this Saturday in ABS-CBN.

i’m so excited kasi showbiz ito, hahaha. unfortunately, i won’t be able to watch the actual show because i have a party by that time. waaah!

at ang aking ‘jologs’ na best friend, kulang na lang ay magmakaawa sa akin para lang isama ko sya sa studio, hehe. nuon pa daw nya actually iniisip if paano sya makapanuod ng show ni Wu Chun and to see him personally. ayun, para akong hulog ng langit sa kanya, hahaha. kaya sila na lang ng assistant ko ang mag-stay sa studio to document and take pics of the show.

honestly, i don't know them. i'm not a fan of 'Koreanovelas' na kasi eh. medyo busy na sa gabi kaya no time to watch. though i know most of it are really good.

hay, i just hope i’ll be able to see some artistas sa studio during my early set-up on Sat. hahaha, ang jologs ko talaga! =) kahit si Papa Piolo na lang ulit, hehe.

hope you can catch the show this Saturday, around 3pm. para naman tumaas ang rating.

and paki-abangan na lang sa credits if mabanggit ang
Yan-Ple’s Balloons & Party Needs ha. =)
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Monday, July 07, 2008
ok, ok. i gave in. hehehe.
feeling ko mas madali to, kesa yung sa usual blogging eh. though cheaper ang pay-out dito compared sa paid blogging. pero since i just click and leave the site for 20 seconds (and do my other stuff, hehe), not bad na din for a maximum pay-out of $.80 per click.

you can try it, just need to register and click your way out for some $$$.

to start earning, please click this.
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Saturday, July 05, 2008
High School Musical, The Ice Tour
from July 1-6, there is an ongoing promo for the High School Musical, The Ice Tour in Gateway Activity Center, Level 1, in front of Lacoste.

when you purchase ticket there, you are entitled to a FREE face painting and can join other activities, like basketball shoot-out, etc.

i, Yanple Party Shop, supplied the face painter artist for the event. and what can i say, it was a real hit! most kids, together with their parents wanted a share of painting on their face. and so, they would buy even the General Admission ticket at P150 just to have the face painting, hehe. oh di ba, worth it naman ang booth ko. =)

last Saturday, i wasn’t able to join the MBAP gimmick at Starbucks, The Fort. sorry Mommies, how was it? hope it was fun, as always!

i was all set to meet my Mommy blogger friends, kaya lang, last minute, i got a call from my artist na super daming tao daw sa Gateway. first, because it was a Saturday, then it was UAAP opening, so dinumog daw talaga ng kids and adults yung booth. =)

and i went there to rescue, hehe. actually, i just went there to check on my artist, and the people’s response on the event. i was with my family, and it became an instant lakwatsa day na din for us.

anyway, for those interested to watch, please check their official website. you can also buy tickets there. shows will be on July 11-20 at the Araneta Coliseum.

kanina, there was a basketball show of PBA players. while tom, Sunday, for their finale, it will be the Trumpet’s Show.

so hope you can visit and watch the event.

ang makulit at picture-addict kong anak
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Friday, July 04, 2008
excited for Hongkong...
on my birthday this September, we are heading to Hongkong. after 14 years, i’ll be going back to Hongkong. it’s been so long that’s why i’m super excited. this will also be our first family out of the country escapade. as well as my lil boy’s 1st trip to Disneyland. for sure he’ll have a great time in Disney, seeing Pooh, Mickey and everybody.

with just 2 months to go, i haven’t booked our hotels yet. that’s why i’m currently checking online on the best hotel deals. to those who have been to Hongkong lately, can you please recommend a nice but affordable hotel?

while checking on the net, instead of finding a great deal online for Hongkong hotels, what i’ve found are great United Kingdom UK Hotels and Manchester Hotels. i’m afraid that i can’t fight the temptation of visiting these places, with all the attractions they offer.
United Kingdom

and i’ve also chanced upon one familiar country that i would really love to go back to, Thailand. would love to visit again the different Buddhas there, in all shapes and sizes.

that’s why i was taking time browsing through Thailand Hotels. we stayed at First Hotel when we went to Bangkok years ago. it was an ideal place for me because the shopping center was just right beside the hotel. but of course, for a different experience, i would love to try other Bangkok Hotels.

i’m lucky that i can easily check on all the available hotels online. i remember before, my mom had to rely with our travel agents for the bookings. and we just have to trust their words with the kind of hotels they’re booking for us. atleast now, you can check and book online at your convenience. and what’s more, some online bookings even offer discounts and promos. what a really great deal huh.

so now, time to check some Hongkong hotels and start booking, before it’s too late.
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