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Thursday, August 14, 2008
as i've previously blogged, i treat lil boy to a lunch out and a book or toy when he had a total of 6 stars in a week. so that usually happens on a wednesday, because he often get 2 stars daily.

but last tues when i picked him up, he didn't have stars on his hands, and so i asked. teacher told me that he found a new 'bestfriend', the 3yo Markus. lil boy is the youngest and Markus is the 2nd youngest and one of the 'kulit' in their class.

since they are now the "new pair", lil boy imitates EVERYTHING Markus does. i witnessed this before their class started that morning. Markus would do things like put the clay on his head, stomped his feet, shout, etc. and my lil boy did exactly what Markus did. hay!

and during the whole class, they just stayed lang daw sa Play Area and didn’t participate.

so i asked lil boy and he told me that he played with Markus that’s why he didn’t have star. bad boy daw sya, hehe.

so when we got up the van, ayun, sermon to the max na ako. not because he didn’t have stars, but because he didn’t join his class and listened to his teacher.

i even told him that we won’t be able to go to Robinsons tom (wed) because he only had 2 stars.

and so i hoped he understood.

came wednesday, i was so happy to see him with his 2 stars. so me epek talaga yung sermon ko, hehe.

but this afternoon when i picked him up, no stars again! and he was bugging me to go to Robinsons. we were really planned on going to Rob because i needed to do some errands and i was expecting that he’ll have a total of 6 stars already.

but i stayed firm, forgot about my errands, play deaf on his crying and pleading…and went straight home!

it turned out, Markus and lil boy threw toys, pasaway talaga! as per teacher, ginagaya daw talaga ng anak ko si Markus, hehe.

as we arrived home, another round of sermon while he was crying his heart out.

naisip ko lang, 3yo pa lang anak ko, nabi-BI (bad influence) na, hahaha. i told my Mom nga, napapariwara na yata sya, hehe. and my mom said, nababarkada na sya, delikado na. hahaha.

hay, i guess this is the start!!!
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