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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
as what i've blogged here, here, here and here, my son is super addicted to letters and numbers.

as of now (he just turned 3yo this month), he can count and write (even on a paper with a pencil or pen) 1-100, even backwards. he can recite, write (even backwards) all the 26 letters (big & small). he can even do simple addition now, like 3+4, 5+3, etc., basta kaya pa ng 10 fingers nya, hehe. he can even write and spell simple words like his name, my name, mama, papa, lola, lolo, tita, barney, cat, dog and a lot more.

fyi, he's not even schooling yet ha. i'm so glad (and proud) that these are his addictions, not cars, toys or whatever. though he loves basketball also.

anyway, here are some of his favorite toys, that he plays and plays everyday, paulit-ulit lang.

these were new additions last xmas. suki na kami ng 'vtech'

he had these and 'understand' even before he turned 2yo.

pati books, letters & numbers pa din.

here are the cheapo toys, abc at 123 pa din, hahaha.

these are the usual "ubong" toys, and everytime we visit toy stores, di pwedeng walang bitbit, kaya dapat mga ka-cheap-an lang, hehe.

not included here are the dvds (barney, einstein, sesame, jollibee) na walang kasawa-sawang pinapanuod nya everyday, as in paulit-ulit.

but really, i'm one proud mama!

whenever we go out and he would write and count, people will ALWAYS ask me his age. and they all get surprised na he can do all those at an early age. kesyo yung anak daw nila eh ni hindi pa alam mag-count or mag-write at age 3, etc.

owel, kanya-kanyang stage lang din siguro yun, kanya-kanyang developments. eh ang anak ko nga, di pa din diretso magsalita at 3yo eh. mwehehe. pero ok lang, no worries. atleast we understand each other. =)
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Monday, April 28, 2008
here are my son's pics, ala Mug Shots, hahaha.

my Dad had lil' boy's hair cut/shaved like this. he personally requested that he'll take care of my son's trip to the barber this time because he wanted a particular haircut for his one & only apo.

hay, wala akong nagawa! pag uwe nila, ganito na ang hair ng anak ko...

i didn't like it the first time i saw it. but eventually, cute na din, syempre, anak ko eh, hehe.

asar-talo nga lang sa Tito nya, "Sir, Yes Sir!" daw. hahaha.
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Friday, April 25, 2008
toilet training
last tuesday, april 22, i started toilet training lil boy. yeah, super delayed na kami dito, hehe. this is one of my “to do” task when i resigned from work, kasi naman, di kayang tutukan ng parents ko ang pag-pee at poo ng apo nila. and i know it’s a hard process sa start, and kailangan talaga ng consistency. and one more, i don’t think he’s ready na (until now!), coz he ALWAYS wants to wear his diapers. baby pa daw sya, not yet little boy, kaya diaper and dede (breastfeed) pa daw. hay!

so we finally started na nga…when he woke up, i washed him na and removed his diaper. todo explain ako to tell me BEFORE sya ma-wiwi at ma-pupu. ayun, ayaw nya talaga, he wanted to wear his nappy talaga. so dedma lang ako, i always asked him if wiwi na sya, pero puro NO naman ang sagot. ang tagal! feeling ko he was controlling his pee. until siguro, di na nya kaya, ayun, he told me na wiwi AFTER na, hay! pati pupu, i think he’s been controlling. there were times na he told me, so takbo kami sa CR, pero pagdating dun, he won’t naman, so many times na ganun. pahirapan talaga. =(

it’s been 2 days na ganun (coz we’re out last wed. kaya he had his nappy all day), unsuccessful!
until today, Friday! he made wiwi several times sa shorts nya, ayaw nya talaga sa CR. but then! he called me when he wanted to poo, so takbo ulit kami sa CR. and this time, it was for real, hehe. SUCCESSFUL! he finally made it!

tuwang-tuwa talaga ako! nauna pa ang poo sa pee, haha. i guess much easier kasi na kontrolin ang poo compared sa pee eh, hehe. owel, atleast he had experienced it, and i hope magtuloy-tuloy na. wish ko tom, successful na din kami sa pag-pee. =)

but now, i’m sad na ulit. kasi hindi na talaga sya baby! waaah! he’ll soon be using the toilet on his own, and will soon be independent. then what’s next? ayoko nang isipin, nakakaiyak lang. =)
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Saturday, April 19, 2008
SULIT ang P2,500! =)
Side A concert was so overly worth it!!! i really love you guys, your voices and performance never fade…through the years.

i was at Music Musem at 7pm, waiting for Jing and Jam. nasayang lang yung pinila ko dun because i can’t go in dahil na kay Jam pa yung tickets. so i was just waiting inside the bar, while people were already going inside the actual venue.

medyo palpak pa nga yung sa ticket booth nila eh. kasi while i was waiting, i asked were the restrooms were, eh sa loob pala. so i went inside diretso sa CR, that’s when i realized na di pala ako sinita when i went it kasiiI didn’t give ticket naman eh. i was thinking siguro sa taas may “checkpoint” pa. kasi we just bought the 1k tickets eh, so free seating sa taas. when i was to go back dun sa bar area, gusto pa akong tatakan nung sa ticket booth, yung tipong mark lang na you just went out and just show the tatak when you get in again. hahaha, but i said 'no' na, na-konsyensya naman ako noh, hehe.

when Jing & Jam arrived, we went in na. and i was surprised na wala na palang bantay sa taas. so if i just went up the 1st time i went in, di na din pala ako masisita na wala akong ticket, sayang. hahaha. they were not tight with their security huh. at paglabas namin ni Jam para mag-smoke before the show started, may mga scalpers na naghahanap ng sobrang tickets. sayang talaga, sana nabenta ko pa yung saken para free na yung ticket ko. mwehehe.

anyway, sulit pa din, you’ll know why later…

the show started at 830pm, with Side A and Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. as usual, start pa lang, super ok na. it was so sad lang talaga na di na sila complete, as in yung original, no more Joey Benin and Kelly Badon. pero ok din naman yung dalawang bago, younger but also talented. and ang cool pa ni Leevon! =)

around past 9pm, Piolo came in na!!! wow, super gwapo! AS IN!!! ang problem lang, we were seated sa may taas, right side. eh si Piolo was standing sa left side ng stage. so di talaga namin makita kasi medyo malayo pa din ng konti. eh since hindi naman puno yung sa baba (2,500 & 1,800) and knowing na di ganun ka-tight ang security, niyaya ko silang bumaba, hehehe. so dire-diretso kaming 3 sa baba, dedma lang sa mga bantay sa doors. we went to the aisle nearest Piolo at dun ko talaga nakita kung gaano sya ka-gwapo! as in super up close, as in super gwapo. sabi nga nung isang girl seated beside me, nakakamatay ang kagwapuhan nya. hahaha.

ang shungak lang ni Jing coz she forgot to bring her cam, despite my reminder to her the day before, hay! kaya ayun, nagtiis kami sa 3.2 megapixel camera phone ni Jam, ang corny!

after Piolo’s number, around 3 songs lang sya, he went backstage na. kaya lahat kaming mga girls na nagpunta sa aisle, nagbalikan na. but i didn’t want to go up anymore, so i just occupied the vacant seats sa likod (P1,800), 3 vacant seats yun kaya sakto sa amin. hahaha.

btw, when Jam arrived at the venue and saw that Joel Cruz of Aficionado was 1 of the sponsors, she was texting her cousin who was the assistant of Joel Cruz. so when we were seated at the back already, nakita nya yung cousin nya sitting in front, sa right side. then i saw 3 vacant seats sa mismong harapan na gitna, just beside them. the cameraman was sitting on the 4th chair. so i told Jam to ask her cousin if we can transfer there, tutal middle of the show na naman eh, i don’t think may hahabol pang guests to occupy those seats. fortunately, she texted back “sige, lipat na kayo!”. hala , takbo kaming tatlo sa harapan, sa P2,500 seats! hahaha. as in right in front on the stage, beside the cameraman. kapag nga kinukunan kami ng cameraman, feeling namin pati pores namin kita eh, that’s how close we were. at yung mga paa namin eh nakatapak pa sa stage. i even handed 1 flyer to Ai-ai when she was looking sa mga flyers sa stage eh. hehe, close?! yup, super close kami sa kanila! =)

Ai-ai was really a performer. super funny and bastos talaga sya. hahaha. and i was surprised to hear her sing acapela ha, she has improved a LOT. when i first watched her sa concert sa USA years ago, she was more of a comedienne, but now, she really can sing huh. at gumiling-giling pa talaga sa harap namin, ay, ng cameraman pala. haha.

back to Side A, i was so happy they sang those fast songs i terribly missed, like yung mga Head over Heels, etc. those songs na talagang mapapatayo ka sa upuan mo at sasayaw talaga. kainis pa kasi nga nasa 2,500 kami, pa-sosyal yung mga tao. ayaw tumayo kahit na pinapatayo na ni Joey G. pero kami, dedma, we were dancing the night away. gusto ko nga kausapin yung cameraman kung pwede i-edit yung part namin, kasi super tutok sa amin yung camera eh we were all sweaty, dahil feel na feel ang pagsayaw, hahaha.

and of course, the usual drama na “this is our last song”, lights out and we were shouting “MORE!” as if naman di namin alam na may kasunod pa, hehe.

and so, the “senti” moments began, they sang medley of “Set You Free, Eva Marie, Hold On, Only You, and Forevermore!” grabe, super na-mesmerize ako sa performance level ni Joey, ganun pa din sya kagaling. parang bumalik kaming lahat sa college teener days na nag-reminisce ng aming mga past loves, mwehehe.

it was really sulit, so worth it for 2,500! hahaha. i wanted to watch it again nga the next day eh, si Sam Milby naman instead of Piolo. yeah, i never get tired of Side A and their music. bitin pa ako sa 2.5 hours nila ha, i really wanted more. pero ok na din kasi kinanta naman nila ang Only You eh.

after that, sinundo na si Jam ng hubby nya. while Jing and i ate late dinner sa Pasto. we just ate sandwiches lang kasi sa Music Museum eh, kaya we were both hungry after. we even saw Side A going home, sayang kasi for sure, nakaalis na nun si Piolo. if not,,, =) sad thing lang he’s a BI noh, pero super gwapo pa din kahit ganun sya! =)

overall, it was a really great night. having fun with my 2 girlfriends and watching our fav band of all times. i love you Side A! and Papa P! =)
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Friday, April 18, 2008
Side A!
i'm so excited! we're watching Side A tonight at the Music Museum!!!

i only learned about their 2-day show at Music Museum last weekend. so i immediately asked my friends if they want to watch. but they were not as fanatic as i am, so they don't want to. finally, Jam (highschool barkada) said they are watching ng hubby nya, so i told her to buy tickets for us also ni hubby.

after that, i told hubby and as expected, he wasn't really interested, hehe. iba kasi ang trip nun eh, he's more into the "rock" bands. =(

and yesterday while we were having frap at Starbucks, Jam called me and nakabili na daw tickets si Eric (her hubby) for Friday, if sasama daw ba talaga kami. nyek, all the while, pumayag si hubby kasi i told him na Saturday show kami. so when i called hubby, di daw sya sure if Friday kasi toxic sa office, baka di sya umabot. so pinipilit ko na lang si Jing who was sitting in front of me. finally, napilit na din namin sya ni Jam na sumama. so yun, Eric won't join us na kasi di din daw nya trip yun, sasamahan lang nya dapat si Jam, hehe. eh since Jing and i are watching already, kaming 3 na lang daw. btw, we're all highschool barkadas. but Jing and Bodj are my closest until this time.

so yun, i'm so excited with this girl's night out. and i'm excited to see and hear Side A again. i missed them so much. and of course, Piolo and Ai-ai will be their guests so for sure, riot yun, hehe.

i've been a fan of Side A since my late highscool days, til college days hangang sa early days ng working life ko. i watched then in Araneta, Folk Arts, bars, resto, schools, campus tours at kung san-san pa. i really love their voices, esp Joey and Ernie! but most of all, i LOVE their songsss! i can't really get over with "i won't let you go, you'll always stay inside of me, love will always grow, there will be another YOU!" waaah! "only you" and "time to let go" bring a lot of memories of my past love life, hahaha.

i've last watched Side A at Araneta with hubby and Jing, that was in 2002 pa. hubby was still courting me that time that's why kaya pa nyang tiisin ang Side A nun, hahaha. he even treated us to that concert. whoa, that was 6 years ago,,,

i can't wait to see them! i'm so excited...
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Thursday, April 17, 2008
day (off) out!
i can't considered it my weekly day-off pala coz i took my son with me, wala kasing mag-alaga so i had to. may party din ang parents ko kaya bitbit ko si lil boy sa aking "day-off"!

we left kanina at 1130 am, went to banks to pay bills, then went to Shangrila Mall to meet his Ninang Jing. ate lunch at Secret Recipe, rode the carousel (as usual) and went shopping after. pampalipas-oras, we ordered Frap at Starbucks, hoping that i can let lil boy take his nap. but nah, he was all active while we both finished the Choco Cream Chip, as if he can sleep with that drink. haha.

by 6pm, we drove to the Edsa Shang Hotel beside for the HEAT Dinner Buffet that Jing sponsored for us. =) we love you Jing, hahaha! Bodj followed there at 630pm, and hubby arrived by 7pm.

by 830pm, all of us can't talk and stand anymore, we were all soooo full and heavy, hahaha. i think i gained additional 5 pounds just becaus of that, hehe. the lechon was so crunchy, so sinful! as well as all the different viands there. and oh my, the desserts! whoa, you can never eat everything as there were so much! super sugar overdose talaga! i can say that they offer more varieties than the Manila Pen buffet.

it was again one happy HEAVY night for the 4 of us, and lil boy of course. one great night again with my 2 best friends. =)
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