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Friday, September 30, 2005
have you ever experienced a time wherein you just want to shout "stop!" and want everything and everybody to lay motionless?
well, if i'll be given a chance to have one special power, i've long been wishing (since i was a teener) to be able to stop the world and everything in it (except me, of course!) as long and as often as i want. selfish huh. =) i was able to watch something like this in one of the episodes of The Twilight Zone years ago (guess my age? do the math =) and since then, it became my impossible wish.
i've wanted it for sooo many reasons! whenever i'm cramming for an exam, assignment, project or whatever that needs a lil more time, when i'm faced point-blank at a certain situation, when i'm caught off-guard at a conversation, or just as simple as when i need to sleep a few minutes more. =) the latest one was when my bag was snatched at sm makati, just wanted everything to stop so i can look for that b!tch carrying my bag.
last night, this wish came back to my mind...
after 9 hours of office work (and expressing milk on the side), combined with the tremendous traffic, i was home at last. unfortunately, with a matching headache!!! then when i arrived, my mom told me that my baby boy is coughing again (got the virus from hubby =(. so i carried, kissed & hugged my baby boy, who wasn't his usual playful self. after eating dinner, i had to wash the dishes and the bottles of my baby. (fyi, yaya just left, oh my!) i had tons of things to do that night, sterilize the bottles, keep our ironed clotheSSS in the closet, cut baby's nails, etc. i don't know if i would be happy that time that whenever i get home, baby wants me and only me, how sweet, right? but last night, it just ain't right yet. =( since my baby won't get off me, i tried to breastfeed him to sleep. but he wouldn't! maybe because he's coughing that it was so hard for him to fall asleep. i pity my baby, how i wish that time that i was the one sick, i know i can handle headache and cough, just for my baby! i didn't know what to do, i was having a hard time and i was so depressed and i was so sad because i didn't want seeing my baby in pain!!! after moments of wailing & crying, my mom got my baby first so i can continue with the other things to be done. the bottles, the clothes and other stuffs, all of them were a disturbing sight away! but my headache came back with a vengeance! and i'm running out of time, coz it was pretty late!
i just went to our bed, lied down for awhile and wanted to shout "stoppppp"! as in cut out the letters...S-T-O-P! STOP!!!
and oh btw, on top of that, hubby isn't home yet, he was still in a meeting. can you just imagine!
but since there's not much of a choice, still had to stand and get things done!
finally, when everything was in order, i got my baby back. since he still didn't want to sleep, we were still playing at 11pm. yah, you've read it right! 11pm was still playtime. but it was as if my baby can feel what i was going through that time. when i asked for a kiss, you know what he did? he held my chin and gave me a peck on my cheek! aaaw, it worked like magic because the headache, tiredness, sadness, depression and exhaustion went off in a blast! =) and it seems that it worked magic too on my baby, because he wasn't wailing anymore, but laughing, as in laughing his heart out. and hey, i caught it on video, hehe.
hay, life is really one roller coaster ride! so you just have to enjoy while you're on it! afterall, this one-hell-of-a-ride is free! =)
posted by apple @ 9:30 AM  
  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger wufei said…

    random blogger

    we all wish for the impossible.....sigh i also wish i could stop time....at least for a cigarette break...lol
    but life and the world goes on ...even with out you.

    by the way
    cute family pic...well wish you good luck with your wish..and keep dreaming..^_^

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