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Friday, December 22, 2006
Uneven 7's Xmas Party
last December 17, 2006, Uneven 7 had its 1st FAMILY Christmas Party in our house. this is our 1st time to celebrate it with the whole family. yearly kasi, it’s just been us 6, but since our “family” is growing, we thought it will be more fun to include them all as well. and we we're right! =)

after my baptismal party in the morning, i set up our place for the party. arranged all the big toys of lil’ boy in the terrace so the kids can play.

pool (w/ balls), motorbike, manual bike, swing, Pooh inflatable, basketball court, rocking horse, slide & Pooh trolley

made some balloons to set the mood.

around 2pm, they started arriving. Karen brought their Magic Sing (as per my request, hehe) so i can practice what i’ve learned from Ms. Kitchie of PDA. with matching massage ng forehead and face, hahaha. ang kaso, naagaw ang trono ko ni Herbs, ang hubby ni Denny. sino ba naman kasi ang nagsabi na isama ang mga asawa noh. next time, tayo-tayo na lang ulit. hahaha!

and here, while hungrily waiting for Pinky =):

and here is our sumptuous feast:

rice, lumpia & drinks c/o me; cake & hotdog c/o Ann; pancit malabon c/o Che, bbq c/o Karen, chicken c/o Denny & ice cream c/o Pinky

Uneven 7, missing you Rhona…

Karen, Deny, Pinky, Che, Ann and me

with our kids & “Yayas” this time =)

from left: Bernard & Bea (ni Karen), Herbs & Harley (ni Denny), Lyssa (ni Che, missing Daddy Willy), Marchen & Alen (ni Ann) and hubby & lil' boy

and now, it’s eating time:

good thing Rhona (from USA) called, we were all able to talk to her. we definitely missed her and can't wait next xmas for the "complete" family party, finally! =)

after eating, it’s gift-giving time, our favorite! =)

the kids enjoyed because they all received gifts from everybody. and of course, we also had our own gifts as well, so everbody happy talaga. i just love Christmas season! =)

to all of you guys, thanks so much for the riot and fun, as usual!

Merry Christmas & a Peaceful New Year.

see you all next year…
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
my "." is back!!! =(
after 2.5 YEARS, i finally had it back, not that i missed it!
my LMP was 06/19/04, and i had it yesterday, 12/19/06. i was one of the lucky few to have rested that long. since i stopped pumping breastmilk already weeks ago, guess this is the consequence, hehe.
it's been so long that i almost forgot how was it, hehe. and i was surprised to find out in the grocery that my pad and the packaging has totally changed. i even asked the assistant if they had my brand, only to find out it was right in front of me. haha. the blue packaging is now violet. and the pad is smaller, and cuter. boy, looks like i had it in ages! =)
sadly, now i have to monitor it again monthly. honestly, i hate it!
but i definitely need it to plan my next baby next year...yipeee! =)
uh-oh, time flies so fast...
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
baptismal party
Eileen, a co-n@wie, inquired before for his 1st born’s baptismal on dec 17 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Makati. being familiar with the place (decorated a Barney party here months ago) and because she’s a n@wie(!) made me accept her party, kahit na less priority lang nya ang balloon décor (read as: “limited budget” =). with her given budget, i provided her with 10 table centerpieces with 14” mylar and 2 pillars with 18” mylar.

we were at the venue around 9am for the 11am baptismal. her mom was there and facilitated the decors. like Eileen, her mom (whole family actually) was so OC and very particular with every detail. good thing she liked my balloons, less pressure on that, huh!
after the set-up and some final “re-touches”, we had to go home around 1030am. her mom was all-ok with the set-up and her SIL gave the payment already. sayang lang kasi i wasn’t able to meet Eileen because we still had a xmas party in our house by 2pm.
to be honest, i was quite nervous on our way home. 1st time kasi na hindi kami nagkita ng client on the actual event, so i’m clueless if she’s satisfied or what. not that i'm not confident with our output, it's just that i wanted to see the smile of satisfaction from my clients, like in my previous events. though she mentioned naman na i can just get the payment with her SIL kasi nga baka late na sila dumating sa venue. pero syempre, wala pa ding assurance sa akin na nagustuhan nya yung décor ko. not to mention nga na OC sya, kaya double pressure talaga!

i love to have clients who are OC like me. because it’s really a challenge for me knowing that they are in every eye of the detail. and it helps me conceptualize more because i exactly know what they want. and in some cases, it’s easier because i don’t need to do extra research anymore, everything has been supplied already. on the other hand, more pressure is involved. you need to check on the littlest details because for sure, they’ll have an “eye” on it. =) and because they’ve researched, they have more info and knowledge about your product, sometimes nga, more than my knowledge pa eh. o di ba, pressure talaga yun. and most of all, i don’t exactly know their “taste”! what is beautiful and elegant for me may not be the case for them. so the challenge goes on and on…

anyway, back to the party, i was just happy with what Eileen texted me after:
1st - “Tnx so much 4 d nice setup! I really lyk it! =) sayang, i wasn’t able 2 mit u in person. =)
2nd - “Ok ang baptismal reception. Tnx again 4 d nice setup n 4 working around my budget. =) halos naubusan na kami ng centerpc! =)

hay, nakahinga ako ng maluwag, hehe.

congrats again Eileen for your successful party. i was expecting it to be successful because you had it ALL organized.
thanks again and until next time. =)
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Monday, December 18, 2006
salamat ninong, salamat ninong...
12/16/06 – went to lil’ boy’s pedia in the morning for his vaccines.

since we wanted to buy the Jollibee vcd, we just had our lunch at Jollibee, Libis. and bought the vcd and this radio for lil’ boy. naaliw kami kasi kumakanta ng “humahagikhik, humahalakhak…”, eh lil’ boy loves this song, and just adores Jollibee, period! at pwede pang mag-record sa radio, hehe.

then went to All Flip Flops in Bonifacio High Street again to buy lil' boy’s flip flops. his Ninong JayC asked us what his inaanak wants, so since we’re supposed to buy him Havaianas, yun na lang pinabili namin. eh di naligtas pa ang budget ko, hehe. but since no more stocks ng pang-baby sa Glorietta and it’s selling like hotcakes daw, we had to go to Fort pa. at pagdating dun, ito na lang ang may size na available for lil’ boy, wala ng blue, sayang. but anyway, salamat Ninong JayC!

then of course, we went to Krispy Kreme (KK) and bought dozens of doughnuts. good thing at may free taste pa din sila until now. lil’ boy liked it already.

after, we went to Robinson’s Metro East. may mall show kasi dun ang kanyang Ninong Lance Raymundo kaya we decided to pass by. ang kaso, super daming tao dahil Sale. the show started around 530pm na. we just gave him KK and watched his show. after his show, konting chika, then left already. he gave lil’ boy cash gift and may gift to follow pa daw siyang ipapadala sa driver nya. salamat Ninong Lance!

Ninong Eric, the balik-bayan best friend of hubby, went to Robinson’s also with his wife Faye. we also gave them KK and chika ever. pero wala pang xmas gift si lil’ boy, kasi malamang sa xmas party na lang namin, assuming hehe. but he already received a shirt/short set as pasalubong from UK. still, salamat Ninong Eric!

and last friday, 12/22, while i was in glorietta during lunch break doing some xmas shopping, Bodj (my other bestfriend) called me. he just arrived from Malaysia-Singapore (work related trip) and nasa gym at that moment. so we’ve decided to meet in glorietta and had lunch, THEN merienda, hehe. he’s also asking me what gift nya kay lil’ boy, maghanap na lang daw ako. wow, i just love these ninongs, giving my son (a.k.a. “me”) freedom to choose! =) so nung nasa Toys R Us kami, lil’ boy played the drums na naka-display dun. and my hubby, being the drummer/vocalist (in his band) himself, taught lil’ boy how to play the drums. at eto na, when we’re supposed to leave, nagwala na si lil’ boy, ayaw nang iwanan ang drum set! and soon, i was calling Ninong Bodj to tell him what gift lil’ boy wants, hehe. so i was given the go signal to buy. =) kaya salamat Ninong Bodj!

i’m glad to have chosen the right Ninongs, hehe. =)
Merry Christmas Ninongs!
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Thursday, December 14, 2006
CPG Xmas Party
our department’s xmas party was held last monday, dec 11 at the roof deck of One McKinley Place in Fort Bonifacio. theme is “adult’s kiddie party”.
i went there early because i was in charged of the balloon decoration (opkors! =).

sunday night pa lang eh nagdadasal na kaming lahat na tumigil na ang ulan, open area kasi kaya problema talaga si “Reming”.
buti na lang pagdating ng monday afternoon, wala na ang bagyo at ulan.
pero naman, super duper as in lakas ng hangin!!!

we had a hard time setting up the place. lahat na yata ng tali eh ginawa na namin para lang di matumba ang mga balloons ko. it was really a challenge. gusto ko nga halos sukuan eh, pero hindi pwede kasi bayad na eh, hehe.

this was the entrance “arch”:

it was supposed to be an arch, with the flying balloons as arch. ang kaso, pagtali ko sa flying balloons, ayun, isa-isang nilipad ng hangin kahit na super tali na kami. no wonder kasi pati nga yung mga tents na bakal na nilagay namin eh halos tumumba dahil sa hangin, yun pa kayang mga tali ko. ang dami ding nagputukang balloons, kainis!

super hirap din ng set-up namin ng balloon xmas tree sa gazebo, lahat na yata ng tali at tape ay nalagay na namin, pero lagi pa ding tinatangay.

madami pa dapat ibang décor, but since pumutok na yung iba, eh ganito na lang ang mga natira:

the party started at 6pm. our group came in Dalmatian costumes, kaya aliw sila sa amin:

nandun na din ang ice cream cart ko na binalik-balikan at sinimot ng officemates ko, sarap ng Rocky Road flavor eh. =)
also, they got my Glimmer Tattoo, na minodel ko pa, haha.

and of course, the highlight of our party, Wizzo the magician!
everybody adores him, sobrang mangha sila sa mga magic tricks. i also got his illusion package kaya everybody was in awe, it was "Simply Amazing"! =)
i personally like the flying table:

and the magic card:

ang galing kasi umangat talaga yung card from the paper drawing and it was the right card na tinago ng officemate ko, hehe.

then the 1st illusion,
his hands were locked and placed inside a locked box:

then his assistant went on top of the box and after a little abracadabra…

voila! Wizzo was on top of the box while his assistant was inside the box! it could have been magic! hehe.

the 2nd illusion,
his assistant was placed inside the standing box:

then a knife was passed through her hip area…

tyadan! nahati na ang assistant! with her hands and feet moving on 2 separate boxes. magic! =)

everybody had FUN, super nabilib at naaliw sila kay Wizzo. lahat nag-isip bata…pero kahit isip matanda ka, di mo pa din maiisip kung paano yun ginawa, hehe.

after eating, the games and the raffle (which i didn’t win), it was bye-bye time na at 11pm.

despite the challenges on the décor, i was still happy because i got a lot of nice comments on the balloons. hope a lot of clients to follow. =)
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
no more pumping…
yes, no more pumping for me! =(
since the last 2 weeks i’ve been trying to pump and establish back my milk supply (see related post here), i was only pumping less than an ounce, to my dismay.
truly...to hell with MINI STOP!
so i finally decided to stop pumping, since it didn’t get any better for 2 weeks or so. anyway, as per experienced, lil’ boy didn’t consume that much pumped milk during daytime before. so i was thinking that he’s not missing a lot on my milk, since he still directly feeds from me at night (until morning) and during weekends.
but i’ll still try to give him the Nido 1+ formula, hoping he’ll like the sweet taste of it.
it’s really depressing but can’t do anything about it anymore. God knows how much i’ve tried but to no avail. hope the nightly milk feeding and lots and lots of solid intake will be enough to make him stay healthy!
so help me God.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
shopping weekend!
12/9, sat – as promised to myself, we went back to Serendra. hubby bought me the havaianas i saw in All Flip Flops in Bonifacio High St. (in front of Serendra). i got the Christmas Limited Edition with pouch and the cutie keychain:

hubby said xmas gift na daw nya sa akin yun, to which i responded: “MORE! MORE! MORE!”, hehe. at eto pa, may nagustuhan din syang 2007 collection, so he was asking me na gift ko na lang din daw sa kanya yun. isabay ko na lang daw pag binili ko na ng bagong havaianas si lil’ boy next week. eh haller, nabigay ko na kaya yung Nike shoes nya noh, biglang hirit sya na gift na lang daw ni lil’ boy sa kanya yung havaianas. eh sa akin kaya, anong gift ni lil’ boy? =)
nag-ikot-ikot lang kami sa Serendra, wala kasi kaming makainan eh. masyadong mga sosyal, di namin kilala yung ibang resto, haha.
we’re supposed to have lunch at Tomas Morato, we need to go din kasi to my balloon supplier eh. but since maaga pa and being the shopaholic that we are, we stopped by Greenhills first. ate lunch at Gerry’s and shopped after. so happy because i was able to buy blouse and shoes. while lil’ boy had 2 shirts. and syempre, di papatalo si hubby, he bought polo shirt and t-shirt. sarap talaga pag pasko eh, an excuse to shop our heart out! =)
after that, bought balloons and other party items.
and then, hubby brought me to this US Depot and i was just so happy! i was able to buy this Little Tikes for lil’ boy at a discounted price! so, so, so HAPPY! =) sayang lang kasi it’s not available in blue color, eh lahat ng big toys ni lil’ boy ay puro blue eh. meron pa ngang gusto bilhin si hubby na parang playhouse na may swing eh. eh naku sa sobrang laki nun, baka palipatin na kami ng mama ko sa bahay namin sa Cainta dahil wala ng mapaglagyan ng mga gamit ni lil’ boy, hehe.

then at 6pm, we’re on our way to Parang, Marikina. it’s MIL’s bday on 12/11 and we planned to celebrate it in a nearby resto. ang kaso, super duper heavy ng traffic sa Marcos Hiway! tinamad na sila ng kahihintay sa amin, kaya they decided na huwag nang tumuloy. so we just bought some take-out food at sa bahay na lang namin kinain. imagine, we arrived at their place around 8pm na. 2 hours na travel eh ang lapit lang naman nun. grabe!
after watching PDA eh umuwi na din kami. waaah, dapat si Panky ang natanggal eh, hehe! =)

12/10, sun – my salon day! =) 10am pa lang eh nasa salon na ako for my extenso. knowing that this will be a looong treatment, i made sure na pag-open pa lang eh nandun na ako. and truly, natapos ako around 4pm na. that’s freakin’ 6 hours! buti na lang happy ako kapag nasa salon kasi super pampered eh. 2 consecutive weekends na ako dito ah, hehe. =)
then went home and ate merienda. di na namin sinama si lil’ boy sa pagsimba, medyo may ubo kasi, eh umuulan pa naman. we just heard mass sa Sta. Lucia, naglakad nga lang kami ni hubby eh. so sweet kasi “hhww” kami habang naka-payong, hehe. since early kami dun, shopping ulit! i was able to buy additional 3 blouses!!! and hubby bought denim jeans! oh, we just so love December!
pero super bilis lang talaga ng pera noh. kung gaano kahirap kitain, ganun naman kabilis ubusin. hay! owel, atleast we’re happy! =)

that’s all for our weekend! a shopping-filled happy weekend! =)
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Saturday, December 09, 2006
Krispy Kreme
since i brought the car last night to bring home the goodies, i thought of passing by The Fort.
i parked at Serendra, yun pala, ang layo pa ng Krispy Kreme from there! so nilakad ko na lang, then it started to drizzle, hay! pagdating ko sa KK, as expected, ang pila ay hanggang sa labas ng store. though mabilis lang naman kaya tyinaga ko na. when we got inside the store, they gave each one of us a free Original Glazed doughnut. super lambot nya and yummy talaga. better than Go Nuts i would say. i just bought half dozen because we're not really donut-addict, just want to have a taste of it! =)

ang ganda ng ambiance dun, parang Greenbelt ang dating. though konti pa lang ang shops na open. i went to Crocs shop and All Flip Flops na magkatabi. i just love the 2007 collection of Havaianas, and i like a LOT of designs, hehe, can't choose yet what to buy.

pagdating sa house, lil' boy didn't like KK, niluwa ba naman! parang mas gusto pa nya yung mga donuts na puro asukal na nabibili sa neighborhood bakery, hehe. while hubby said it's too sweet for his taste, though yummy naman daw. for me, it's just ok, i would probably ask for a 2nd serving, eh paano naman, sa sobrang lambot eh hindi sya nakakabusog noh, hehe. but i'll definitely go back that long line again. =)
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dahil SM*RT tayo! =)
thanks to my company, it really feels like christmas now...

our yearly gifts (in kind) have been distributed yesterday.

medyo naubusan yata kami ng budget kasi hindi na Purefoods ang ham eh, hehe.

pero ok lang, kasi nadagdagan naman ng ilang items sa groceries eh. =)

thanks SM*RT for the gifts "in kind"...sana madami pang "in cash" na susunod sa xmas party, hehe.
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Friday, December 08, 2006
calendar souvenirs
2 days na kaming puyat ni hubby dahil sa mga calendars na ito. the other night was cutting out, while last night was the packaging with the sticker.

Incredibles Theme for the 1st Birthday of Choo-Choo!

this makes a nice souvenir especially if the bithday falls on December or January, because a calendar is a usual thing on these months. though we can also customize a calendar beginning and ending on whatever month you prefer, like what we did with my lil' boy's calendar souvenir:

just ask me if you're interested. you can either choose a cassette or cd case. lay-out included according to your theme. this makes a perfect and memorable gift also...for a very reasonable price. =)
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
3-day weekend; St. Jame's Bazaar
12/1, friday – my parents went to our house in Tagaytay. sinasama nga kami para daw makapag-pahinga eh, kaya lang madami kaming lakad. actually, si lil’ boy lang naman talaga gusto nilang isama, hehe. i went to the salon after lunch to have my haircut, manicure, pedicure and foot spa. so relaxing! i’m scheduled for another Extenso next week, hope i’ll find the money and time, because it’s gonna be a freakin’ whole day again!
after that, hinatid ko si hubby & lil’ boy sa parents nya sa Parang, Marikina. while ako naman ay nagpunta sa Greenland for Karen’s (college barkada) 30th bday party. we all had fun, kahit konti lang kaming nakapunta. happy kasi may Magic Sing sya kaya sing to death kami, ay ako lang pala, haha! kainan, kantahan at kwentuhan lang kami. we also planned for our Family Christmas Party which will be held on Dec 17 at our place. hay, siguradong riot ito kasi kasama ang kids eh. =)
we left early din, mga nanay na kasi eh kaya maaga na mag uwian. i went back to Parang para sunduin ang mag-ama ko. stayed there for awhile, konting chika lang, then went back home na. hubby wanted to go to Riverbanks pa kaya lang i was already tired eh. early pa ako for the Saturday Sale. =)

12/2, saturday – my bestfriend (Jing) and i wanted to visit the St. James Bazaar because i heard good feedbacks about it. hubby was supposed to go with us, kaya lang tinamad eh (himala nga kasi super sipag iyon kapag shopping time eh. maybe he knew na walang Nike dun, haha). eto pa, dinangkal ko yung shoulders ni lil’ boy para malaman ko yung shirt size nya. aba, ang asawa ko, tumalikod din at dangkalin ko din daw likod nya. at di lang yun, pagkatapos ng likod, eh nilapit ba naman ang paa, dangkalin ko din daw! haha! haller, wala ngang Nike shoes dun noh, sobrang adik talaga!
i fetched Jing sa Cubao and were heading SLEX around 11am. sa sobrang kwentuhan namin, we passed the Filinvest exit, haha! so pasok kami Susana Heights at nag-u-turn ulit palabas ng SLEX, sayang ang toll, hehe.
we first had lunch at Gloria Maris, closed pa yata yung Banana Leaf dun sa ATC eh. then headed to the bazaar na, ang layo pa pala nun from the entrance. eh paano naman, super laki ng village nila noh, kalalaki kasi ng mga bahay eh.
the parking was terrible, that early eh super layo na ng inabot ng parking. buti na lang at nakatyempo kami ng pauwe na kaya medyo malapit lang kami sa venue.
St. James the Great Bazaar wasn’t that great for me! =( most of the original RLs were for little girls. as in 1 shirt lang ang nabili ko for lil’ boy, 1 for hubby and nothing for me. i just bought some small gift items for officemates. that’s it, not what i expected! =( it wasn’t worth the long travel, the traffic and the toll. but we still enjoyed it anyway, lakwatsa time pa rin yun for me. and without hubby and lil’ boy bugging me, hehe.
after dropping off Jing sa Cubao and a quick merienda, headed home na. sinundo ko lang si hubby and lil’ boy and punta na kaming Sta. Lucia to hear the 6pm anticipated mass. after that, we tried the newly-opened resto, Chef Islaw. aliw kami dito because the food was great and not that expensive. and what’s more, may mga kumakanta, haha. aliw na aliw si lil’ boy, sumasayaw pa habang kumakanta at nag-gigitara sila. kaya lang, puro mga oldies lang ang alam nila eh, tipong mga “Leader of the Band”, request ko yan, hahaha!
after dinner, as usual, visited Nike Park. i went straight to the kid’s shoes and saw a new model of Nike Free. masyadong malakas ang temtasyon kaya di napigilan ng asawa kong bilhin, hehe. i also liked it actually kasi terno sa polo nya for Christmas eh, the one i blogged before. and kung nakapag-control pa ako before sa black Nike Free, well, not this time!

12/3, sunday – just spent the whole day home! sarap kasi pahinga talaga. we enjoyed the moment with lil’ boy. at eto sya while making pa-cute ‘beatiful eyes’ while coloring:
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