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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
it’s my last day!
tomorrow will be my last day in Smart!
after 6 years, 1 month and 14 days of working in my most-loved company!

i’ll surely miss Smart! a lot of things had happened here and i can truly say that i owe a LOT to them.
on a personal note, i had my boyfriend, got married and gave birth while i was here. so it really carries a lot of memories to be treasured forever.

mixed emotions, really! i’m happy because i know i’ve been waiting for this day to come…and this is what i really wanted. but of course, working here has been a part of me already. so thinking that it’ll be my last makes me really sad also.

yesterday, as i was filling-up the Exit Interview Form, i really felt sad upon reading this at the bottom of the form: “Thank you for having been part of the SMART family!”

waaah, starting Feb 1, i’m officially not a ‘kapamilya’ of Smart anymore! =(

for 6 years, i take pride in being an employee of Smart. and i’m always proud to tell everybody (when asked) that i worked for Smart.

but soon... i'm a WAHM! a happy WAHM! hehe. =)

seriously, for me, Smart is my BEST company!

i’ll surely miss you! sniff! sniff! =(
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Monday, January 28, 2008
3rd birthday
and on to my last post, we finally started with the 1st step on our lil' boy's bday preps.

last saturday, 01/26, since we're not busy with parties, hubby and i (w/ lil boy)finally went to our neighborhood sewer. and there we had our 'uniforms' ordered. i needed to have my measurements taken even if i don't want to, because i'm still hoping that i'll be losing weight before the big day. haha, wish!!!

anyway, during the whole process, 1 tragic accident ALMOST happened!!!

as in almost! and i really thanked GOD and all the angels around for not making it happen! i don't want to go into details because i really want to forget it now. but i guess, i need to have a session with a psychologist for me to get over this trauma! yes, it was that TRAGIC!!! =(

anyway, this post is about the start of the bday preps. so i need to get over that incident and get on the excitement instead.

here we go again!!! i love to welcome the challenges again for new party ideas and decors for my son. good luck to me! =)
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Sunday, January 27, 2008
time of the year!
yes, it's the time of the year again...
nope, i'm not talking about christmas. it's all about lil boy's (and his mar-apr batchmates) birthday.

january is the time of the year where i really start the hard-core preps for my son's yearly bday. and it's january once again! and as usual, all my batchmate moms are into planning mood once more.

a lot are already asking for my advises and help in their party planning. and of course, i'm always happy and eager to help! =)

so c'mon moms, let's get the party fever on once more! =)
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