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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Hongkong, here we come…
thanked God there’s no more typhoon!!!
i was thinking that since the typhoon is going towards North, kasabay pa namin syang pupunta ng Hongkong. waaah.

and my lil boy was like this...“rain, rain. wala na Hongkong. wawa tayo!” =(

as per checking Hongkong's 7-Day Weather Forecast, i think i need to change our itinerary because i was planning to visit Ocean Park on Thursday and Disneyland on Friday, to avoid the weekend crowd. but it seems like it’s better to join the crowd on a sunny day than not enjoy Disney at all because of the rain.

Hongkong was a long-time plan already. i purchased the tickets as early as March!
it’s my birthday tomorrow so i really wanted to celebrate it there.

actually, i’ve been planning on visiting HK again since Disneyland opened years ago. since i enjoyed LA Disneyland before so much, i was really looking forward to meet Mickey again. but everybody was holding me back to wait until lil boy can enjoy Disney already. and so i waited, waited and waited.

and now that he’s 3yo, i think everybody will agree that this is the best time for him to meet Mickey and Pooh in person.

this will be my 2nd time in Hongkong and i’m still excited because my last visit was years ago. i didn’t even have my own pocket money then. so i’m pretty excited now on the shopping part, as well as hubby. yeah, we’re both shopaholics! this will also be our family’s 1st time to go out of the country, we were just touring Philippines for the past 4 years eh.

everybody is excited. so i’m hoping it will be a nice, happy vacation for all of us.

partying while on vacation? please read here.
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Friday, September 05, 2008
SM Marikina - NOW OPEN!

i'm so happy and excited!!!
SM Marikina opens TODAY, Sept 5.

atleast, may bago na kaming pupuntahan ng anak ko whenever we buy his rewards sa school, i'm so tired of Sta. Lucia and Robinsons Metro East already eh.
i just hope there's a big Toy Kingdom there.

we'll be going there later, after Lil Boy's school, told you we're all excited eh, hehe.

love it, thanks Henry Sy!!! =)
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