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Friday, February 29, 2008
it's 4am!
yeah, and i'm still awake!!!
it's only now that i'm blogging because i spent most of my evening blog hopping!!! and yeah, it ate a LOT of my time just to know the latest about my blogger friends. and as always, once you start, you just can't stop. hahaha.

so now, i'm trying to finish my job, just 2 to go and i'm out of here.

waaah, so tired, just had a fun gimik awhile ago, will blog later.

can't think anymore, pretty obvious in my last post? hahaha.
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call center problems
since i was blogging how famous call center job is in our country, i suddenly remembered one 'tragedy' that a friend told me.

she has a friend working in a not-so-nice call center company. and knowing call center agents, most of them wear their headset almost 7 hours a day. and i guess the company didn't provide them personal headset units then, since they were just starting that time. and because it was obviously unhygienic, the friend unfortunately developed ear infection. because of this, her hearing was affected which made her lose her job!

don't you think it's unfair? she got that infection because of her job, then suddenly, she'll just be separated from work because she can't performed her job effectively anymore. and what did she get, just her last pay, no more, no less!

i guess she really has to do something about it. it was unjust and plain inconsiderate. i think she really needs to research more on this so she'll know what legal actions to take. and i better tell her to check on the net about the possible claims she can get from that personal injury. nothing to lose really, because you don't need to pay them when you don’t win the case. thanked god for these companies, ready to help even if they are not always 100% compensated. so she better try it and fight for her right. she deserves to be given something other than her regular pay, don't you agree?

i hope these companies will learn their lesson well and provide a healthy working area to all the employees.


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tagged by a FAB friend abie. Thanks gurl!

i’m passing this award to cheryll, cynch and toni.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008
my boracay boy
i know, i know! i'm so delayed with my posts! i haven't even posted our palawan adventure last november. yeah, that was still last year...so many posts to make!!!

just a teaser for my boracay post soon, here is my cute lil boy wearing cocomangas jersey and his papa's shades.

i really love boracay i swear. i would want to go there every month if the budget permits, hehe. especially now that there's already a Cebu Pac Caticlan flight, that'll be a breeze for sure, no more long drive! will take that one soon.

but i swear, that last trip to boracay was defitely the best!!! it was all FUN, FUN, FUN! and did i say it was fun?! haha. better than our honeymoon before, of course except for one thing, hahaha.

will blog and post pics SOON, promise!
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my credit cards
who can resist credit cards? not me! my 1st credit card was when i was in college, it was an extension from my dad. i used it for my car's gasoline and some shopping, at my dad's expense. when i started working, banks just won't stop sending me pre-approved cards, and i kept on accepting them. haha.

until i realized that i almost maximized all of them. and all my salaries were going straight to banks for payment. so when i finally had that exra money, i paid most of them and just maintained 1 for emergency purposes.

but that was before, now i have a lot again. haha. i really can't resist whenever i received a credit card on my mail. i wonder what's their criteria on giving out pre-approved cards.

but i've read that credit card market has tightened their lending criteria now. blame it on people who don't know how to use it responsively. and i believe that these banks have their own 'blacklist' so they'll know who to approve and not. because it will definitely be their loss once a cardholder doesn't pay.

i had a friend who abandoned her debts because she didn't have money to pay for it anymore. so now, there are legal suits filed against her now. and for sure, she's included in the blacklist. i was telling her to just loan from other banks with lower interest rates so she can pay all her obligations and spare her from legal cases. or she can apply for those homeowner loans available. atleaast you can pay it in installment for a maximum of 30 years. you just really have to budget your money wisely so you can pay everything in order.

credit cards are really tempting, it's just a matter of self-control and being responsible.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
ice cream, anyone?
i'm so happy! i have my "own" ice cream cart now. and it's really nice. haha, love your own.

btw, for anyone who wants to order, it's just P2,000 for 100 servings. and our flavors are really special, like cookies & cream, rocky road, strawberry and the usual flavors. really yummy and creamy i tell you. got a lot of compliments on the taste.

and now, here is my cart:
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casino again
as i've blogged about my casino experience before and how we missed going to casinos, we are now planning to go to a casino in Tagaytay when we stay for a vacation at our house there. i guess that's a better and cheaper alternative to a real casino feel. we have to iron out plans soon as i'm pretty excited about the entire trip. and this time, it'll be with my family and 2 best friends only. so it'll surely be fun!

but for now, i have to content myself in finding the best casino online in the online casino list. i need to satisfy my urge and excitement and play all i want online first. besides, i think i need to practice with all those casino games so i'll be pretty sure to bring home money when i play in real casino. hahaha.

what's great about this is that they have online casino review so you're sure that you can find here
the best online casinos in town.

so go on and play with me. it's fun i tell you.


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beautiful wednesday
it was indeed a happy wednesday. why? because hubby was around. =)

he worked overtime until 5am this morning, so he was off the whole day today. we woke up at around 10am and did the daily routine. at 3pm, we're off to nowhere, hehe. we know we just have to go out and enjoy the day. sayang ang holiday-weekday! =)

we first went to the tailor to check on our 'bday uniforms', just some alterations and it'll be perfect. then went to our aluminum supplier and ordered 4 more food carts. i'm having a lot of food cart orders lately so i need to increase my units. on our way through all these, lil boy kept on saying 'robinsons! robinsons!'.

funny because i was telling hubby how lil boy is really so 'kulit' lately. and now that i'm home 24/7 with him, sometimes, i just really get pissed off, especially when i have tons to do. he just won't really stop bugging me and repeating and repeating (and repeating) words untl i give in. hay, and it's only a month that i'm WAHM, hehe.

so this afternoon, when we were in Robinsons (yeah, we just had to give in!) while eating merienda, buying vitamins and hubby checking shoes at Nike, lil boy was endless in saying "basketball!", "tekken!" and "ABC!". repeating it again and again and again! would you believe he didn't say anything aside from those 3 words! he wanted to play basketball and Tekken at Timezone and buy anything with alphabets at Toys R Us! hay, so hubby witnessed what i was telling him about his 'kulitness'! my goodness! =)

and as expected, we played and bought him the cheapest alphabet book that he got from the rack. just so he would stop! we don't want him to buy anything alphabet anymore because i tell you, he has a LOT! if i'll have time, i'll take pics and blog them all here, hehe.

after that, my dad called me and asked me where we were. because he was parked right beside our van in Robinsons also, hehe. so he invited us for dinner with my mom. so we again ate dinner, just 2 hours after our merienda. haha.

after that, lil boy pooped so told them that we go home already. besides, it's telenobela time na. hahaha.

it was a simple and happy day. i just love when we're complete. simple joy i may say. =)
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proper training
when i was still working in a telecommunications company before, we had a LOT of trainings. the management really allot a big budget for the training courses of all their employees. because they know how important these not only to the people but to the whole company as well.

with proper training, you'll surely get your people on the right track. and this will eventually merit your business. and now that i have my own business, i'm trying to recall all these trainings again, as well as review all collaterals before. and of course, the wonderful world of internet has a lot to offer. as i was searching on the web, i chanced upon a site offering effective sales training. not only that, they have courses like writing proposals and telephone techniques. these 2 things are really beneficial to my party shop business because i mostly communicate through phone only, and i usually close deals through my proposals. so i really need to know the right technique to do it.

with proper training, i'm confident that i'll go a long way ahead.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
our Valentines!
a delayed post...

last Feb 14, hubby woke me up from dreamland and gave me 3 beautiful red roses (as usual!) before he left for office. i just greeted him with a kiss. =)

(un)fortunately, i had a choco fountain service in makati that afternoon. so my assistant and i trooped down ayala ave at 2pm. funny because we rode the service elevator and we were surrounded by FLOWERS all around, for delivery. i left her at the party while i finished 2 client meetings at Starbucks.

the party ended at 630 pm. i called hubby if he can go home already so i can fetch him and maybe have dinner just to celebrate 'valentines' haha. but unfortunately, he still can't leave their office, huhu. so my assistant and just ate at Goldilocks Petron Makati Ave., i'm still hoping that i can wait for hubby to finish his projects in the office. sadly, we left makati without him!

he arrived late already. and that was the only time i was able to give my chocolates for him.

hay, sad valentines, nothing fancy. maybe next year...
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my website
as most of you know, my party shop business has its own website. and i'm really happy i bought one. it surely boosted my sales and got a lot of exposure in the internet world.

for me, all pros-no cons really! and it's cheap huh, you'll never expect that having your own "house" in the e-world is that affordable. but of course, you need to find the best web host because there are a lot around. the best option is to check web hosting choice. they have a lot of best web host to choose from, and they even provide learning area for first timers, so you wouldn't really go wrong.

go get one and let me know your site.


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Pass it to the Front
I was tagged by mich. thanks ha!

Here are the Rules:
* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don't like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the "pass it to the front" the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word "short" for your blogs...
* Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.
* the color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you:1.-Filipina,2.-Darling allen,3.-Abroad,4.-Halfway,5.-life 6.- culture 7.-interracial 8.-pinaystories/ 9./pinaysinglelooking-10./health-11./my life-12/Nicotine 13/WifeyDiaries 14/ Shopaholic 15/Threenitea 16/RandomThoughts 17/Colorful 18/party planning

I'm tagging Abie, Aggie, Alpha, Jane & Peachy
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call centers
call centers are everywhere in our country. i guess almost 50% of newly grads are working in call centers now. but not only newly-grads but some professionals as well. i have a lot of friends who are call center agents, even my brother is. and i know that they are earning big time in this kind of work.

but why is telemarketing really booming now in our country? i guess we Filipinos are effective in communicating, answering queries, closing sales and everything in between. and i know how important these things are in a company.

having worked in a telecommunication company before, i just know how hard it is to sell and satisfy your customer's needs. there are a lot of kinds of customers, and you need to adjust to all of their individual needs. a certain product or strategy that worked for a customer may not work for another customer. that's why it's really necessary to have competent people to handle such concerns.

and since there are a lot of companies now to choose from, you must know which is really the best. a company not only concerned about quantity or the number of closed deals, but the quality of the service as well. because a customer will always go back to the companies with best customer service. and the agents must know when and how to follow-up with clients, talk about lead generation.

so it's really not that easy, as some people may think. it's really a job you really have to train and work hard for, just to satisfy your customers. so hats off to all our agents. =)


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coffee w/ blogging mommies
for the 2nd time (for some), we met again. just for coffee this time.

i was at Starbucks, Bonifacio High Street at exactly 4pm, yeah, i'm not late this time. during the xmas party kasi here, i was late noh, hehe.

there were lots of chikas, from our personal lives to showbiz chika and of course, the most important, the 'blogging' chikas, hehe.

pic courtesy of mich

as usual, it was a fun and 'loud' gimik. and will surely have it again and again. though there were some who didn't make it because unfortunately, their kids were sick. anyway, there'll always be next time.

we're done by 730pm. before going home, i bought Krispy Kreme donuts first as 'ubong' for my 2 boys. then went to All Flip Flops to buy slippers for lil boy, because the one he's using now at home is all worn-out and already small for his size. but super sulit na din kasi his 1st havaianas slippers lasted only for 2 months i think, and he's now only on his 2nd pair for so long already. so i'm buying his 3rd, but unfortunately, no size for the design i want. need to go to other branches soon.

that's it, went home afterwards. it was a fun restful holiday! ay, 'everyday' holiday pala for me, hehe.
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i got approved!
yipee, i'm so happy. i'm finally with PayPerPost. i got their email approval awhile ago and i immediately checked on my opportunities. oh god, there are a LOT, i tell you.

as some of my friends told me, PPP has a lot of available opportunites for bloggers. that's why i really wanted to join even before. the problem was, i didn't have that much time to spare for blogging as i had my hands tied on my family, work and business.

but now that i'm a WAHM (work at home mom), i definitely would visit PPP's site everyday. i love the idea that you can choose topics that you want to blog, not like in other sites where you are assigned certain topics even if sometimes, you really can't relate. atleast with them, you can just get the topics which are personally related to you.

and if still, you aren't convinced, go check their site and see for yourself. and once you've decided to be a member, don't forget to include a disclosure policy on your blog, you can get one at word of mouth ethics.

so to all my friends who are not members yet, c'mon and join me in this happy and 'worthy' world of blogging. i'm sure you too will have lots of fun.


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Monday, February 25, 2008
my 2 boys...
addiction now is hubby's PSP. they have a nightly routine of playing together. and they just look so cute when they do.
here are my 2 boys with their toy:

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
it was in 1996 when i first entered a "real" casino. that was when we went to the USA and visited Las Vegas.
whoa, what a place i tell you. everywhere you look, casinos everywhere.

unfortunately, i was below 21 then so i wasn't allowed to play 'real casino' or any betting game yet. so i just stayed all day all night with slot machines. and sip on free drinks while watching my brothers and parents playing on different games around.

oh i really would love to go back there. and i promise myself that when we go back to US, will definitely visit Vegas again..

but thanked god for technology, i need not wait for that time anymore before i can play slot machines again. they are now available ONLINE!!! yes, need not go that far and spend that much. i can just visit their site at online casino and voila, play all you want.

and since i'm old enough, i can play whatever game i want, haha. but of course, i would always love the good old slot machines like this in the online casino.

and what else is better than earning 'money' while playing. =)


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art subject
yesterday, before we heard anticipated mass, we dropped by the toy section of the mall. and there, he saw a study table with alphabets written on it. as expected, he didn't want to leave and kept telling us to buy the table.

so what can we do, who can say no to this cutie kid. and besides, he can use it on our "home schooling", so before going home, we bought the table and chair.

and for our 1st subject and per his request, he wants to play with paints and colors. he always watch this on Barney dvd that's why he wants to try on his own.
so we bought water color, paint, brush and all so we can start with our Art Class, hehe.

we both enjoyed this activity, so happy i bought it. =)
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8 Random Things About 'lil' boy'
tagged by jane. thanks girl.

1. as i've blogged over and over again, he LOVEs letters and numbers. he can even write the alphabets backwards (Z to A), as well as count 1-100 backwards! as in countdown from 100, haha.

2. he likes "fry chaken" skin and baguio beans a lot. he can eat fried chix every meal. and he eats baguio beans like eating chips, as in "sunod-sunod ang papak". =)

3. he's a green-lover. hopefully not green-minded when he grows up. haha. but green is his all-time favorite color. and he loves wearing his green EK shirt, kahit na so old na the shirt.

4. he can stay up all day watching dvds on his portable dvd player, bad i know. though we're controlling it naman.

5. he also loves taking pictures and videos, moreso when he's the subject. and our nightly routine is to watch ALL his videos on my phone.

6. just like us, his parents, he's addicted to malls, shopping and travelling. every after bath, he likes to dress up and say that he'll go to 'Robinsons'.

7. he loves to kiss and be kissed! and i just love it that way. =)

8. he is still breastfeeding until now. at 2y10m, he still won't stop. at daytime, he always says that he's already a lil' boy. but at night time, he retracts his statement and claims that he's still a baby, so he can breastfeed. hay!

how about your kids, mind sharing 8 things about them?
i'm tagging cheryl, mellisse, mel & jenc.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008
How fast can you type
tagged by joey.

haha, i have to be honest, i tried it twice before getting that score. need to familiarize first with the mechanics.

but then, i'm not really good in typing. and i really don't type with 10 fingers. i just use 6 to 8, haha.
didn't have any typing lessons before so i really wasn't trained. and i'm not fond of typing reports when i was a student, i'd rather volunteer on "sagot ko na ang kwento" haha.

47 words

Speed test

now, i'm tagging karen, abie, alpha, kelly & joy.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008
hand alphabet
as i've blogged here, my lil' boy is one self-confessed Alphabet addict.
and sometimes, i'm getting tired of it all.

he will write and write ABCz even in the middle of the night. and when he plays with me, he'll ask me to write and write it even more again and again...to his heart's content.

so one night, i was so tired to write. so what i did was teach him the hand alphabet. atleast i don't need to exert extra effort for that, hehe.
surprisingly, after a couple of times teaching him, he can now do it all by himself.

this was last january pa, but i've only able to capture it on video yesterday. so busy as usual.

anyway, here he is:

and for a more "porma" look (btw, he loves wearing that at home, haha. unfortunately, he let me wear mine also, same daw kami!):

*kinda 'sablay' lang with letters M & N, because he can't insert his thumb yet, hehe.

he's so smart, really. i'm thinking of putting him to schoool now. though my initial plan was when he turns 4yo.
anyway, still have to assess. =)
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Biggest Heart Award
it's raining awards!
i'm so late in acknowledging all, i know.

thanks Eileen for this! i'm glad we are still in touch. =)

i guess everybody in my list had this already, hehe. told you i'm super late with all these things.
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let's play domino
Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

my scrappy side

i'm tagging karen, em, joey, kitts and toni.
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Monday, February 18, 2008
i got this award from Abie. thank you sis! =)
and mind you, we saw each other personally na, hehe.

oh my, how i wish i can go back to my onceD "sexy" figure, mwehehe!

i'm awarding this to jody, jane, jacqui & apols!

see you...
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Sunday, February 17, 2008
tags and awards
as i've blogged days ago, i'll try to be more active with my posts now!
so i'll start by answering tags and awards i've got recently.

so to all my dear readers, c'mon, tag me now...i'll try my BEST to answer them this time. =)
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
it's a beautiful day!
what’s with FEBRUARY 13?
i guess this is one of my ‘wealthiest’ day, hehe.

i got a LOT of DP to my 2 bank accounts from my clients just this day.

i was out awhile ago for an ocular visit and a client meeting. and text messages just kept on coming that they were able to deposit down payments to my account today.

and guess what? i received a total of P23,500 DP today!

yihee, money, money, money!

i hope it’s like this everyday, hehe.

and they say “13” is a bad number ha? well, definitely NOT for me. =)

anyway, i just blogged to tell everybody that i’m still alive.
and i’m having the grandest of time as a WAHM. enjoying every minute of it with my lil’ boy clinging on my shoulders ALL the time. =)

i’m still on the adjusting stage though. organizing all my files and pics which i kept in my office PC for 6 years. de-cluttering our room and our ‘shop’. still a long process before i can really start my normal life as a WAHM.

but give me 1 more week and i’ll be back…with a vengeance.
i’ll try to blog all my stories since November last year. yeah, that’s how delayed i am with my posts. and i’m hoping to join the ‘hungry wolves’ soon. i hope to find
time though. =)

that’s it for now, will visit all your blogs soon. and will try to answer all the tags and awards…thanks to all of you for remembering…=)
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