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Thursday, March 29, 2007
congrats Miguel! =)
last sat, 03/24, we just stayed home the whole morning and early afternoon. hubby was doing his rackets on his PC while i started to do the things for my simple balloon décor. then around 4pm, we left for Sta. Lucia at naglibot. yun talaga ang past time naming pamilya, ang mag-lakwatsa. =)
then attended anticipated mass with my parents at 6pm. and ate dinner there na din after. went home and rest.

sun, 03/25, as previously blogged, i woke up around 7am to check the pool venue and pay the DP. then went to Purefoods to buy hotdogs for our hotdog cart order that afternoon. back home, i did the 10 simple flower centerpieces and simple cake arch for Myka’s 7th birthday. Myka is the daughter of my college barkada’s Ate.
after eating early lunch, we arrived at the venue past 12nn. it’s also a pool party, so some kids were already swimming. they were asking us to stay so lil’ boy can swim and have fun, but we were sorry we can’t. after setting up the balloons, the ice cream cart, the squid ball cart and hotdog cart, we already left and headed to my ILs.
it’s Miguel’s graduation from Pre-School. yehey, akalain mong grumaduate din, hehe.
being the doting Tito & Tita, we were there to support and congratulate him of course. we were also the official photographers of Migs, hehe.

while lil’ boy with his cousins were playing and running around the whole place. so kulit.

after the event, we just had dinner to celebrate.
then went home after. that’s it for our simple weekend. =)
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
finally, a venue!
JOLLIBEE! that is! hahaha. but i opted not! =)

i didn’t realize that planning for lil’ boy’s 2nd birthday party would be this stressful. to think that we are only planning a ‘simple’ party, not like the one we had when he turned 1 of course.
as i’ve blogged here, we started scouting for the venue last 02/03. and i’ve made my 1st reservation at the 1st venue in Vista Valley last 02/04. but cancelled it and reserved a better venue in Vista valley also last 02/18. but then unfortunately, i got bumped off for fcuk-ing reasons by the owner last 03/10. and so i was left with 1 month to scout for a venue AGAIN!
this was where all the stress came in. the desperate search for a pool venue within our area, even at nighttime! but to no avail. some were already booked (it’s summertime, remember); some were small and can’t accommodate 100 guests; and some were too big and can’t accommodate my budget =).
and because of this, fast food became an option. being lil’ boy’s favorite, i’ve inquired at Jollibee. =( i’ve re-computed my budget (the only positive thing to consider, it’s cheaper here), negotiated my desired theme with them, checked the actual venue, adjusted my prizes and give aways (coz’ i have LOTS for a 2-hr party), and the hardest thing to do, set my mind and forget about ALL the swimming ideas and concepts i had since the beginning of party planning! =(
i tentatively booked Jollibee, and was advised to make down payment, so i won’t get bumped off again. hubby kept on reminding me to pay the DP already, but i kept on delaying it. i was really half-hearted. at the back of my mind, i was hoping that something better will happen. i was still looking for other options. i wasn’t really settled. i'm not contented to celebrate lil' boy's bday with family and friends for a short 2 hours only.
but then hubby told me to slow it down a bit, the expenses he meant. he said that maybe it was really meant not to find a pool venue so we can minimize the budget. and he reminded me that we’ve just bought a new PC, a laptop and a camera, so a Jollibee party would really be the best (read as: cheapest) option. ok fine! i'm convinced, and so he thought. =)
but what about the prizes i bought? a 2-hr party at Jollibee won’t be enough to give away all those prizes. what about the swimming prizes i bought, how can they use it? and my give aways, it will occupy a big space and Jollibee doesn’t have that. what about my Barney mascot? he’s not allowed to enter a Jollibee mascot premise. what about the backdrop and balloon decors? i won’t be allowed to decorate the place hours before. what about the ideas, the concepts, the pictures i've ‘formed’ in my mind, i won't be ale to see it anymore. =(
but i guess no matter how endless these questions and objections were, it all boils down to one point: i had no choice! so i have to give in . . .
just please give me 1 LAST chance! =)

mar 21, wed. the 1st thing i did when i arrived at my office (from a 2-day VL) was to call up the 1st venue i booked in Vista Valley. i don’t know why, just out of nowhere, i just called them. and the owner said that it is still booked, but until now, he hasn’t received the DP yet from the client. you can just imagine the smile on my face upon hearing that. and the owner told me that he’ll call me again if the client won’t push through anymore. and so i kept my fingers crossed, hoping, hoping & hoping. . .
after 15 minutes, he did call. and lo and behold! that venue was really meant for us i guess. God is so good to hear all my prayers and heart’s desires! =) i was just so happy and my party planning blood went all up again, hehe. i called up hubby at once and surprisingly, he was all excited also. i guess he was just telling me to be ‘practical’ before just so i can get over the swimming party and accept Jollibee. but i know in his heart that he also wanted this. and so i’m right. and he told me “hindi mo kasi alam kung anong gagawin mo sa mga binili mong salbabida noh?” haha, he’s absolutely right! =)
and so finally, we have a venue. a pool venue that is! and swimming party is what we are cooking up again. the ideas are back, all the prizes are back, and so the ‘budget’ is also back, mwehehe.

last 03/25, sunday, as early as 7am, i was already up and in the venue to pay the DP. all weekends are full already from 8am onwards, so i had to be early. i took some pictures and made some measurements for the decors.
and as what i’ve blogged before, this is the venue with the ”picnic” atmosphere, complete with the cabanas, the bamboo tables and chairs, the playground, the pool shade, the rain shower and Jacuzzi! PERFECT! =) but i guess we just have to trim down our guests a bit because the venue can only accomodate 100 pax max.

the excitement is all over me again. can’t wait for my lil’ boy’s 2nd birthday swimming picnic w/ Barney party! =)

thanks to all those who’ve called, texted and gave suggestions on pool venues.
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Friday, March 23, 2007
our newest "baby"
as previously blogged, we were able to buy our new camera, a Nikon DSLR:

and just hours after that, we were busy taking pictures of different events already.

1st photo taken, my 'serious' lil boy

Vito's 1st bday party at Don Hen

some scenery photos at Brick Road

Che's new house

Trey's 2nd bday party at Kids at Work

for more of our shots, please check this.

for comments and suggestions on our shots, please email me directly, hehe.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
yaya diaries
ay mali pala title ko, dapat "diary of a yaya". =)
yan kasi ang naging role ko for 2 days. actually, almost 2 years ko na namang role yan, because we chose not to have a yaya. but on weekdays, parents ko ang yaya ni lil' boy. but since my parents went to the hospital for their check-up, i stayed home w/ my lil' boy last mon & tue (03/19-20). di kasi kami sanay na iwanan sya sa mga kasama namin sa bahay eh.
as always, i love staying home and playing all day & night with him. and i believe that lil' boy is happier when i'm around.
nung tuesday, nag-date na naman kaming mag-ina as usual. at san pa nga ba, syempre sa Robinson's lang sa tapat namin. di pa kasi kayang i-seatbelt mag-isa eh, kaya di pa talaga kami makagala, pero soon, pwede na, hehe. naiinggit kasi ako sa mga mommies w/ kids sa malls on weekdays, lalo na tuwing lunch out ko at makikita ko sila. parang gusto ko nang umuwe at sunduin ang anak ko.
pangarap ko kasi talagang maging SAHM eh, pangarap ko din na makapag-shopping with my kid atleast 2x a week. simple lang naman pangarap ko di ba? sana tuparin din ni Pichay! (Vote Pichay sa Senado!) mwehehe.
so yun na nga, we first ate merienda sa, san pa ba, eh di sa Jollibee! of course, tuwang tuwa ang anak ko. then we played again sa favorite playhouse nya, sa Toddlers & Keepers. nalugi nga lang ako dun eh, kasi walang ginawa si lil' boy kundi mag-shoot lang. eh sana sa house na lang kami, mas maganda pa ang court nya dun, hehe. but atleast, may mga playmates syang kids dun.

(ang pangit ng kuha ko, di kasi SLR gamit ko eh, hehe, feeling!=)
i inquired about their party packages also, venue is P5k for 2 hours, ok na sana compared sa Jollibee, kaya lang max of 20 kids & 20 adults lang, nyek, intimate party ito, hehe.
we both had fun. atleast i'm being able to spend quality time with my lil' boy. and this is how i want it sana everyday. wish*wish*wish! =)
but reality knocks, and now, i'm again back at work! d*mn! =)
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hectic weekend
kung ano ang kina-restful ng aming weekend the other week, ay eto naman ang kina-hectic last week.

03/16, friday. my best friend Jing and i had our usual lunch out sa Glorietta. since i had a meeting the whole afternoon, she can’t stay sa office yet, so nag-shopping muna sya ng aming bday gift for her, hehe. at 630pm, we’re on our way na to Laffline, Q.Ave. need to have a good seat (not in front of course =) because they had a good line-up that night, including Ate Gay, Anton Diva at ang sinadya namin talaga, si POOH!
yeah, i’m an avid fan! mapa-Winnie the Pooh or Pooh-quiao, hehe.

we arrived at Laffline around 830pm, had dinner there while waiting for the show and our other best friend, Bodj, who unfortunately wasn’t able to come. kasi daw, may migration sa Globe, hay kainis! so we ended up na kaming dalawa lang, but still had a good time. funny lahat sila, especially si Ate Gay. magaling and pretty pa din si Anton. and super funny si Pooh!!! as in sulit ang P300 na entrance fee sa kanya. as in just his looks, antics, hirit, punchlines and facial expressions really made us laughed our hearts out. sya na nga ang pang-primetime dun eh, 12mn-2am. so we just finished his set and went home. paglabas pa namin, Pooh was smoking there, so nagpa-picture pa talaga kami. haha, avid fan talaga. i so love him na! =)
*picture to follow! =)

03/17, saturday. woke up at 8am, and as early as 9am, hubby and i were on our way to Hidalgo to buy our latest “passion”, a Nikon D40! then we’re back home before 12nn, thanks to the MRT for the fast and convenient ride.
at 3pm, we’re on our way to Don Henrico’s in BrickRoad for the 1st bday party of my inaanak, Vito. we had the camera with us, so we started taking pictures of the whole event. nakakapagod din pala, hehe. but we are definitely enjoying our new toy.

after the party at 530pm, hinatid ko lang si hubby and lil’ boy, punta naman akong SSS. house blessing ng barkada namin, pero last batch na kami sa kainan, kaya kami na lang barkada ang nandun. took pictures also of the house. we stayed there until 9pm, preggy kasi sya so we had to leave early at bedtime na daw nila.

so tired but definitely enjoying our 1st day with our new “baby”. =)

03/18, sunday. left the house past 9am to go to SM North Edsa. another party to attend to, the 2nd bday of Trey ni Joyce & TA at Kids at Work. lil’ boy had fun playing sa balls and bouncers. we also acted as the “official photographer” of the party for free, hehe. this time, mas demanding, kasi you have to take photos not only of the venue set-up and the adults, but also of the big play area where most kids were during the party time. but we were able to take good shots though, kudos to hubby & me. we were exchanging roles as photographer and as ‘yaya’ to lil’ boy, hehe.

after the party at 1pm, we went to IL’s house para bumisita. play-play lang si lil’ boy with his cousins.
then at 330pm, went to hubby’s barkada, Paul. may konting bday kainan, so we had our merienda there, and chika with some friends. we left around 530pm to hear the 6pm mass at Sta. Lucia.
after the mass, did some grocery and went home.
it was really tiring, sobrang sakit ng legs ko at feeling exhausted talaga ako. siguro di pa ako sanay, hahaha. but eventually, kailangang masanay na mapagod not only before the party (for the party décor set-up) but also during the party to take photos of the whole event. =) kinarir na talaga namin lahat. kulang na lang pati catering, kami na din. kaya lang baka mawalan na kami ng clients kung ako pa ang magluluto, hahaha. so we’ll just stay where we are good at for now. susunod na yung iba, mwehehe.

will post a separate blog for our sample photo shots.
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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Happy Baptismal Bianca & Happy 2nd Birthday Margaux
last mar 11, we decorated the Function Hall of Sanctuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati.
Bianca’s baptismal is at 1130am. so we arrived at the venue as early as 715am. we started decorating the whole venue and even added 5 additional table centerpieces for Jody’s additional tables. hubby went home to make the additional centerpieces and fetched lil’ boy as well to join the party.
we were done with the decors by 11am. got a lot of praises on the welcome décor, particularly on the cute styro decors:

the whole venue was full of flower decors, from the table centerpieces:

to the ceiling decors:

and the stage pillars:

everybody had fun also, with the help of my fairy godmother host:

it was also the 1st time my lil’ boy joined the parlor games, he is baby no more indeed! =(

unfortunately, they’ve collected less coins, so they’ve lost in he game. but fortunately, there were consolation prizes given, and would i say we’re blessed, because the host was from me so lil’ boy got a “major” prize, haha.

but in fairness, lil’ boy gave Margaux the other mic, hehe.

it was one successful party and Jody was full of thanks. i’m so glad she was satisfied with our services, knowing how OC this wedding coordinator is. =) after the party, she texted me this: Thank u so much 4 d great balloon arrangement. very, very happy with d turnout! =) sa bday naman ha. Gudnyt! =)

hay, another well-executed party! =)
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photography 101
my new passion: photography! =)

i love pictures, i think it’s an inborn passion of me because i used to collect hundreds of pictures way back my high school days. and i still keep them all until now.
as far as i can remember, it was during high school when i started bringing my own camera. yeah, because way back my elementary days, my Dad would even take a leave from work just to take photos of us every time there’s a program, presentation or any activities in our school. so no question where i inherited the talent i guess. =)
came HS, college and even before as an employee, during events, parties or “feeling model” days, i always carry my own camera (film). the only problem i guess with having my own cam is that i’m always taking the pictures and seldom included in it.

and then came my lil’ boy! obviously, he would always be a hot “model” so thank God for my digital camera. and what do you expect, thousands of pictures filling up our memory in the PC and laptop.

on the other note, since i love decorating parties, i just thought that the best way to “profile” our beautiful balloon decors is to take good photos of it. sometimes i get frustrated that i can’t properly document our works the way i want it to be. so i guess i’m still lacking in skills and equipment. =(

these 2 reasons, and more, inspire me to take photography in a higher level. =)

i’ll try to learn the basics, or better yet, more than the basics. i asked for tips and advices from my photographer friends and suppliers. searched the net on tutorials and samples. and i’ll experiment, experiment and experiment. and as they all say, “sleep with your camera”!

but first, i have to buy a professional camera, a DSLR!

and that’s where the problem exists, hahaha! it’s so expensive!!! it’s really an investment, and i really have to work damn hard to realize my ROI, hehe.

to all the photo enthusiasts out there, any tips for a novice like me?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
no more hope!
i'm talking about lil' boy's venue, btw. not the kris-james-hope love triangle.
but on the other hand, hubby just came back from a photo shoot with Tito Jun de Leon. and guess who was the model, Kris Aquino herself! preggy and all, in her own condo in makati. and yes, James is still there, they still live together, and looks like they are getting by now. oh well, that's how it should be. after all, she is preggy and deserves to be happy. so leave it that way. =)
ok, back to the main subject. it looks like i'm losing hope in finding a pool venue for the april 14 party of lil' boy!
yesterday, before hearing the 6pm mass, we looked for other possible pool venues that we know within Marikina (SSS) and Cainta (Green Park). but all of them were already booked on that date!
and after hearing mass, eating dinner and doing some shopping (this deserves another blog soon!) and groceries, we're on our way home.
but we managed to drop by Vermont Royale and Vermont Park just to ask if there were private pools for rent in the village. yes, it was already 8pm, that's how desperate we were. we've checked 1 venue in VR, but didn't like it. while the 2 venues in VP were closed already. so we'll just come back to check and pray that these are both still available. but then, these are clubhouses, not the exclusive private pool type, so i'm really not that interested. but then, better to check it out than none at all.
so again, wish us luck. =)
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Sunday, March 11, 2007
change venue...again?!
last sat, 03/10, woke up early and went to my balloon supplier with hubby & lil' boy. after, we went to Robinson's to buy additional supplies and ate lunch. then went home and was supposed to start my balloon works for Jody's party. but then, i've realized that we forgot to buy aluminum rod for the balloons. so i got my car keys and went to our neighborhood supplier. on my way back home, glad i remembered to drop by the owner of the pool in Vista Valley that we've booked for lil' boy's party to pay the downpayment.
the assistant was about to make the receipt when she asked me, "ilang tao kayo lahat dun?" to which i replied (and under estimated, actually!) "mga 80 lang". as far as i can remember, when i made an occular of the place and when i called them up to book, they told me that it can accomodate maximum of 100 pax. so i was shocked to see her shocked!!! and told me na max of 30 na lang daw ngayon ang pwede dun. HA?! kelan pa? at bakit sabi sa akin before 100, ngayon 30 na lang? and you didn't even inform me that you've changed your policy!!! so naiirita na ako dun and told her na confirm na ako before, DP na lang ang kulang and all. so she called the owner sa phone and asked, and to my dismay, ayaw na daw talaga. kasi nagko-complaint daw yung mga neighbors nila sa parking at inggay kapag madaming tao, residential nga naman kasi, at hi-end pa. pero kahit na, they should have atleast the decency to inform me about it. so i told them na ang gulo nila kausap and left na bwisit na bwiseeet!!!
i arrived home around 3pm. my assistant was there already so we started with the balloon works and all. we finished around 11pm na, medyo madami kasing balloons din si Jody eh.
back to the venue, so i told hubby about it at syempre pa, nabwisit din sya. buti na nga lang at di pa namin nagagawa ang invites noh, mawawalan pala kami ng venue. hay! so now, the search is on again for the perfect venue. just when i thought that "it" was perfect already, grrr! good luck na lang sa amin, kasi almost 1 month to go na lang eh. at summer time pa naman, so for sure eh in demand ang mga private pools dito kapag weekend. so wish us luck talaga...
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Saturday, March 10, 2007
ang babaeng walang pahinga! =)
i'm so busy, just want to write down all my activities in the coming days/weeks:

mar 10, sat - buy supplies and prepare balloon decor for Jody's party
mar 11, sun - Bianca's Baptismal & Margaux's 2nd Birthday party (will do the decors)
mar 17, sat - Vito's 1st Birthday (guest) and Che's House Baptismal at night (guest)
mar 18, sun - Trey's 2nd birthday (guest)
mar 24, sat - buy supplies and prepare balloon decor for Ate Mau's party
mar 25, sun - Myka's party (will do the decors) and Miguel's Graduation
mar 31, sat - Enchanted Kingdom! so excited! =)
apr 01, sun - uy, may pahinga pa naman pala ako!
holy week - no plans yet. wish ko lang makapag-bakasyon pa kami. still with so many things to do for lil' boy's SIMPLE party =)
apr 08, sun - prepare balloon decors for Eileen's party
apr 09, mon - actual birthday of lil' boy! but has a big party to do at CVJ also.
apr 13, fri - VL, prepare for lil' boy's party decors
apr 14, sat - lil' boy's simple swimming party! =)

that's it, thank God for a hectic calendar. =)
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divi trip
last wednesday, 03/07, pag-uwi ko ng house, may sinat daw si lil' boy. he started feeling hot around 7pm na. so again, i assume na may pilay na naman. kasi naman, wala naman syang sakit talaga, wala ding may sakit sa amin at matindi ang kalikutan kaya di imposibleng mapilayan.
so i gave him Calpol and restless din sya sa pagtulog nung gabi.
pagdating ng morning, mainit pa din. so sabi ko kay hubby, dalhin na sa hilot kasi i needed to go to the office. ang kaso, restless nga sya at ayaw sumama sa iba, gusto nya sa akin lang. kaya had no choice but sumama kay mang hilot.
so around 9am, we went to Parang na para magpahilot. and indeed, me pilay nga, sa may chest area daw. baka daw nahahatak sa pagbuhat.
after that, ate brunch sa Jollibee, as requested by lil' boy. natutuwa na sana ako kasi ang dami nyang kinakain, tuloy-tuloy ang subo ng spag and garlic rice. ang kaso, he suddenly threw up everything he ate, as in! so nakakahiya man sa crew eh wala kaming magawa. one more thing, we didn't bring extra clothes for him, kasi nga malapit lang naman, and feeling ko eh sandali lang kami. kaya ayun, napauwi tuloy kami na nakabalot lang ng hooded blanket (i use to cover while breastfeeding) si lil' boy. haha, mukhang baby sya ulit.
i was supposed to go to work that afternoon, pero naglalambing pa din si lil' boy at ayaw humiwalay. nakatulog lang yata nung nawala na ang fever, but that was early afternoon already, hindi na din ako aabot sa office.
so since naka-leave na ako at ayokong masayang ang hapon, i decided to go to divisoria na. i've been planning that divi trip na kasi before pa. pero laging full ang weekends namin. and these coming weekends are full also, kaya really have no time anymore.
so sinama ko ang helper namin and off we went to divi. as always, enjoy na enjoy ako dun, sooo cheap! i was able to buy a LOT of prizes and give-aways for lil' boy's party. kaso lang, there's really not much Barney items around, kaya puro generic lang nabili ko. and as expected, i went over the budget. over to the point na nagamit ko pa yung perang binigay ng brother ko, kasi may pinapabili sya. eh since wala yung pinapahanap nya, hiniram ko na lang. haha.
sinundo kami ni hubby sa may LRT-Santolan station around 630pm. pag uwe ko sa house, nag-kwenta pa ako at nag-ayos. simula na naman ng mga tambak sa room namin, hehe. atleast now, more than a month lang. not like last year, nagsimula ang tambak sa kwarto namin around 8months before, hehe.
it was tiring, but definitely worth it. it's 1 item off my bday to-do list. and atleast now, i can start buying Barney items sa malls, before kasi i was controlling myself, hoping na may ganun sa Divi. but since wala, go-go-go na ako! =) sana lang hindi mabasa ni hubby to, hehe, kasi over-budget na daw kami eh. =)
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
restful weekend
nothin' much to do (well, atleast for me! =) last weekend.
03/03, saturday - the whole family went to my Tita's house in Cainta, house blessing ng house nya (na dapat ay house namin, huhu). but hubby left early after lunch kasi nga, ako lang ang walang gagawin, sya ay tambak pa din. haha. we stayed there the whole day, just playing, resting and eating. lil' boy had so much fun playing with Miguel (na sinama namin) and other kid relatives who were there.
we went home around 11pm na.
03/04, sunday - we just attended mass in the morning, had lunch in Sta. Lucia, hinatid si Miguel, then went home. we just stayed home the rest of the day.

a different way to spend our weekend! =)
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Thursday, March 01, 2007
La Mesa Ecopark
last Sunday, 02/25, we left our house as early as 7am to fetch hubby’s family. then, we’re on our way to La Mesa Eco Park!

i just thought of having a despedida outing for my SIL, who’s flying to Brunei today, 03/01. that was the 1st time we actually had a complete family swimming. before kasi, mga outing lang sa Tagaytay, or if swimming man, di kami kumpleto. so this time, all the kids were excited, including lil’ boy.

we arrived at LaMesa EcoPark around 8am, just in time for their opening. diretso na agad kami sa picnic area, it was a short walk lang from the entrance. sarap kasi puro puno ang paligid. and buti na lang we’re early kaya we got the picnic table just in front of the swimming pool gate.

the pool opens by 9am, kaya we ate breakfast first, then ikot-ikot at laro sa playround ang mga kids.

there was a separate entrance fee sa pool area. kahit di ka mag-swimming, basta papasok ka dun, you have to pay. and hiwalay ito sa picnic area, so you can’t see your kids swimming kapag nasa picnic area ka lang. you really have to enter and pay first. and they are strict on the swimming attire, thought not really swimsuits ONLY. basta wag lang daw cotton, dapat spandex or nylon. and no buttons and zipper dapat.
before 9am, the pool was open na, kaya ang mga excited kong pamangkin eh nag-unahan na sa pool. the pool is big and nice, at may pang-toddlers pa. they also use salt in the water, so better na din.

at first, ayaw mag-swim ni lil’ boy. gusto sa akin lang. so i had no choice but to change clothes and swim too. so nung nasa pool na si lil’ boy, aba, ayaw ng umahon, hehe.

we all had fun, kahit na nakabantay lang ang mga ILs ko sa picnic area, enjoy pa din sila. lalo na kapag eating time na. and after eating, play-play ang mga kids (and adults) sa lawn beside our table.

then my SIL bought the 4 kids souvenir shirts. they all look so cute wearing them.

we left the park around 3pm, medyo early kasi they still had to go back to Laguna pa.

overall, Eco Park is nice and i would love to go back. the place is cool, with all the trees around, pang-family outing talaga sya. though we haven’t checked the whole place yet, maybe when we come back, we can have a tour on the butterfly garden, nature trail, flower terraces, orchidarium, have fun biking, boating, fishing, etc. and what’s nice about it, it’s just near our place, through Batasan Road. and it’s relatively cheap, huh. congrats QC! =)

we arrived home past 4pm, sakto lang sa inaabangan kong The Buzz! (kris-james-hope =) hehe. at nagpa-take out pa kami ng Chowking Halo-Halo (2 scoops)! sarap!!! =)
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