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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Z to A!!!
i can't definitely missed blogging this.

as i've always blogged here, my son, who is 2y8m is so addicted with letters & numbers.

he can count 1-100 already, promise! and he just keeps on counting and counting when he's not doing anything, hehe.

but he loves letters more! he'll "spell out" every word he sees. he'll write A-Z on his magic pad everytime! he'll recite the alphabets all the time too. and he never gets tired watching Sesame's (or whoever) alphabets show on dvd. he even dreams of ABC noh!

he can even spell and write our names (his, papa's and mine) too.

and last night, his recent achievement was to write the alphabets BACKWARDS!

as i arrived home last night, pinagyabang na ng mom ko ang bagong talent ni lil' boy (see, my mom witnessed another 1st milestone of my son! which was supposedly me! okay, that's another story! =).

he wrote the all the 26 letters beginning from letter Z to letter A! grabe, super amazing! eh ako (kami!) nga, di ko kayang isulat yun ng mabilis noh. as in sya, dire-diretso, super kabisado nya kahit pabaligtad.

funny kasi while he was writing, i was singing the alphabets (A-Z) in my mind, to check if tama sya. kasi nga di ko memorize kapag pa-baligtad eh, hehe.

how about you, can you write the alphabets (ng mabilis) backwards?

i'll soon upload the video. di ko pa makuhaan kasi everytime i'll record his writing, naka-smile lang sya sa camera and won't write eh, kala nya kasi lagi picture taking, hehe.

told my mom nga na baka na-bored na sya ng kakasulat ng alphabtes from A-Z, kaya binaligtad nya para maiba naman, hahaha!

as always, i'm one proud momma! =)

note: he's not even schooling yet...
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Friday, December 21, 2007
So ishleepy…
grabe, as in super antok to the max. i bet i can even sleep standing, just give me 5 minutes! hahaha.

why? kasi last night after office, i, with hubby & lil’ boy went to Robinsons to buy grocery packages for my party assistants. and some baon for our swimming outing this Saturday.

as we arrived home at 10pm, i arranged our things and sorted out the 30++ gifts that my assistants picked-up from my supplier. these are my personalized gifts to our inaanak and little friends. can’t post pics yet, baka makita ng mga friends ko, di na surprise sa mga anak nila, hehe.

so i sorted out the gifts until 1am!

woke up 4am this morning! yeah, barely 3 hours of sleep. pagising-gising pa yun dahil takot akong ma-late, hehe.

we have a party today at 10am in Makati. the problem, coding yung isang van namin so we need to leave by 6am to reach Makati by 7am. so pag-gising ko, inayos ko pa lahat ng food carts at party supplies na gagamitin. then took a bath and went to the market at 530am to buy food for the carts. kala ko naman ang aga ko pa, sus, puno na din ang palengke that early!

at 610 am, we left na. we brought 2 vans ni hubby, di kasi kasya sa isa yung mga gamit at tao namin eh. as usual, unahan kami sa daan ni hubby, we’re both in a hurry, hehe.

we arrived at makati at 710am. then set-up the balloons and the cart. i left my people there at 9am to go here sa office for my 930 work.

"lagare queen" na naman ako today!

later this early afternoon, sunduin ko ulit sila dun after the party.

and later this evening naman is our Company Christmas Party sa WTC.

and tomorrow morning, we’ll leave at 7am for the swimming outing! and my party shop's xmas party sa gabi.

waaah, kelan kaya ako makakatulog?!? :(
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
no parties = no rest
yup, i didn’t accept parties for certain days this month. but still, can’t find any time to sit back and relax! waaah! talk about cramming in December!

reserved days:
Dec 15 – Yan-Ple’s Charity Christmas Party. i’ve turned down a number of inquiries for this day (sayang! hehe) to devote my time and effort for our sponsored kiddie xmas party. it was a success! i promise to blog about that.

Dec 22 – hubby’s sister and BIL will be home for Christmas kaya complete ang side nya this season. kaya i allotted atleast 1 whole day for us to be together, with the kids of course. it will surely be FUN as we are planning a swimming outing, as requested by the kids. =)

sa gabi naman will be our party business xmas party for all my staffs, parang ang dami ah, hehe. we do this yearly and they are all looking forward to this celebration because of all the gifts in kind, groceries and monetary gifts we are giving them. we used to have food cart business before and this was what we were doing ever since.

Dec 23 – we’ll be watching BARNEY! in the morning. and i didn’t accept parties in the afternoon because i’m hosting (again! ang daya!) our college barkada’s family xmas party. buti na lang they agreed na magpa-cater na lang kami noh, because i really don’t have the time to prepare for everything pa. and this will be the 1st time na super complete kami. Rhona, our barkada from US, will be home this year. and the 2 OFW hubbies are also back this season. so hopefully it will be fun, fun, fun for everybody as well as the kids. :)

so for those 3 dates, wala akong party kaya wala akong kita, hehe. puro palabas lahat ng pera, waaah! owel, that’s the spirit and joy of xmas, a time to give and share your blessings. :)

and speaking of giving, this is my TO DO list, just 6 days before Christmas!!!
- pick-up all my personalized gifts to our inaanak and kids.
- do some more personalized gifts to friends.
- buy grocery items and gifts for my party assistants.
- buy gifts for the boys (hirap talaga regaluhan ang mga boys!), lil’ boy’s gift to his Lolo.
- assort the gifts na nakatambak sa bahay, bili lang kasi ako ng bili, to the point na doble-doble na pala yung iba. kaya until now, di ko alam if may kulang pa ako or super sobra na, hehe.
- buy polo for hubby’s xmas attire. and buy gift for hubby’s exchange gift in the office.
- WRAP! WRAP! WRAP! waaah! i haven’t wrapped a single gift until now. and i’m counting more than 100 gifts to give-away this xmas! puyatan na naman to!

as always, December is my busiest month, but i think this is the “most” busiest of them all! hehe.

but still, i looove this season! i always enjoy it to the fullest!!!
and there is definitely a LOT of things to be thankful for this 2007.

Happy Holidays to all! =)
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Friday, December 07, 2007
Kapamilya Bazaar
just can't help but blog this one! =)

i had a client meeting at Marina Restaurant (in front of World Trade Center) at 7pm awhile ago.

so after office, since my van was coding, i took a cab to Marina. and since i was taking a cab, i left my money in the office and just brought around P1,5 as pocket money. para in case ako ay ma-hold up ng cab, eh konti lang makuha nya, hehe.

on the way there, i heard over DZMM news that the Kapamilya Bazaar started today at World Trade Center! whoa, what a coincidence, hehe. parang tinadhana talaga akong magpunta dun. yeah, because that meeting was supposedly last Tues, but i was on leave so we moved it Wed, but client had OT. so re-sched again to Thurs, owel, i guess it was meant to be, hehe.

after our meeting around 830pm, i really crossed the street and headed to WTC for the 7th World Bazaar Festival! entrance fee is P25.00 the xmas decors outside were superb! i love the flowers and the lights! =)

and so i entered the bazaar, not looking for SALE items but for Kapamilya stars. haha, ang jologs!!! =)

and i saw a few like Rayver Cruz, his brother and one teen star na di ko alam ang name, Mickee Feriols and her partner WazzUp-WazzUp (haha, forgot the name also), Phoem Barranda, Angelu de Leon, Andrea del Rosario, Jenny of PBB, and some na di ko kilala sa name.

i was able to buy blouses for me and shirts for lil' boy also. when they were about to close at 10pm, that's when i saw the booth of PBB, where they were selling original Crocs at discounted prices! damn! i was too late! madami pa daw yun kanina pero paubos na whey i arrived. dapat pala inuna ko yung kabilang side ng bazaar, bad trip. they were really original, i can tell! discounted because broken sizes na daw. and i guess they got it from Sgp where there's a stall selling cheaper orig Crocs.

i was looking for my size, but there was none anymore. finally i saw something i like, but it's 1 size smaller, but who cares, i still tried it anyway. and luckily, it fits. tipong nakatupi na yung mga toes ko, haha, just kidding. buti na lang it's mary jane style (na disney) so medyo maluwag, hehe.

i was so happy i called my best friend Jing (who's also flip flops addict!) and asked her if she wants to buy. as expected, i bought one for her and for our other bestfriend! =) sad because there's no biggie size for hubby. =(

but still, happy because i got one again!!! and it's the design i've long been looking for.

wondering where i got all those money to buy? thanked God my client gave me down payment! hahaha, nasimot ko talaga, kulang pa nga eh. if they weren't closing pa that time, i guess pati credit cards ko, nagamit ko pa, hehe.

to anyone interested, the Bazaar will run from Dec 6-16 at WTC. 12nn-10pm on Mon-Thu and 10am-12mn on Fri-Sun.

hay, ang gastos talaga ng Pasko!!! =)

* it's 2am, need to sleep na. i still have to wake up at 6am tomorrow. need to go to the market early because i have food carts tonight. busy! busy! busy!
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