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Friday, February 29, 2008
call center problems
since i was blogging how famous call center job is in our country, i suddenly remembered one 'tragedy' that a friend told me.

she has a friend working in a not-so-nice call center company. and knowing call center agents, most of them wear their headset almost 7 hours a day. and i guess the company didn't provide them personal headset units then, since they were just starting that time. and because it was obviously unhygienic, the friend unfortunately developed ear infection. because of this, her hearing was affected which made her lose her job!

don't you think it's unfair? she got that infection because of her job, then suddenly, she'll just be separated from work because she can't performed her job effectively anymore. and what did she get, just her last pay, no more, no less!

i guess she really has to do something about it. it was unjust and plain inconsiderate. i think she really needs to research more on this so she'll know what legal actions to take. and i better tell her to check on the net about the possible claims she can get from that personal injury. nothing to lose really, because you don't need to pay them when you don’t win the case. thanked god for these companies, ready to help even if they are not always 100% compensated. so she better try it and fight for her right. she deserves to be given something other than her regular pay, don't you agree?

i hope these companies will learn their lesson well and provide a healthy working area to all the employees.


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