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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
beautiful wednesday
it was indeed a happy wednesday. why? because hubby was around. =)

he worked overtime until 5am this morning, so he was off the whole day today. we woke up at around 10am and did the daily routine. at 3pm, we're off to nowhere, hehe. we know we just have to go out and enjoy the day. sayang ang holiday-weekday! =)

we first went to the tailor to check on our 'bday uniforms', just some alterations and it'll be perfect. then went to our aluminum supplier and ordered 4 more food carts. i'm having a lot of food cart orders lately so i need to increase my units. on our way through all these, lil boy kept on saying 'robinsons! robinsons!'.

funny because i was telling hubby how lil boy is really so 'kulit' lately. and now that i'm home 24/7 with him, sometimes, i just really get pissed off, especially when i have tons to do. he just won't really stop bugging me and repeating and repeating (and repeating) words untl i give in. hay, and it's only a month that i'm WAHM, hehe.

so this afternoon, when we were in Robinsons (yeah, we just had to give in!) while eating merienda, buying vitamins and hubby checking shoes at Nike, lil boy was endless in saying "basketball!", "tekken!" and "ABC!". repeating it again and again and again! would you believe he didn't say anything aside from those 3 words! he wanted to play basketball and Tekken at Timezone and buy anything with alphabets at Toys R Us! hay, so hubby witnessed what i was telling him about his 'kulitness'! my goodness! =)

and as expected, we played and bought him the cheapest alphabet book that he got from the rack. just so he would stop! we don't want him to buy anything alphabet anymore because i tell you, he has a LOT! if i'll have time, i'll take pics and blog them all here, hehe.

after that, my dad called me and asked me where we were. because he was parked right beside our van in Robinsons also, hehe. so he invited us for dinner with my mom. so we again ate dinner, just 2 hours after our merienda. haha.

after that, lil boy pooped so told them that we go home already. besides, it's telenobela time na. hahaha.

it was a simple and happy day. i just love when we're complete. simple joy i may say. =)
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