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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
TOYS For Sale!

it's been awhile. yeah, i'm quite (lazy) busy lately. still uploading all the pics, water marking my party pics and composing ALL my blogs. will update SOON!!!

meanwhile, i'm helping a friend dispose all her toys for Christmas. these are all brand new toys. there are educational toys, wooden toys, branded toys and toys as cheap as P50.00 na pwedeng pang-give aways sa mga bata this Christmas.

i've checked it myself and they are cheaper than mall prices. =)

just let me know if you want something ha. you can text me at my new number 0928 5211028 to reserve, kasi limited lang yun eh.

i've temporarily posted it in my site,

happy shopping! =)
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Friday, October 24, 2008
looking forward…
yes, i’m really looking forward to the coming vacation!!!

it’s vacation time for my school boy so no waking up early (yes, 9am is already early for both of us!)
it’s Nov 1&2 next weekend so no parties for me to organize.

it’s really 1 whole week of rest!

these past few days, i’m really feeling sick, stressed, tired, burnt out and all! i don’t know, i guess i just need a good massage and a WHOLE DAY rest!

so i’m really excited for the coming week.

also, it’s time to update all my backlogs. blog my Hongkong vacation as well as our MBAP party (sorry mommies, next week na po ang pics ko ha), and a LOT more! update all my party pics and organize all my files.

waaah, feeling ko di din ako makapag-rest sa dami ng kelangan kong gawin!!!

good luck to me and happy vacation to all.

btw, for those who were asking, NO! lil boy didn't walk the aisle! waaah, will blog about that soon. =(
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Friday, October 10, 2008
walk down the aisle...
nope, it's not us! it will be lil boy's turn this time. not (never) as a Groom, opkors, hehe.

it will be his 1st time to walk down the aisle, he'll be the Coin Bearer at his Ninang Ella's (hubby's cousin) wedding on Oct 12, 3pm at Caleruega. reception follows at Splendido. so we're all going to Tagaytay this Sunday.

we were initially planning on staying overnight at our little house in Tagaytay on Sat night, so the kids will enjoy their short vacation. but i had party bookings that day, so no choice but to leave early on a Sunday.

anyway, since it's lil boy's 1st time, we're doing a lot of coaching on how he'll walk carrying the pillow. but everytime he does it, he'll always throw the pillow after! oh my!!! i'm just hoping he won't do it on the wedding.

will he walk kaya? or i'll be walking with him, hay, wag naman sana!

we'll see on Sunday, i'm excited! =)
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Hongkong, here we come…
thanked God there’s no more typhoon!!!
i was thinking that since the typhoon is going towards North, kasabay pa namin syang pupunta ng Hongkong. waaah.

and my lil boy was like this...“rain, rain. wala na Hongkong. wawa tayo!” =(

as per checking Hongkong's 7-Day Weather Forecast, i think i need to change our itinerary because i was planning to visit Ocean Park on Thursday and Disneyland on Friday, to avoid the weekend crowd. but it seems like it’s better to join the crowd on a sunny day than not enjoy Disney at all because of the rain.

Hongkong was a long-time plan already. i purchased the tickets as early as March!
it’s my birthday tomorrow so i really wanted to celebrate it there.

actually, i’ve been planning on visiting HK again since Disneyland opened years ago. since i enjoyed LA Disneyland before so much, i was really looking forward to meet Mickey again. but everybody was holding me back to wait until lil boy can enjoy Disney already. and so i waited, waited and waited.

and now that he’s 3yo, i think everybody will agree that this is the best time for him to meet Mickey and Pooh in person.

this will be my 2nd time in Hongkong and i’m still excited because my last visit was years ago. i didn’t even have my own pocket money then. so i’m pretty excited now on the shopping part, as well as hubby. yeah, we’re both shopaholics! this will also be our family’s 1st time to go out of the country, we were just touring Philippines for the past 4 years eh.

everybody is excited. so i’m hoping it will be a nice, happy vacation for all of us.

partying while on vacation? please read here.
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Friday, September 05, 2008
SM Marikina - NOW OPEN!

i'm so happy and excited!!!
SM Marikina opens TODAY, Sept 5.

atleast, may bago na kaming pupuntahan ng anak ko whenever we buy his rewards sa school, i'm so tired of Sta. Lucia and Robinsons Metro East already eh.
i just hope there's a big Toy Kingdom there.

we'll be going there later, after Lil Boy's school, told you we're all excited eh, hehe.

love it, thanks Henry Sy!!! =)
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Friday, August 15, 2008
1st Assessment Results
as i’ve blogged here, it was lil boy’s 1st assessment last July 30 and August 1.

the test results came a week after. and i was so happy with his exams.

he got a perfect score in Science and Reading, these were the exams he took on the 1st day for 10 minutes, hehe. 1 mistake in Filipino and 2 mistakes in Math. not bad huh, for a 3yo first-timer.

i’m one proud Momma! =)

galing ng color nya noh, walang lagpas. hahaha.

look at his cute drawing, face daw yan, hehe.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008
as i've previously blogged, i treat lil boy to a lunch out and a book or toy when he had a total of 6 stars in a week. so that usually happens on a wednesday, because he often get 2 stars daily.

but last tues when i picked him up, he didn't have stars on his hands, and so i asked. teacher told me that he found a new 'bestfriend', the 3yo Markus. lil boy is the youngest and Markus is the 2nd youngest and one of the 'kulit' in their class.

since they are now the "new pair", lil boy imitates EVERYTHING Markus does. i witnessed this before their class started that morning. Markus would do things like put the clay on his head, stomped his feet, shout, etc. and my lil boy did exactly what Markus did. hay!

and during the whole class, they just stayed lang daw sa Play Area and didn’t participate.

so i asked lil boy and he told me that he played with Markus that’s why he didn’t have star. bad boy daw sya, hehe.

so when we got up the van, ayun, sermon to the max na ako. not because he didn’t have stars, but because he didn’t join his class and listened to his teacher.

i even told him that we won’t be able to go to Robinsons tom (wed) because he only had 2 stars.

and so i hoped he understood.

came wednesday, i was so happy to see him with his 2 stars. so me epek talaga yung sermon ko, hehe.

but this afternoon when i picked him up, no stars again! and he was bugging me to go to Robinsons. we were really planned on going to Rob because i needed to do some errands and i was expecting that he’ll have a total of 6 stars already.

but i stayed firm, forgot about my errands, play deaf on his crying and pleading…and went straight home!

it turned out, Markus and lil boy threw toys, pasaway talaga! as per teacher, ginagaya daw talaga ng anak ko si Markus, hehe.

as we arrived home, another round of sermon while he was crying his heart out.

naisip ko lang, 3yo pa lang anak ko, nabi-BI (bad influence) na, hahaha. i told my Mom nga, napapariwara na yata sya, hehe. and my mom said, nababarkada na sya, delikado na. hahaha.

hay, i guess this is the start!!!
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