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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party

thanks to Apol’s for successfully and patiently organizing this event. =)

it was held last sunday, nov 11, 6pm at Mc Do Greenbelt.

ang kaso, as usual, nilagari ko ulit, hehe. i had 2 parties that day. same time, 1 at Town & Country Clubhouse and the other, where we stayed, was at the Villamor Airbase Museum.

at 6pm, they were already texting me, san na daw ako at kumpleto na sila. while i was there, taking pics of Leodini’s magic show (still can’t get enough of Leodini, hehe). we were also the official photographers so i can’t leave hubby alone, need a back-up as promised to the client.

the party ended past 630pm, and that was the only time i was able to leave with lil’ boy, leaving hubby and my assistants behind. hubby had to burn all the pictures in cds so we can give to the client right away.

while me and lil boy drove to McDo for the xmas party.

we arrived there past 7pm, just in time for uwian. hahaha.

no, not naman, it was mascot time, wrong timing i may say! Grimace was dancing when we arrived, and so the lil boy was afraid of course!

after that, exchange gifts and awarding. then i distributed the personalized keychains to some blogger mommies as Yan-Ple’s give aways. some because not all submitted their family pictures. and i'm glad that they all liked the tokens. =)

kainis pa kasi i made 8 keychains, but for some reasons, i left the 2 keychains! and guess for whom, for Apols and Jody, the 1st and last sender of pics.
and kainis pa lalo kasi they happened to be our ‘mommies’ ni lil boy, sila pa ang di ko nabigyan ng xmas tokens. but i promised to send it through DHL naman, kasi sayang dahil i made those talaga for them noh.

and thanks Apols for the cutie frames. and Jody for lil’ boy’s cutee shirt.

also, hope Abie likes my album gift. and hope Mickee fits the dress lil boy gave her. =)

the party was short (well, atleast for me coz’ i was late, haha) but sweet. we had fun and we are hoping for another one. usapan is coffee na lang, na kami lang, no hubbies and kids! para chismisan to the max!

thanks mommies, it was nice seeing the faces behind those blogging names. see you again! =)

and on the way home, walang sinabi si lil boy kundi “wa, purple!”, “aw, purple!”. hahaha, he’s afraid of the purple mascot, Grimace!

and now i’m worried…how will we watch Barney, to think we are seated in front! waaaaah!!!
posted by apple @ 11:31 PM  
  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Jane said…

    thanks sa keychain apple!

    syang nga and you were late - really late haha.

    btw, tagged you http://www.janemking.com/?p=13

  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger pinayworkingmom said…

    hi Apple!
    thanks sa keychain ha. ;)
    yup, kasya k Mikee yung dress.
    natuwa ako sayo may matching socks pa! thanks :D

    anyway, i have an award for you here:

  • At 4:29 AM, Blogger Apols said…

    i got the keychain na :)

    Thanks! :D

  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Jody said…

    Hey Apple! Got na the keychain! Thanks!

    Please add in your blogroll my new site...


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