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Friday, October 12, 2007
what a day!!!
harassed will be an understatement of how my day went yesterday, Thursday!

it’s the last day in the office for this week, since we were having a long weekend, i was really looking forward to that. supposedly lunch out in Glorietta (hey, i haven’t been there this week!), just 3 meetings in the office, not much legwork for my parties because i’m only having 2 minor parties this long weekend, 1 simple balloon décor on sat night and 1 simple styro décor on sun afternoon!

but as early as 6am that thurs, someone already texted me re balloons for Saturday. ok for that because those were just simple flying balloons. but then, on my way to the office, my Ninang called me and asked me to give her a quote for 8 food carts and entertainment for the whole day (clowns, magicians & entertainment). they were having a free medical mission this Sunday, in their new building in marikina. wow, 8 carts and around 5-6 entertainers, in 3 days!!! talk about short notice huh!

so at 930, as soon as i arrived at the office, i checked all my rates and texted her all the details. then my Boss called me already for our 930 meeting. after that, around past 10am, still texting and calling my Ninang about our services. i guess she was also very busy so she didn’t really have that time to discuss. so ako, waiting in vain!

1030 was my 2nd meeting, medyo late pa ako kasi nga dami ko inaasikaso. ewan ko ba pero nagkasabay-sabay pa yung dami ng party inquiries ko that day. i think i’ve a
answered 3 phone call inquiries while in the middle of the meeting, hehe. nagbubulungan na nga lang kami nung client eh, kasi baka madinig ako sa meeting na puro balloons ang pinagsasabi ko, hahaha. and i received a LOT of text inquiries, meron pang gustong mag-franchise sa province ng business ko, hehe. as in i was answering text messages and phone inquiries during my 3 meetings, bad!

the 2nd meeting ended by 12 noon, lunch time. but i still had to deposit some downpayment to my 3 hosts for my future parties, not to mention ang pila sa bank dahil last day of the week. while i was inside the bank, my Ninang called and confirmed to me her orders. kaya ayun, nangarag talaga ako, kasi i had to look for all the available suppliers on that day, gudlak talaga. i was just eating waffle & shake for lunch, while i was in line waiting for my turn sa bank.

hay, as expected, almost all my suppliers are already booked. i really had a hard time looking. siguro naka-1 million text messages yata ako that day, hehe. i had to delete messages a number of times, dahil laging no space na yung Inbox ko. sa sobrang hirap kumuha, i just had to make singit na lang our party time sa mga scheds nila.

after visiting 3 banks with an almost empty stomach (yeah, a waffle can’t fill up my big tummy =), i was back in the office for my 2pm meeting. i was literally running just to make it to my meeting in time, pero late pa din ako sa tatlong yun. haha. it ended at 330 and i still had to do MOM, kami kasi nag-facilitate, argh! as if may naintindihan ako noh, eh puro parties kaya nasa isip ko. =)

i was supposed to meet up with my friend, Jenne, in Coffee Bean, Gateway (where we’ve met twice already since last week) by 8pm for our ‘racket’, but i left the office at 8pm so damn tired! with still a lot of things unfinished, the food stubs for the 7 carts and all. so i just asked her to cancel our meeting.

was finally home by 930pm. pero naman, pagdating sa bahay, tambak pa din ang gagawin ko. but i guess, sumuko na katawan ko. so i just slept soundly through the night.

hay, really, what a day! and what a long weekend will this be? let’s wait and see…
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