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Monday, April 23, 2007
holy week 2007
this is a very late post, just needs to write it down for my “memory gap” purposes, hehe.

we spent our Holy Week this year in a very simple way. for the 1st time, we spent it at home, and my 1st time to spend it withOUT my parents.

my parents went to our house in Tagaytay. they wanted us to come, but we opted not. first, we had a major party that monday, so we needed to do a lot of preps for that. not to mention the preps for lil’ boy’s party also on the 14th. second, we wanted to rest! it was really tiring these past few months and we thought that this 5-day holiday (owel, just 3 days for us because Sun was preps day and Mon was client’s party day) is a rare chance for us to just stay in bed until almost lunchtime, hehe. to just cuddle w/ each other and play 24/7 with lil’ boy. kapag sa tagaytay kasi kami, for sure, everyday na gala at labas yun. tiring because that place is like Baguio na din during holy week. so many people and very heavy traffic.

note: our main house help left and the other (labandera/plantsadora) is on vacation. so in reality, hindi rin actually “rest”, kasi we needed to do some chores, hehe.

here's a quick summary of how we spent it:

Holy Wed (04/04)i
it was half day in the office, yippee! after office, i got the styro backdrop from my supplier, withdrew some cash from the bank, deposited DP to one of my suppliers at BPI, bought balloons, fetched hubby from his office (they were dismissed at 4pm), bought Belgian chocolates for my choco fountain, ate merienda, bought some styro from National, bought aluminum rod on the way home.
and at 7pm, we were finally home. hay, tiring, so many things to do. we definitely deserve the rest!

Holy Thu (04/05)
my parenst left for tagaytay, so we were all alone. we first had breakfast at McDo to deliver the standee to my client, Peachy. after that, we gave out lil’ boy’s party invites to our friends within Marikina. then went to IL’s house in Parang. then ChowKing for some halo-halo, what a way to beat the heat. then went back home and slept, ang sarap! =)
when i woke up, had to cook dinner. since nga wala kaming katulong, housewife cum maid ang role ko, mwehehe.
after dinner and ALL the household AND baby chores, it was time to relax. relax by doing the table cover for lil’ boy’s party.

lil’ boy helping in putting Barney stickers to his table cover

at dahil nakakapagod ang ginagawa namin (atleast for us, hehe), we craved for midnight snacks! so hubby prepared a special one!

look! kasama na si lil’ boy sa servings talaga. we are now preparing 3 servings everytime. =)

Good Fri (04/06)
hubby did the standees for Eileen’s party on monday. while i was doing the table centerpieces. and lil’ boy was doing his own things, hehe.
as usual, i cooked lunch and prepared everything. after that, we went to OLA church by 2pm.
we prayed the 14 Stations, then heard the Last Words and attended the 330pm mass.
went home and ate merienda, of course, NO MEAT! pati nga si lil’ boy eh, nag-abstain. =)

Black Sat (04/07)
this was the day na pinaka-na-feel ko ang aking pagiging housewife (cum maid =).
i cooked breakfast, fed lil’ boy, washed the dishes, cleaned the CR (my 1st time in so long), while hubby cleaned the terrace. after that, lil’ boy and i took a bath together (as we always do), fixed our room and the whole house, then cooked lunch again.
after lunch, buti na lang breastfeed pa din si lil’ boy kaya my time to nap with him, hehe. but then i realized na madami pa pala akong gagawin, so pagkatulog ni lil' boy, i went online and uploaded lil’ boy’s pictures. then fed him merienda when he woke up. then my 2 boys bonded for their haircut. they’re both so pogi! =)
when they arrived home, biglang nagyaya si hubby na manuod daw kami ng movie. a treat for a very tired ME! =) nakakatamad na din kasi sa house at mainit pa.
since wala kaming ibang kasama sa house, we had to take lil’ boy with us. so no option for us, but to watch “Ang Cute ng Ina mo”, hehe, ginawa pang rason si lil’ boy eh gusto naman talaga naming panoorin yun, haha.

we were all excited because it’s our 1st time again in almost 2.5 years to watch a movie sa big screen. last time hubby and i watched was last December, 2004 pa, Filmfest pa yata yun with his nephew. i gave birth kasi ng April 2005. and with lil’ boy’s existence, no time for that anymore! it’s also lil’ boy’s 1st time to watch a movie. so we didn’t know what to expect pagpasok nya sa loob na madilim at may giant tv screen. =)
and so, nasa Robinson’s na kami. pumasok na kami ng maaga sa loob so we can get nice seats, punuan daw kasi eh. as usual, hit na naman si Ai-ai! =) hubby just took out our dinner from McDo.
katuwa si lil’ boy pagpasok, maliwanag pa kasi kaya okay lang. laki daw ng tv, haha, parang inosente! actually, he is, hehe. nung nag-start na, no problem at all. he likes the song kasi and dances every time he hears it. and isa pa, busy sa pagkain ng fries and popcorn, kaya dedma sya sa movie.

it was a funny movie, natawa naman kami kahit paano. and sulit naman yung aircon ng sinehan, kesa nasa house kami at super kainitan. =)

Easter Sun (04/08)
we heard the 10am mass. then celebrated simply lil’ boy’s birthday in advanced. we just had lunch at the mall, then bought some toys for him. we had to go back home early because there were a lot of balloons to do.
pagdating sa house, my assistants were there already, and ginawa na namin ang mga balloons for Eileen’s party.
my parents arrived in the afternoon at nagsimba sila nung hapon. buti na lang sumama si lil’ boy sa kanila, kaya nakapag-concentrate ako sa balloons ko. si lil’ boy naman, 2nd mass na nya, kaya advance thanksgiving mass na nya yun for his bday nung 04/09, hehe.

i guess that’s it. that’s how we spent our Holy Week. it may not be as “fun” as before, but we managed to rest and “reflect”. and most of all, the 3 of us bonded happily. =)

‘til next year, sana out of the country naman, mwehehe. =)
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