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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
happy 2nd birthday lil’ boy
as per my previous blog, there’s no way to stop time. and besides, lil’ boy himself was super excited for his birthday. he even sings the birthday song for himself until now. and after the song, sabay clap and blow ng candle kunyari, hehe, praktisado.

and so, april 09, 2007 came. we woke up early (because i had a party) and cooked breakfast. while eating breakfast, lil’ boy woke up and walked sa dining table. so we sang his favorite birthday song when he came, all smiles naman sya syempre.
after eating at kahit nagmamadali na kami, kasi nga we needed to go to CVJ for my 3pm party, sinabay ko pa din maligo si lil’ boy, like we always do when we’re together. super nakokonsyensya kasi ako eh. kasi birthday nya tapos di nya kami makakasama ni hubby almost the whole day because of the big party we were having that time for a client.

side kwento: bakit nga ba kami may party that same day?
months before pa, when we thought of having a swimming party for my lil’ boy, we really want it on april 14, saturday. not on his actual bday na april 09, even if it was a holiday monday. why? kasi it’s a looong weekend, so i was assuming na most of our guests are still on vacation, or they might be tired kasi kauuwe lang galing sa mahabang bakasyon. ad since it’s a swimming party, iwant it on a saturday para wala pa ding pasok the following day.
so when Eileen (my client) inquired if i’m still available on april 09 and she told me about the venue, i immediately said yes. sayang din naman, pandagdag din sa party ni lil’ boy yun, hehe. and about the venue, sa CVJ din, same venue where we had lil’ boy’s 1st bday party the year before, exactly same date. so parang reminiscing din ako dun, hehe.

back to the main topic: and so after we took a quick bath, binihisan ko na si lil’ boy for his candle blowing. yes, i ordered a small Barney cake, para naman ma-feel nya talaga yung actual day nya.

at eto ang aking lil’ boy, super kulit na talaga. =)

after this, we immediately left. buti na lang hindi umiyak ang aking anak. and so we were at CVJ as early as 11am to decorate the place.
good thing the mother Eileen, asked us to take lil’ boy later sa party nila, she knows kasi na bday din nya eh. she even had a gift nga for my boy eh, kaaliw. and so we were so happy. atleast kasama namin sya the entire party. and mag-enjoy pa sya, feeling nya it’s his bday party na, nyahaha.
hubby fetched lil’ boy around 3pm. kaya ayun, magkasama na kami the entire party. medyo tiring nga lang because i was helping Eileen in coordinating the party, while hubby was taking pictures of the party also (but we weren’t hired as coordinator and photographer, we’re just doing it for free). so salitan kami sa pag-'yaya' sa anak namin, hehe.
funny pa kasi lil’ boy was afraid of Wizzo, the host. big man kasi eh, naka-prince costume pa kaya siguro natakot sya. and ayaw din nya kay Mickey mascot, nyek, paano kaya si Barney sa party nya. told him nga na hindi sya dapat matakot dahil negosyo namin yun noh, hehe.
saya pa sa party kasi sa amin ang host, kaya dami kami prizes, haha, ang daya. =)

*i’ll have a separate blog for the party soon.*

we were able to go home around 8pm, tumulong pa din kasi kaming magligpit after.
at dahil super pagod na kaming lahat, including my parents who were left home, at dahil wala kaming maid!!! we decided to eat outside na lang. we’re supposed to go to Gerry’s Marquinton for a quick dinner lang just to have pancit for lil’ boy’s birthday, kaya lang ayaw na lumayo ng parents ko dahil nga we were all tired. so we just ate at our yummy neighborhood Chinese resto, Luyong! =)

ang kalat ni lil' boy

w/ lola & lolo

pagdating sa house, his Lolo gave his gift to lil’ boy. a light & sound moving airplane.

and our gift for lil’ boy. as usual, may iba pa ba!

Jordan shoes from Nike, limited edition daw kaya naman binili agad ni hubby pagkakita nya. sus, susunod nyan, limited edition naman ng Lebron. hay!
indeed, a Nike Boy! =)

we were really all so dead tired! but of course, it was a HAPPY birthday for all of us.
can’t wait for the swimming party this saturday.

and should i welcome myself to the “Terrible 2’s” =)
posted by apple @ 6:09 PM  
  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Jane said…

    happy birthday to austin! have fun on your swimming party tom :) im sure it'll be a blast.

  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger apple said…

    thanks jane. yup, it was a blast! i'll blog kwento soon, so tired until now, hehe.

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