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Saturday, April 28, 2007
dental problems – please help!
as i’ve previously blogged, we were at Dentista in Shangrila for our 12nn appointment last Sat 04/21.
Dr. Jorge Junio is a very good pedodentist! he played with lil’ boy while doing the check-up. he managed to count and check in detail lil’ boy’s teeth and did oral proph to lil’ boy without him crying or being fussy about it. he was even all smile and pretty excited with the whole process, he loved opening his mouth and seeing himself in the mirror.
i was quite surprised because as per his last session with a pedodentist in Medical City, he was all crying the entire fluoride application process.
but with Dr. Junio, not a single tear! and he even taught lil’ boy how to spit the water when he brushed his teeth. he usually drinks it kasi when we brush eh, hehe.
he’s really so good, that’s why his rates are stiff, not to mention that we are inside Shang! his consultation fee is P600!

now for the sad news, since i was asking for a 2nd opinion based on the findings here from his 1st dental check-up. everything got even WORST!

the findings are these:
- root canal is needed for his 4 front teeth. grabe, at 2yo, kailangan nang i-root canal?! then baka daw hindi na kumapit ang pasta, so he’s suggesting stainless steel crown after.
- restoration on his 4 molars, kasi may cavities na din daw. and this involves drilling talaga!
- he’s suggesting to have my son sedated the entire procedure (IM/IV Sedation), which is around 3 hours! para isang gawaan na lang daw lahat yung 8 teeth.
- another option would be the oral sedation (which is cheaper), pero not sure how my son will react on this. kasi minsan daw, walang effect sa bata, hindi din sya nase-sedate. and also, good for 1 hour lang yata yun, di pwedeng matagalan.
- the cheapest option would be the regular anesthesia lang. pero paglagay pa lang nun, battle na sa bata kasi di ba masakit yung pagtusok nung needle. and during the process, feeling ‘maga’ yung gums nila. kaya as per experienced daw, super cry ang bata during the procedure. kaya medyo mahirap sa dentist gawin, and also sa parents dahil nga cry to death sila for atleast an hour. one more kaya di nya recommended yun, kasi hindi pwedeng gawin lahat sabay-sabay, kasi nga kawawa naman ang bata if 3 hours syang umiiyak dun. so pabalik-balik kami sa kanya if ever, para magawa lahat yung 8 teeth.
- and for the rates!!!
o IM/IV Sedation – P10,000
o Oral Sedation – P2,500 (per visit)
o Pulpectomy (Root Canal) – P2,400 each x 4 front teeth = P9,600
o Stainless Steel Crown – P1,900 each x 4 front teeth = P7,600
o Restoration – P990 x 4 molars = P3,960
o So if I’ll choose the IM/IV, total would be P31,160 lahat!!!

first concern ko is the sedation. i actually don’t want my 2yo boy to be sedated. takot lang ako sa side effects. although he assured me na may anesthesiologist na magbabantay the entire process. pero takot pa din ako, hehe. ako nga nung na-CS, parang humina na ang memory ko eh. ayaw ko naman na magka-effect din sa anak ko yun. =(
second, the cost! grabe, di pa naman kasama sa benefits namin ang dental. kaya super mahal nun for us. super mahal ba sya dahil Shangrila Doctor yun? do you have any recommendations na magaling na pedia-dentist, pero cheaper than him?
third, the entire procedure. i don’t think my son will endure that. naaawa ako sa kanya. i’ve undergone root canal and restoration so alam ko yung feeling. parang di ko kaya sa anak ko yun.
fourth, as they all say, wala namang ganun dati ah. sabi nga ng parents ko, temporary teeth pa lang naman yun, matatanggal din yun. parang sayang naman kung gastusin nyo ng ganun. yung iba nga, hinahayaan lang nilang mabulok at matanggal eh, tutal di pa naman permanent teeth eh.
but as per our Doctor, yung temporary teeth ang foundation ng permanent. if sira daw ang temporary, chances are na pangit din ang tubo ng permanent. and yun nga, sa 7yo pa ang tubo ng permanent, so 5 years nya pang dadalhin yung sirang teeth nya. which eventually, eh sasakit din daw. =(

hay, di ko na alam gagawin ko! baka naman you have same experience, pa-share naman kung anong ginawa nyo. or for those na may alam about this, can you please share your views and recommendations.

i badly need help in deciding. need to know all the pros & cons, better if based on experience talaga! =)

salamat! =)
posted by apple @ 6:07 PM  
  • At 9:15 AM, Blogger Joy said…

    Hi Apple!

    Please update my link from lilsandy.blogspot to http://myblog.joyreyes.com

    Thank you so much!

    Btw, kawawa naman si Austin. Ano na napagpasyahan mong gawin?

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