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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
finally, a venue!
JOLLIBEE! that is! hahaha. but i opted not! =)

i didn’t realize that planning for lil’ boy’s 2nd birthday party would be this stressful. to think that we are only planning a ‘simple’ party, not like the one we had when he turned 1 of course.
as i’ve blogged here, we started scouting for the venue last 02/03. and i’ve made my 1st reservation at the 1st venue in Vista Valley last 02/04. but cancelled it and reserved a better venue in Vista valley also last 02/18. but then unfortunately, i got bumped off for fcuk-ing reasons by the owner last 03/10. and so i was left with 1 month to scout for a venue AGAIN!
this was where all the stress came in. the desperate search for a pool venue within our area, even at nighttime! but to no avail. some were already booked (it’s summertime, remember); some were small and can’t accommodate 100 guests; and some were too big and can’t accommodate my budget =).
and because of this, fast food became an option. being lil’ boy’s favorite, i’ve inquired at Jollibee. =( i’ve re-computed my budget (the only positive thing to consider, it’s cheaper here), negotiated my desired theme with them, checked the actual venue, adjusted my prizes and give aways (coz’ i have LOTS for a 2-hr party), and the hardest thing to do, set my mind and forget about ALL the swimming ideas and concepts i had since the beginning of party planning! =(
i tentatively booked Jollibee, and was advised to make down payment, so i won’t get bumped off again. hubby kept on reminding me to pay the DP already, but i kept on delaying it. i was really half-hearted. at the back of my mind, i was hoping that something better will happen. i was still looking for other options. i wasn’t really settled. i'm not contented to celebrate lil' boy's bday with family and friends for a short 2 hours only.
but then hubby told me to slow it down a bit, the expenses he meant. he said that maybe it was really meant not to find a pool venue so we can minimize the budget. and he reminded me that we’ve just bought a new PC, a laptop and a camera, so a Jollibee party would really be the best (read as: cheapest) option. ok fine! i'm convinced, and so he thought. =)
but what about the prizes i bought? a 2-hr party at Jollibee won’t be enough to give away all those prizes. what about the swimming prizes i bought, how can they use it? and my give aways, it will occupy a big space and Jollibee doesn’t have that. what about my Barney mascot? he’s not allowed to enter a Jollibee mascot premise. what about the backdrop and balloon decors? i won’t be allowed to decorate the place hours before. what about the ideas, the concepts, the pictures i've ‘formed’ in my mind, i won't be ale to see it anymore. =(
but i guess no matter how endless these questions and objections were, it all boils down to one point: i had no choice! so i have to give in . . .
just please give me 1 LAST chance! =)

mar 21, wed. the 1st thing i did when i arrived at my office (from a 2-day VL) was to call up the 1st venue i booked in Vista Valley. i don’t know why, just out of nowhere, i just called them. and the owner said that it is still booked, but until now, he hasn’t received the DP yet from the client. you can just imagine the smile on my face upon hearing that. and the owner told me that he’ll call me again if the client won’t push through anymore. and so i kept my fingers crossed, hoping, hoping & hoping. . .
after 15 minutes, he did call. and lo and behold! that venue was really meant for us i guess. God is so good to hear all my prayers and heart’s desires! =) i was just so happy and my party planning blood went all up again, hehe. i called up hubby at once and surprisingly, he was all excited also. i guess he was just telling me to be ‘practical’ before just so i can get over the swimming party and accept Jollibee. but i know in his heart that he also wanted this. and so i’m right. and he told me “hindi mo kasi alam kung anong gagawin mo sa mga binili mong salbabida noh?” haha, he’s absolutely right! =)
and so finally, we have a venue. a pool venue that is! and swimming party is what we are cooking up again. the ideas are back, all the prizes are back, and so the ‘budget’ is also back, mwehehe.

last 03/25, sunday, as early as 7am, i was already up and in the venue to pay the DP. all weekends are full already from 8am onwards, so i had to be early. i took some pictures and made some measurements for the decors.
and as what i’ve blogged before, this is the venue with the ”picnic” atmosphere, complete with the cabanas, the bamboo tables and chairs, the playground, the pool shade, the rain shower and Jacuzzi! PERFECT! =) but i guess we just have to trim down our guests a bit because the venue can only accomodate 100 pax max.

the excitement is all over me again. can’t wait for my lil’ boy’s 2nd birthday swimming picnic w/ Barney party! =)

thanks to all those who’ve called, texted and gave suggestions on pool venues.
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  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger katrina de jesus said…

    Hi. Tnx for ur blog.. Lots of ideas. ;-) and also can u pls send me ur list of pools in marikina.. Me and my boyfie are planning to get married next yr and a private resort is one of our venue.. Thanks in advance :-) oh! Can u pls send it to my mobile 09324700956. Thanks again..

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