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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
change venue
after hearing mass, eating lunch and doing some window shopping at the mall, i asked hubby to check the other pool venue in Vista Valley. as i’ve blogged earlier, there are 3 venues in the village, but we’ve only checked 2 because the last was closed that time. i was quite settled with the 1st venue, because as i’ve mentioned, the “picnic” atmosphere is present, with all the cabanas, the bamboo tables, the playground, the pool shade and rain shower. but with an increasing number of guests, i’m having second thoughts because the place is quite small. it would be perfect for “family and close friends only” gathering, but for a 100pax guest list and growing, it’ll too crowded.
so i’ve decided to check the last venue. when we went there, a party was going on but they still let us in. it was nice of them to allow us to check the place even if they were eating and all. and same comments we got from them too. the 1st venue is too small, the 2nd venue is too beautiful but expensive. and this 3rd venue is just the right size and price. =) it’s more expensive than the 1st, but the place is bigger, and the pool is bigger too. there is already a small open house with an aircon bedroom, rest rooms and kitchen with ref. i think this will fit more the simple party i have in mind. although i still want the cabanas, playground, pool shade and rain shower of the 1st, waaah! can we transfer it here? =)
we’ve already made reservations, and we’ll just go back next Saturday to check everything, w/o an ongoing party and all.
i guess this is the one! =) because the moment i saw it, it gets me more excited to plan for lil’ boy’s 2nd bday. not that i’m not excited, ako pa! it’s just that i feel that i finally found the perfect place for a fun swimming party, and now i can formally start the party works and all!
wish me luck! =)
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