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Thursday, March 15, 2007
photography 101
my new passion: photography! =)

i love pictures, i think it’s an inborn passion of me because i used to collect hundreds of pictures way back my high school days. and i still keep them all until now.
as far as i can remember, it was during high school when i started bringing my own camera. yeah, because way back my elementary days, my Dad would even take a leave from work just to take photos of us every time there’s a program, presentation or any activities in our school. so no question where i inherited the talent i guess. =)
came HS, college and even before as an employee, during events, parties or “feeling model” days, i always carry my own camera (film). the only problem i guess with having my own cam is that i’m always taking the pictures and seldom included in it.

and then came my lil’ boy! obviously, he would always be a hot “model” so thank God for my digital camera. and what do you expect, thousands of pictures filling up our memory in the PC and laptop.

on the other note, since i love decorating parties, i just thought that the best way to “profile” our beautiful balloon decors is to take good photos of it. sometimes i get frustrated that i can’t properly document our works the way i want it to be. so i guess i’m still lacking in skills and equipment. =(

these 2 reasons, and more, inspire me to take photography in a higher level. =)

i’ll try to learn the basics, or better yet, more than the basics. i asked for tips and advices from my photographer friends and suppliers. searched the net on tutorials and samples. and i’ll experiment, experiment and experiment. and as they all say, “sleep with your camera”!

but first, i have to buy a professional camera, a DSLR!

and that’s where the problem exists, hahaha! it’s so expensive!!! it’s really an investment, and i really have to work damn hard to realize my ROI, hehe.

to all the photo enthusiasts out there, any tips for a novice like me?
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