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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Goodluck Apols!
i guess i’m the last to post (as usual) about this. sorry na, zuppper busy, as always.

last mar 14, friday, we, the mommy bloggers, scheduled a (supposedly) surprise ‘farewell’ get-together for Apols. she’ll be leaving for Singapore this mar 29. thanks to Thea for organizing this.

anyway, it was a terribly busy Friday for me…

woke up at 8am to cut the remaining tumbler prints of a client. since i was running late and still had a LOT of things to do, i decided to call my assistant and asked her to come to our house and help me do the errands. she arrived at 10am, asked her to buy printer ink as i ran out printing lots of tumbler covers! my gosh, i underestimated the colored printing and i didn’t know that it will consume that MUCH ink. huhuhu, i was so lugi, abonado ako ng P1,500 because i’m using original ink eh, kainis!

anyway, when my assistant arrived, we did the “get well soon” balloon bouquet that a client ordered. i added a personalized ‘GWS’ tumbler also patterned on the balloon, so cutie.

at 2pm, lil boy and i left already. yeah, i promised to take him with me. we first delivered the bouquet balloon at UP Village. then headed to Makati to deliver the lunchbags and tumbler prints. after that, headed to Greenbelt 3 to meet the mommy bloggers at 5pm. since we’re meeting beside TimeZone, lil boy had his time of his life playing, playing and playing. paiyakan pa before we can finally leave the place.

then i finally saw Joy at Big Chill already, so we went there na. then Thea followed. Mich, Apols, Aggie & Jody arrived after. we decided to transfer to National Sports Grill and had a LOT of chikahan. though i wasn’t able to hear all of those sizzling chikas because i was taking care of my lil boy. lesson learned! hehe.

Jacqui and Kelly followed there also, kaya lalong umingay because of Jacqui, haha.

sadly, hubby arrived na at 7pm from work. so he got lil boy first and they played again sa Timezone, while i was catching up on some chikahan pa din. at 730, i really had to go because hubby was already hungry. so i left them na, but came back after a while to give the mini cake to Apols, which i left sa parking lot, toink!

we ate dinner sa Fuzion, then window shopping, then left na. lil boy fell asleep as soon as we hit the road, super tired with all the playing, hehe.

it was one fun meeting again with the mommy bloggers. though i missed a LOT of chikas and secrets because i wasn’t paying much attention and needed to leave early. you can see all the secrets and revelations on their personal blogs.

will definitely miss you Apols! next meeting would be sa Sgp ha, hehe. or sa mansion ba ni Jane? family outing ito? hahaha.

see you soon!

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