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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
exactly 1 year from now, it’ll be 08/08/08.
and hopefully, 1 year from now, i’ll be giving birth to my 2nd baby, a “princess” this time.

based on the Chinese Calendar, if i conceive this November, chances are, it will be a baby girl. so i’m in high hopes that He’ll allow me to take care of his girly angel this time. =)

why 08/08/08?
wala lang, feeling ko lang swerte yung date, hehe.

seriously, being a planning freak that i am, i’ve already planned for this date from the time hubby and i were discussing about how many kids we want after lil’ boy. and since we want the next baby to come when our 1st born is 3yo, so that will be 2008.

and for the day, why 08? para sunod-sunod kami.
lil’ boy was born on the 9th, hubby on the 10th, while i was born on the 11th. then our anniversary was on the 12th. so ayaw ko naman gawing 13th ang bday ng baby ko, so better na 8 na lang.

now for the month, why august? para magkasunod kami, hehe.
we have celebrations every other month, sa akin lang pumalya, kaya gusto ko na sa august na sya para every other month pa din sila.
hubby’s bday is on Feb, lil’ boy on Apr, our anniv on Jun, then Aug sana si baby at Sep naman ako.

so yun, kaya nabuo ang 08/08/08.
ang tanong na lang, san kami sa November? para buohin si 2nd baby? hahaha, wink*wink!

FYI, CS po ako so hopefully, i can execute my birthing plans. =)

but now on a really serious note ... am i ready? are we ready?
hubby and i discussed this topic a number of times already, and i believed we were all set by then. i even blogged that already before here.
side kwento: upon reading again that previous blog, parang super tagal pa nun noh, 768 days to go pa, more than 2 years. but now, 3 months na lang! hay, time flies so fast talaga when you're in love, hehe. lapit na Mahal!!! hahaha! =)

even my OB advised us to have our 2nd baby soon, because we’re getting older na daw, hehe.

we’ve actually informed our parents, families and close friends who’ve been asking the usual question “kelan nyo susundan?” about our plans. so i guess we were really decided by then.

but now that it’s nearing, i’m beginning to ask myself “are we ready for another baby?”
another challenge, physically, mentally, financially and emotionally!

physically, lil’ boy will be 3yo by then. a super kulit toddler w/ a nursing and crying 2nd baby, can i handle that? not to mention that lil’ boy is so close to me and still breastfeeding directly until now. will i be unfair to my 2nd baby because obviously, divided ang time ko with my 2 kids? and now that i’m quite busy with work on weekdays and my party business on weekends, can i still exclusively breastfeed my baby until 1.5 yo, like what i did with lil’ boy?
fyi, i only went back to my party business when lil boy turned 1yo, kasi nga, full-time mom ako on weekends before eh. so how will i do it now with my 2nd baby?

mentally, sa super dami kong iniisip sa family ko, sa anak ko, sa asawa ko, sa work ko at sa business ko, ewan ko kung kayanin ko pang magdagdag ng iisipin, hehe.

financially, no need to explain, alam na lahat ng nanay yun. at everytime nasa mall ako, ewan ko ba pero lagi akong nagpupunta sa mga damit at gamit na pang-girls. super cute kasi eh, ang kikay! kaya pangarap ko talaga ang girl. kaya nga sabi ko kay hubby, humanda na sya kapag nagka-girl kami, kasi malamang, doble ang gastos. sa super daming cutey items for baby girls, i know that i can’t get enough of it. =)dadaigin namin ang terno-ternong Nike nilang mag-ama. hahaha.
side kwento ulit: last Monday, we went to Eastwood, at syempre pa, dumaan kami sa Nike. he saw this cute Nike shoes for baby girls, sabi nya bagay daw yun for “----“. haller, pati si baby girl, gusto nya naka-Nike din. =)

and last, emotionally!
i remembered one time, may sinabi yung isang ka-YM ko na parang “i don’t think i can still love someone as much as i’m loving my son now”. and the topic was having baby no.2. that time, i was still pregnant and can’t relate yet. so parang feeling ko, over naman to! gaano ba kalaki ang pagmamahal mo sa unang anak mo? tsaka if ever, yung pangalawa naman eh anak mo pa din noh. those were the questions na i didn’t imagine eh haharapin ko din pala ngayon.

now i understand where she was coming from. i now feel the “love” she was saying. and only Moms can relate to this feeling. parang super love ko si lil’ boy na hindi ko alam if kaya ko pang maibigay yung ganung klaseng pagmamahal at dedikasyon sa 2nd baby ko, lalim noh? hehe.

but i guess Moms of 2 kids or more will say otherwise. and i know na kapag nandyan na din ako sa stage na yan, maiintindihan ko na din ang feeling ng may overflowing love for ALL kids. i guess it comes naturally for a mother. and i’m proud that i am one! =)

so, am i ready? i’m confident that i’ll be!
i’m taking all the necessary steps to prepare me for an additional blessing. i’m also starting to talk to lil’ boy about it, i’m prepping him to start sharing my breast to somebody else (not to his Dad of course, mwehehe).
but of all the preps, ang pinaka-mahirap yata for me ay ang magpapayat. waaah! i can’t get pregnant agad with my weight now. so i know that i have to take this seriously because it’s just 3 months left. diet-exercise-diet! so help me Lord! =)

but if all else fails, i know that the Lord will give me my 2nd angel in His time. and whether He’ll grant me a girl or a boy, doesn’t really matter. He knows what’s best for us so i trust Him completely.

just please wish me luck and help me pray to prepare us for this. =)

buntisan na naman!!! hahaha, ang laswa pakinggan! =)
posted by apple @ 12:20 PM  
  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger karen said…

    apple, one word... OC!!!
    good luck sa mga plano! =)

  • At 3:14 PM, Blogger Jane said…

    haha. ang pangit nga pakinggan, buntisan nanaman, lol.

    goodluck to both of us! this is it. no turnig back na. hopefully we'll get preggy agad :)

  • At 10:50 PM, Blogger apple said…

    di ka na naman pumasok noh, nakapag-blog ka na naman. hehe.
    yup, i'm OC. that's why i'm a party planner. =)

    yes jane, this is it. sabay na naman ang ating party planning pag nagkataon. hehe.
    good luck sa atin. =)

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger Jody said…

    I always believe that you would never know as to when you would come prepared in getting pregnant or for another baby. God has his plans for all of us. I'm sure He knows when is the best time for you. Having two kids is different, so as having just one, three or more. You become more selfless. Once you are there, you would know how to act on it. I'm sure you will have the same excitement as when you had Austin. Having girls is another story. Yes, super daming kikay stuff. You will love shopping for her. But what if boy again? Kami, we wanted another one sana (but not too soon!) A boy ofcourse. But we asked ourselves, what if girl again? It's still entirely ok. We would love the baby as much as we have loved Margaux and Bianca.

    Enjoy baby-making! (wink, wink, hehehe)

  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger M0rN1nG & N!cE said…

    i can relate dun sa sinabi mong i don't know if i can love the next child like the first one. mahirap ngang isipin yang baby #2 na yan.

    Basta i admire you for taking the plunge. Enjoy! :)

  • At 11:55 PM, Blogger Apple said…

    First of all good luck on your baby making abilities hahahaha!

    I think nobody is ever ready to have a baby too soon when youre busy but the readiness comes with time...9 months that is bwehehehe.

    Re: loving at the same level for baby #2, ive asked myself the same question! You know, when my tummy was growing it was undeniable im baby struck again just like my eldest.My love is overflowing for the both of them and i always ask if i love them just the same? Of course! In time, when you get there youll be just as crazy as your eldest :P

    Goodluck on august 8 galingan niyo ha. Hehehehe!


  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger apple said…

    Hi Jody,

    yeah, i guess we'll be ready when it comes. =)
    what if boy again, ok lang, wala naman kaming choice eh, hehe. atleast me kakulitan na yung isa. though may naka-ready na din naman kaming name if ever boy nga. and atleast mas tipid kapag boy. =)
    and for sure, we'll enjoy the baby-making. hahaha.

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger apple said…

    thanks nice!

    basta i know, we always have overflowing love for our kids. so humayo tayo at magparami. haha.


    i knew you'll reply, ewan ko basta feeling ko, sasagot ka, hehe.
    salamat for sharing your experience. i'm looking forward to that time na lumalaki ulit yung tummy ko.
    and i guess i'll really be crazy, crazy sa dami ng gagawin. haha.
    nice meeting you again last Sunday.

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