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Saturday, July 14, 2007
relaxed long weekend
as i’ve mentioned in my previous post, i was again on leave last friday.

07/06, friday – i left the house at 8am, earlier pa than if may pasok ako. i’ve set a meeting with a client in Las Piñas at 10am. being a friday and with only a printed map on hand, i knew i should be early! i passed by MOA, chuva and chuva, places i can’t recall already by now. and guess what, syempre pa, naligaw ako. malapit na sana ako but i missed the signboard, so ayun, lumagpas ako! ang kainis pa nun, the road going back was heavy traffic, tipong so near yet so far ang drama ko kasi super slow-moving kami. grrr! Yax, her hubby and baby met me at Caltex and we all went to their venue, PhilamLife Clubhouse. we discussed the decors and i made some measurements of the place.
then we went to Starbucks after to discuss further. around 1130 am, i left na and went home.

pero dahil consistent ako, syempre, naligaw ulit ako, mwehehe! iba na kasi yung daan pauwe eh, at wala akong map pabalik, hehe.

i arrived at Sta. Lucia to buy banana (for choco fontain) and some supplies from National. then arrived home at around 1pm and finally ate lunch, my 1st meal for that day! my assistant was already doing some of the balloons for our 6pm party that night. after eating, finished the balloon décors and left at 230pm.

we arrived at Patio Ibarra in Quezon Ave at 3pm, then i was informed na 8pm pa daw ang time nila dun. nyek! but then i insisted to start with the decors already, since wala namang prior party. kaya ayun, di kami nagmamadali because we had ample time to prepare.

and since 8pm ang start and they got our choco fountain, that means na hihintayin ko pa yun matapos at around 11pm.

buti na lang, magaling ‘tumayming’ ang aking kaibigang si Bodj, biglang nag-text sya na gimik daw kami that night! PERFECT! instant gimik agad. =) so we texted our other friend Jing and so, settled na ang lakad namin, hehe.

we were done with the set-up of balloons and choco fountain by 7pm. sayang lang na i didn’t stay kasi may Lechon Baka, yummy talaga, super laki, hehe. pinapakain nga ako ni Weng, but i needed to leave na din eh.

Bodj, Jing and i met at Gram’s Diner in ABS where we had dinner. there we saw Vhong, Jong, Direk Chito and Panky dining. the food is not that good as we expected. though the ambience and service is nice, and the price is just right. but i wouldn’t recommend it though, pero sabi nila yung breakfast daw ang masarap dun.

after dinner, we headed to Starbucks as usual. pagdating dun, my assistant was texting me already na tapos na daw yung party. so at 1030pm, balik akong Patio at sinundo ang tao ko. i actually invited her to join us na lang sa Starbucks but she decided to go home na lang. and so, i went back to Starbucks and had fun with my friends. it’s been months since we’ve had that kind of gimik na, nakaka-miss talaga minsan. we’re thinking pa nga of going to Music 21 for our much-loved videoke or comedy bars pero di namin alam kung saan si Pooh eh. next time na lang ulit!

we called it a night at 1am, and i arrived home at 130am. wow, what a relaxing gimik after all those parties… =)

07/07 – saturday – wala akong parties that day! so nag-date kaming dalawa ni lil’ boy, dahil nga may pasok si hubby.
at 11am, we’re at World Citi already for lil’ boy’s vaccine and check-up. then went to Robinson’s after, ate lunch and played sa play area na nalimutan ko (as usual) ang name. =)

went home at around 3pm, just slept, stayed home and rested. ang sarap!

not much celebration for us on the 07/07/07, puro wedding kasi siguro to.

07/08 – sunday – the 3 of us heard mass at 10am, had a quick lunch at 11am, and fetched the mascots at 12nn. by 1pm, we were already at St. Joseph Function Hall in Palanan, Makati for the 2pm bday party of Iñigo, Marie’s baby boy. we just provided the mascot, puppet show and she rented my food cart. when everything were settled already, we just went to Glorietta after. as usual, nag-arcade ang aking mag-ama at ang galing-galing-galing ni lil’ boy mag-basketball. naka-tatlong balik nga kami dun noh, sa sobrang addict nila pareho. addict mag-shoot ang aking anak, at addict mag-shoot ng video naman ang proud father, hehe. i’ll definitely blog about this soon.

sumakay din kami dun sa mga walking animals, syempre fav din ni lil ‘boy yun eh. 2 round, 1 with me and 1 with his Papa.

after that, we just ate breads from BreadTalk and drinks from Starbucks.

then went back to the venue at 5pm to pick-up our stuffs and assistants. then home at around 7pm.

that simple!

wow, a different way to spend the weekends! =)
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