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Saturday, July 21, 2007
apat na maria
i had 4 parties last weekend, all 4 girls! =) 1st was Disney Princess, 2nd was Carnival, 3rd was Tinkerbell and 4th was Pooh Bapismal...
this blog would be a short-cut version na lang, kasi dami ko pa kelangan gawin eh, hehe.

07/14, sat - woke up at 530 am to buy hotdogs for our hotdog cart. then at around 7am, we're on our way to Makati Sports for the 11am party. my client had a LOT of balloon decors so it was quite challenging to set-up everything, good thing we had ample time to do it all.

we also provided the ice cream and hotdog cart. as well as video services.
you can view more pics here.

when everything was settled, i left my assistants there to man the carts and the party as well.
while me and my assistant left for Makati Parks naman.

12nn - we were at Makati Parks already, waiting for the 1pm set-up time, as usual! while we were at the parking lot, we were pumping some of our balloons manually. lumaki na nga muscles ng tao ko eh, hehe.
at 1pm, start na ng set-up, so mabilisan na naman syempre. we were done at 2pm, kasi we only supplied the balloon decors, standee, entrance styro and the little tikes playground.

and since i had to stay sa party, might as well do something na lang. so i volunteered to do back-up photography for FREE. atleast, naaliw ako, hehe.

more pics here.

07/15, sun - we left our place (w/ hubby and lil' boy, yipee!) at around 930 am for the 11am party at Palladium Clubhouse, near Wack-Wack.
we supplied balloon decors, ice cream cart, cake, cupcake & lollies and backpack souvenirs.

our balloon decors were really simple, just the usual thing we do. pero i was surprised to receive a comment from the head waitress of Blue Petals, their caterer. she said "ay, ang ganda naman ng balloons nyo! sana pala sa inyo na lang nagpagawa yung Boss ko. nag-bday party kasi yun nung isang linggo eh, si _____ ang gumawa, hindi naman maganda. maganda pa yang mga gawa mo." then she asked for my calling card, hehe. syempre pa, happy naman ako kasi naa-appreciate nila yung mga pinag-paguran ko. :)

more pics here.

eto pa, what a small world. kasi yung elder bro pala ng client ko eh barkada ni hubby nung college noh, kaaliw. kaya chikahan muna sila before we left.

1130am - we were already at Somethin' Fishy. i just set-up the table centerpieces that my officemate ordered to me last minute for her daughter's Baptismal.

after that, ate lunch na din sa baba. and here is lil' boy, enjoying his own glass of iced tea.

after lunch, ikot muna sa Eastwood, shopping ng konti, bought toys and pasalubong sa mga pamangkin. kasi at 3pm, went to IL's house para dumalaw. kaya ayun, nagkita na naman ang mga magpipinsan kaya kagulo na naman sila. =)

we left at 5pm to hear the 6pm mass at Sta. Lucia. then had dinner after, and later went home.

another weekend na walang pahinga! =)
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