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Monday, July 23, 2007
on kid's crocs (huli man daw at magaling, huli pa din, nyehehe)

when crocs first came in town 2 years ago (yata), i found those cayman for babies cutie. but unfortunately, there was no small size yet to fit my (then) baby boy's tiny feet.
and then later, the mickey crocs came out, and it was really cute. though i found the scutes and mary jane for girls cuter, hehe.

but then i've learned about the daphne-rustans-crocs story, so the idea of buying got parked for awhile.

but last week, i noticed that his 2nd pair of havaianas (na sadyang ginawa lang nyang tsinelas sa bahay, daig pa ang nanay, hehe) will soon be outgrown already. so time to buy a bigger pair. that's when i remembered the mickey crocs again. =)
and so i looked for his size but unfortunatley again, Glorietta and Rustan's Makati didn't have his size. so i just asked hubby to buy 1 in Rustan's Gateway for lil' boy.

and so, here it is:

and we bought these cute Disney G-bits to jazz it up a lil' bit:

isn't it cute? =)

on adult crocs (tagal kong pinalipas, kaya naman aking kinaripas, haha =)

i've always been a havaianas girl from the start. i like it better than crocs, i like the simplicity and style. and i guess the "bulldog-style" of crocs doesn't appeal to me (actually, i didn't like that style talaga since school days, never had those "Greg" (sp?) shoes ba yun, hehe)

but of course i've tried it on the malls when it first came out. but i found the cayman so malapad for my feet, while the other girly style naman so payat for my feet, hehe. so i guess it wasn't really for me then. and so i wasn't really updated on the latest styles anymore.

until the time i was looking for mickey crocs last week. i finally saw one from crocs that i really, really like!!!
so i checked and called Glorietta, Rustan's Makati & Gateway and Crocs Serendra almost EVERYDAY to see and ask if there's an available stock already, but to no avail. buti na lang, someone from Serendra gave Promenade's number to me, nakulitan na yata sa akin eh, hehe. and at long last, there was a size 7 capri, colored chocolate & cotton candy (oh di ba, pangalan pa lang, ang sarap at ganda na, hehe). so i reserved it na. but since 1 day lang daw ang reservation, i had to claim it last Friday.

and so Friday lunchtime we went, hehe. Jing and i were there past 11am, and i was surprised to see a LOT of nice styles ha. i guess i've missed crocs shops for so long kaya di ko alam na may mga magagandang style na pala sila in fairness. :)

but i guess i need to setlle for just one muna, kasi lagot ako sa asawa ko noh, next time na lang ulit yung iba. (at buti na lang din, hindi din type ni hubby ang crocs at hindi sya naki-terno sa amin ni lil' boy, he's happy with his Nike and hava na daw) ang sagot ko, hanggang kelan kaya? hehe.

look at my new crocs, isn't it so nice...

eto pa ang funny dyan. i wore it kasi agad pagka-bili ko. and since super shiny ng floor sa Promenade (and may katamaran ako maglakad kaya i sometimes slide my feet na lang), ayun, muntik na akong parang "matisod" kasi nga super non-slip sya, hehe. pero sarap din sya sa paa kasi malambot din yung soles nya eh.

after that, we ate at Little Asia, then back to office na. oh di ba, sadyang kinaripas ko!
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