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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Happy 13th Anniversary Uneven 7!
i’ll start my series of short (delayed) posts just to document everything, for ‘memory gap’ purposes. =)

to start with, july 20, 2007, friday!

we were scheduled to meet at Gateway to celebrate our 13th anniversary over dinner.
i guess everybody was excited (or not? hehe) because there were major issues to discuss.

but Che’s baby (and maids) got sick so she can’t leave the house. so we had changed of plans last minute and just celebrated it at their house in Marikina.

we arrived there around 830pm, had dinner, cake and ice cream.
after that, the much-awaited ‘heated discussion’! :)

thanked God everything went fine, we cleared up things which were misunderstood and misinterpreted. we pointed out and explained our views and our side. and we just finally agreed to disagree. anyway, different strokes for different folks. =)

what’s important is that we were able to resolve those issues bothering us for almost a year already.

funny because we’ve been together for 13 years, through thick and thin since college days. we are all matured individuals but we still have issues on the way. i guess that’s how we keep the fire burning, that’s how we strengthen the bond of our friendship and that’s just how we are.

actually at first, i chose to just be passive and let it pass. but i guess they’re right, it’s better to face everything up front and resolve it now. than leave it at that and make issues worst. after all, we know that we’ll still all be together for the rest of our lives. and that’s how we want it to be. :)

again, to Ann, Che, Denny, Karen, Pinky and Rhona (in the USA), Happy 13th Anniversary! indeed, 13 is a “bad” number for us, hehe.

i love you all guys, keep our ‘fire’ burning. mwehehe.

pasensya na, si 'yaya' ang kumuha kaya puro kurtina ang nakita, nyahaha.

our signature 'stairs' shot. :)
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