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Monday, September 10, 2007
partiesss (part 3) - 08/25
continuation again...

August 25, 11am - Chia's Baptismal
Panciteria ni San Jacinto; theme is "It's a Girl!"

we provided styro decor, balloons and cakes & cupcakes.

more cutie pics here.

August 25, 11am - Erica's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, West; theme is disney princess

yup, same time, at super magkalayo. kaya nilagari ko na naman tong dalawang parties na to.

pictures here.

then went back home to get the balloons for my 3rd party that day.


the biggest party booboo, EVER!

August 25, 3pm - Lance's 1st Birthday
Kamayan, Edsa; theme is Diego

since there were a LOT of balloons and only an hour set-up, i had 3 assistants with me. plus our helper, because i took lil' boy with me. planning to go malling with him after the 3pm set-up. but NO! it didn't happen...

we were at the venue by 1pm, there was a prior party until 130. so that was the only time we started the set-up.
she ordered 2 stage pillars, 6 stage flower plants, 100 floating balloons (the hardest thing to set-up), 4 post balloons, 12 centerpieces and balloon burst. they also got Chubster, the host.

it was almost 3pm, 2:40 to be exact and i was almost happy because we were almost done with the set-up. just some finishing touches here and there. medyo na-pressure kasi ako at first dahil akala ko mabibitin kami sa set-up.

my lil boy was outside the room, dun sa may lobby sa 2nd floor, playing with our helper. buti good boy at di nakikigulo.

then, my assistant approached me, "san daw po yung Dora mylar sabi ng client?". parang biglang tumigil yung mundo ko! nasan nga ba?

client gave me 2 big super shaped mylars which she bought from the US. 1 dora and the big number "1". i didn't inflate it yet kasi di na kakasya sa van eh, super puno na kami. and i guess that was my biggest mistake! but then, nilagay ko na sa plastic yun and sinama ko dun sa mga things to load sa van. what happened pala, niligpit ng tao ko. so hindi nasama! OMG!!! i was speechless, didn't know what to do. it was almost 3pm, the party was about to start. and not to mention the heavy traffic on a saturday afternoon!!!

and so i talked to the client and took the blame (dahil kahit tao ko yung palpak, sagutin ko pa din yun dahil nga tao ko yun eh). told her i'll be back in no time. the client was ok naman, pero ako, hindi!

so i left all of them there. nagpaalam lang ako sa anak ko kasi ayoko talaga syang isama because i was expecting a dangerous speedy ride ahead. so mabuti nang mag-isa lang ako noh!

at 3pm, i tightened my seatbelt and made the craziest ride of my life. since it was a saturday, i passed all those heavy or i would say worst traffic. plus point na siguro na 'in-born fast driver' ako, Lady Schumacher, ika nga, hehe. but i would say na that was the fastest and scariest drive i've done in my entire life. lahat yata na-overtake ko na, counter flow kung counter flow, singit kahit ka sa kaliit-liitang pagkakataon. and not to mention na i was on the phone most of the time i was driving. bad, i know. but i didn't have a choice. i was calling all the party shops nearby if they have stocks of those big mylars. but unfortunately, yung isa lang ang available, so no use din. wala ding tao sa house kaya wala akong mautusan na magdala. naka-hazard naman ako eh, so i hope they understand. akala siguro nila manganganak na ako. haha. =)

i arrived home at 340, oh di ba, 40 min from Edsa to Marikina on a sat afternoon, what a ride, hehe. i inflated the balloons at home. then off i flew to Kamayan again. same crazy driving, and it took me only 30 mins to arrive. kausap ko pa sa phone yung tao ko nun to monitor the part of the party program.

i arrived at around 415. good thing the party started at around 4pm na lang din because most guests were late due to HEAVY TRAFFIC. ha, traffic ba? haha.

funny pa kasi i have a friend na invited sa party. and she just lives near our house. sabi nya, more than an hour daw yung byahe nya dahil super traffic. need i explain more what kind of driving i did that time?

hay! that was the 1st major booboo we've ever made in my 5 years in this business. buti na lang nalusutan ko. lesson learned, even how competent your people are, i guess di mo pwedeng iasa sa kanila lahat. though i really do check it myself din naman always eh, dito lang yata ako pumalya. malas! =)

owel, aside from that, everything was ok na naman. the client was still happy with the party.

napakain na din kaming lahat dun dahil sa sobrang stressed naming lahat. at di na natuloy ang date namin ni lil boy. so went home by 530 pm na lang din.


to be continued...
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