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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
baptismal party
Eileen, a co-n@wie, inquired before for his 1st born’s baptismal on dec 17 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Makati. being familiar with the place (decorated a Barney party here months ago) and because she’s a n@wie(!) made me accept her party, kahit na less priority lang nya ang balloon décor (read as: “limited budget” =). with her given budget, i provided her with 10 table centerpieces with 14” mylar and 2 pillars with 18” mylar.

we were at the venue around 9am for the 11am baptismal. her mom was there and facilitated the decors. like Eileen, her mom (whole family actually) was so OC and very particular with every detail. good thing she liked my balloons, less pressure on that, huh!
after the set-up and some final “re-touches”, we had to go home around 1030am. her mom was all-ok with the set-up and her SIL gave the payment already. sayang lang kasi i wasn’t able to meet Eileen because we still had a xmas party in our house by 2pm.
to be honest, i was quite nervous on our way home. 1st time kasi na hindi kami nagkita ng client on the actual event, so i’m clueless if she’s satisfied or what. not that i'm not confident with our output, it's just that i wanted to see the smile of satisfaction from my clients, like in my previous events. though she mentioned naman na i can just get the payment with her SIL kasi nga baka late na sila dumating sa venue. pero syempre, wala pa ding assurance sa akin na nagustuhan nya yung décor ko. not to mention nga na OC sya, kaya double pressure talaga!

i love to have clients who are OC like me. because it’s really a challenge for me knowing that they are in every eye of the detail. and it helps me conceptualize more because i exactly know what they want. and in some cases, it’s easier because i don’t need to do extra research anymore, everything has been supplied already. on the other hand, more pressure is involved. you need to check on the littlest details because for sure, they’ll have an “eye” on it. =) and because they’ve researched, they have more info and knowledge about your product, sometimes nga, more than my knowledge pa eh. o di ba, pressure talaga yun. and most of all, i don’t exactly know their “taste”! what is beautiful and elegant for me may not be the case for them. so the challenge goes on and on…

anyway, back to the party, i was just happy with what Eileen texted me after:
1st - “Tnx so much 4 d nice setup! I really lyk it! =) sayang, i wasn’t able 2 mit u in person. =)
2nd - “Ok ang baptismal reception. Tnx again 4 d nice setup n 4 working around my budget. =) halos naubusan na kami ng centerpc! =)

hay, nakahinga ako ng maluwag, hehe.

congrats again Eileen for your successful party. i was expecting it to be successful because you had it ALL organized.
thanks again and until next time. =)
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