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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
as what i've blogged here, here, here and here, my son is super addicted to letters and numbers.

as of now (he just turned 3yo this month), he can count and write (even on a paper with a pencil or pen) 1-100, even backwards. he can recite, write (even backwards) all the 26 letters (big & small). he can even do simple addition now, like 3+4, 5+3, etc., basta kaya pa ng 10 fingers nya, hehe. he can even write and spell simple words like his name, my name, mama, papa, lola, lolo, tita, barney, cat, dog and a lot more.

fyi, he's not even schooling yet ha. i'm so glad (and proud) that these are his addictions, not cars, toys or whatever. though he loves basketball also.

anyway, here are some of his favorite toys, that he plays and plays everyday, paulit-ulit lang.

these were new additions last xmas. suki na kami ng 'vtech'

he had these and 'understand' even before he turned 2yo.

pati books, letters & numbers pa din.

here are the cheapo toys, abc at 123 pa din, hahaha.

these are the usual "ubong" toys, and everytime we visit toy stores, di pwedeng walang bitbit, kaya dapat mga ka-cheap-an lang, hehe.

not included here are the dvds (barney, einstein, sesame, jollibee) na walang kasawa-sawang pinapanuod nya everyday, as in paulit-ulit.

but really, i'm one proud mama!

whenever we go out and he would write and count, people will ALWAYS ask me his age. and they all get surprised na he can do all those at an early age. kesyo yung anak daw nila eh ni hindi pa alam mag-count or mag-write at age 3, etc.

owel, kanya-kanyang stage lang din siguro yun, kanya-kanyang developments. eh ang anak ko nga, di pa din diretso magsalita at 3yo eh. mwehehe. pero ok lang, no worries. atleast we understand each other. =)
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