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Thursday, August 25, 2005
my birthing story
finally, i've uploaded and refreshed my memory (hehe) and remembered everything that happened in that moment which changed our lives forever! =)

April 05 – estimated date of delivery (EDD)
April 07 – check-up…
cervix is still closed!
had an ultrasound - amniotic fluid is only 8.7 (minimum should be 5!)
had a Non-Stress Test (NST) – baby is still ok

· i still had my haircut, manicure, pedicure and foot spa. i should be ready before baby comes…=)
· my OB called me at home and advised to drink plenty of water to replace my amniotic fluid. and to be ready on saturday for a possible CS!!! oh my! =(

***side kwento:
when i’ve learned of my edd, i’ve always prayed and wished that i’ll give birth on the 9th of April coz’ it’s a holiday (Araw ng Kagitingan). you know how much i love holidays! =) so I always talked to my baby and told him: “baby, today is _____. mama wants you to come out on april 9, that’s ____ days more. but if you can’t hold on any longer, you can come out anytime. but please baby, don’t make it too hard for mommy! iloveyou =)

April 08 – spent almost the entire day walking, walking and walking!

April 09 – THE DAY! =)
i first had a check-up and ultrasound (oh my, my amniotic fluid is down to 5.6!!!)
i was immediately scheduled for a Cesarean Operation by 1pm…
i was only with my hubby then, so i called my parents and informed them. honestly, i was nervous because i haven’t had any operation all my life. and i never expected a CS delivery. the reason why i didn’t eat much sweets because i don’t want baby to grow too big inside, and honestly, i’ve done my part of walking! but my baby didn’t wanna go out just yet. =)
1:00 pm – went to the delivery room and was given an enema while answering tons of questions. after awhile, as a result of the enema, i was doing my thing…while texting all my family & friends. =) received a lot of comforting words and prayers so i was a little relieved.
after that, i was wheeled to the operating room. given my dextrose, shaved and the anesthesia thru my oxygen mask (take note, it wasn’t administered thru my spinal cord, oooh it was such a breeze!). some gadgets were attached to my body, don’t know what they were cause i was a little groggy that time. i think i’ve fallen asleep because i didn’t see my OB came in. i just realized that she was there and operating on me already.
1:29 pm – my baby was out! Thank GOD! =) he was cleaned beside me and i was able to kiss him…i was just so happy that he’s alive and healthy!

*** a funny thing happened when they were cleaning me:
nakahiga ako sa operating bed and may takip sa harap ko. parang curtain sya para di ko makita ung ginagawa nila from my waist down. biglang may nakita akong dalawang hita na nakataas sa harap ko, sabi ko parang familiar tong legs na to ha. saka ko lang na-realize na akin pala un, haha. tinaas kasi nila dahil nililinis siguro nila ung ilalim ng legs ko. as in di ko naramdaman talaga. feeling ko tuloy ung mga pelikula ni Dolphy na minamasahe tas biglang itataas ung paa na parang nabalian na, haha. sobrang tindi ng anesthesia, feeling ko eh wala akong paa! =)

2:45 pm – end of the operation. i was wheeled to the Recovery Room; waited, waited and waited for the anesthesia to worn out and my legs to “come back!” =)
5:00 pm – finally, brought to my room. my hubby, my parents and MIL were there. my mom was crying, tears of joy perhaps. unang apo kasi sa bunsong unica hija nila. they saw my baby already. timing kasi ung viewing period sa nursery while they were weighing my baby, so kita na nila agad.

i never realized CS would be that easy!!! no pain at all, even after. sabi ko nga sa mga friends ko na parang di ko alam ang feling ng nanganak kasi i never felt any contractions, though meron naman daw based sa NST ko but i didn’t feel anything (baka mataas lang talaga threshold ko for pain – sanay na kasi ako sa monthly dysmenorrhea eh)

on the other hand, i wasn’t allowed to eat and TALK! yeah right, it was such a pain for me not to talk! =) un lang ang ayoko sa CS, hehe. isa pa pala, kapag bayaran na, parang ayoko na din ang CS.

i was allowed to talk the following day, HEAVEN! and eat 2 days after. the dextrose was removed also 2 days after, so i was able to go to the Breastfeeding Room and start bonding with my baby.

April 11 - it was such a nice feeling and an unforgettable moment when my baby first rooted for my breast to feed. i kept on taking photos and videos while breastfeeding him. that’s when i finally realized that life is totally different now, because this baby will truly be dependent on me, at least for the 1st phase of his life!

the following days were spent with visitors. it was actually a vacation for hubby and i, a much needed rest before the BIGGEST task came in. =) it was fun in the hospital because friends kept on coming, it was like party everyday. and at nighttime, when only the two of us are left, we would eat, talk and watch tv till midnight. our room was huge and complete and beautiful. if not for the nurses who checked me every time and if i hadn’t gone to the Breastfeeding Room to feed my baby, i would have mistaken that we are having the time of our life in a hotel, mwehehe!

April 13 – went home!

***side kwento again…
upon hearing other birthing stories from mothers while we were breastfeeding, i learned (again!) how hard it is to give birth via normal delivery. so for me and my 2nd baby, it would be CS or nothing! =)

one last, i just realized how good and obedient my baby was. hindi talaga sya bumaba kasi ayaw nyang masaktan ako sa contractions. and he wanted me not to have a normal delivery so it won’t be hard for me. and tinayming nyang ubusin ang fluid inside on the date na hiniling ko sa kanya! galing! =) oh well, that’s how i look at it, hehe. pero hindi ko naman kasi sinabi sa kanya na wag ung magastos eh, kaya ayun, CS ako, haha!

un lang po, ang daling manganak, grabe! isa pa...
posted by apple @ 9:30 AM  
  • At 8:46 PM, Blogger alpha said…

    hi apple! i was thinking of blogging my birthing story as well.. yun nga lang, puro think hehe sana magawa ko.. cs din ako


  • At 6:28 PM, Blogger Jody said…

    ok to post our birthing story in the blog so we can always go back to it. what a wonderful experience...we will forever treasure it!

  • At 3:00 AM, Blogger Nancy Garero said…

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