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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
the final school
when i arrived home that night of may 22, i told hubby and my parents about it. as expected, my parents got shocked with the 55k tuition fee for a 3yo kid.

hubby was ok with it, he was ready to take the plunge. but i was having hesitations as well. 1st, because it’s not really the school i want, which is ISYC. i mean, i was willing to spend that much if it was in ISYC, because i already know the school. second, tuition was really not included in our budget for this year. because as i had planned it, lil boy’s schooling will start next year pa.
but on the other hand, i didn’t want to enroll him naman in a cheaper school na di ko naman gusto, like the New Kid's World or Montessori.

then out of the blue, my Dad asked me if i’ve checked already the pre-school here in our subdivision, owned by the daughter of his friends. that’s the time i remember “Little Round Up”. how can i forget, i even called them before to inquire if they were having summer classes for toddlers. and this can even be walking distance from our house, which is really a PLUS!

so last May 23, after my trip to Divi with my assistant to buy party stuff, i just dropped her in our house and proceeded to the school right away.

there i met the owner, Teacher Layn, from UP also. i found the ‘school’ so cute and cool. it is just a small one-room school. Kinder’s class in the morning, Nursery by lunch time, and Prep in the afternoon. 10 kids per class, with the teacher and an assistant. they have mini library, computers and all paraphernalia. i liked their chairs a lot, the old-fashioned mini chairs w/ desk, they’re so cute, hehe.

Teacher and i discussed about my son and their way of teaching. it’s progressive style also and they cater to individual learning of the kids. plus the tuition is a lot cheaper compared to Kids on Focus. nalungkot lang ako kasi walang field trips, hehe.

surprisingly, she knew me, my brother and my entire family. and she also has a catering business together with her friends, so we were also discussing a possible tie-up business, hehe.

anyway, over all, i was pretty ok with this school. so i reserved the slot.

that Sunday, i accompanied hubby for him to check the school. he was okay with it also.

so the following week, i brought lil boy already so he can have the last say. and guess what was his decision?

he was in heaven with all the alphabets around. he didn’t want to leave the school, hehe.
so i paid the tuition fee after and got all the requirements!

finally, may school na ang anak ko.

*but i'm still planning to transfer him to ISYC next school year. so please remind me to reserve a slot as early as Decemeber this year. =)
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  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger abie said…

    uy aral na din pala si austin mo...buti may malapit na school sa inyo...sa amin kse wala gaano eh, kaya dumayo pa kami sa makati. LOL

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