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Monday, June 02, 2008
on being gifted…
as a Mom, i was really happy inside to hear such comments that my son is possibly a gifted child. a lot of people, upon learning his abilities, will give me those comments.

ako naman, feeling proud of him, of course.

but i just took this seriously when the teachers themselves gave me that same comment. i mean, they should know di ba, they are educators. so they should know the capabilities of kids at a certain age. and for them to think that my son is gifted just made me really proud!

but on the other hand, i really don’t want to dwell much on this. i mean, he’s just
3yo, he’s such a baby. he might just be advanced in some ways. but not really gifted.

it’s not that i don’t believe in my son’s ‘extra’ abilities, it’s just that i don’t want to pressure him. kasi onced na-label kang gifted, they would expect a LOT from you eh. tipong you should know everything. ako naman, ayokong i-pressure ang anak ko na mag—aral ng mag-aral para mapangatawanan nya ang pagiging ‘gifted’! i want him to live a normal life, enjoy it to the fullest. just like what he’s doing now.

it just so happens na he enjoys alphabets and numbers a lot, di namin sya pine-pressure na i-memorize at alamin lahat yun. but he actually enjoys it talaga.

but honestly, that night after the assessment, i seriously researched on “gifted children”. i just wanted to know how their lives are, how normal or “abnormal” their lives became because of this label.

and i found out that these kids are still happy kids, despite the pressure that they are receiving. and i guess it wasn’t really pressure to them because they are born to be that way. and they love what they do, kasi nga, gifted child sila eh. so normal na sa kanila yun!

i also found out na most of them had their kids assessed around 5 yo and older.

so i guess tama lang yung decision ko to let it go muna. dedma na kung feeling nila eh gifted child ang anak ko. ang sa akin lang, if talagang gifted sya, lalabas at lalabas din yan, kahit pa di sya ma-assess ng dev pedia.

for now, i want him to enjoy his normal life. play, play and play. let him do what he loves doing. no pressure, no expectation.

i’ll deal with the serious thing later, if there’ll still be a need. =)

i’m not sure if i’m doing the right thing or not. but you are free to comment…
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