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Saturday, May 31, 2008
to school or not to school?
a delayed post...

this was the question i raised in one of my yahoogroups last May 7, when i was contemplating on sending lil boy to school. some words were changed for public consumption. =)

i just want to ask this question to all moms out there.

how old was your child when he/she started schooling? may it be play school or big school?
what are the advantages & disadvantages of going to school at an early age?

just to give you a background, my lil boy just turned 3yo last April 9. i resigned from work last Jan 31, so i'm mostly at home lang. he's is so ADDICTED with letters & numbers! at 2yo, with the help of my parents (we're together kasi), he has learned how to recite and write the alphabets. would you believe that at 2yo, he can recite and write the alphabets BACKWARDS? yes, as in from Z to A, at mabilis pa yun ha, na tipong ako ang di nakasunod when he was writing it the 1st time. haller, di ko nga kabisado yun ng pabaligtad noh. that's how addicted he is sa letters. and now, he can even spell and write his own name, my name, and a lot of simple words that he sees often, like cat, dog, ball, barney, etc. i also taught him the hand alphabet and he can now do it as fast as i can, hehe. with numbers naman, he can count and write 1-100, even backwards, as in countdown. he can also do simple addition, like 5+4, 3+7, basta kaya pa ng 10 fingers nya, nasasagot nya. =)i'm really happy that his addiction is letters & alphabets. though balanced pa din naman because he loves playing basketball also. yan ang laging ginagawa nyan dito sa house, magsulat, mag-play ng toys nyang letters & numbers at mag-watch ng dvds nya na letters & numbers pa din! at mag-basketball din.

BUT, everytime i ask him if he wants to go to school already, ayaw nya! even if i tell him na madaming letters & numbers dun, ayaw pa din nya. i think it's because ayaw nya sa mga kids. that's another problem, since only child lang sya at wala syang kalaro sa neighbors namin, he doesn't know how to socialize. though kapag kasama nya mga cousins nya, okay naman sya. but if we'll go to our park or play ground or parties and may mga kids playing, ayaw nya makipag-play. =(

actually, ok pa naman ako to wait til he's 4yo before he starts Nursery. kasi nung tayo naman, almost 4yo na ang start talaga ng school di ba, di pa uso yung mga play school at toddlers school before. sabi din ng parents ko (as they always say), baka magsawa agad kapag maagang pumasok. and yun nga, my son doesn't want to din naman, when asked.

and one more thing pala, he can't talk straight yet, as in not in sentences yet. though we understand him naman, tipong "ayaw mama", "punta mama, 'lil boy' robinsons". wala sya nung mga gitnang words, ano ba tawag dun? hehe. i'm not worrying naman, kasi baka late lang sya sa part na yun. and as long as he can express himself, ok pa ako dun. and feeling ko nga din, since i'm WAHM na naman, i can do 'home schooling' even just for this year. actually, we've started na nga ng 'school' eh, may white board na kami and all those stuffs. =)

on the other hand, hubby wants naman to enroll him na, just for the reason of socializing. para naman daw matutong makihalubilo ang anak namin. which is true din naman. and feeling ni hubby, sa umpisa lang daw ayaw ni lil boy, kasi di pa nya alam. pero once na nakita na nya ang mga alphabets and numbers all around, he'll eventually like it na din. ok pa ako dun eh, pero fear ko lang yung sa mga kids eh. (masamang) ugali pa naman nito na namamalo minsan ng bata (at matanda!), kapag nilapitan sya at ayaw nya. waaah! kasi nga di sya sanay.
owel, this is another story. =(

hay, ang hirap mag-decide. i don't know now what's BEST for my son. btw, he still breastfeeds, kaya feeling nya sa sarili nya, BABY pa din sya, ayaw nya maging "little boy"!

hope you can share your experiences sa schooling ng kids ninyo. for sure, i can get some ideas on your sharing and opinions.

thanks, thanks!
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