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Sunday, June 01, 2008
gifted child?
after that post, i got a LOT of responses from the moms. different views, but all were equally important. i also researched more on Home Schooling, but somehow, i think it’s not for me. well, not yet!

and after how many months of asking lil boy, he finally gave in and said “yes, school!”

so out of excitement, i took him agad to the nearest pre-school near us last May 21. we were at New Kid’s World Laboratory, located at the back of Mc Donald’s Marcos Hiway early in the morning.

he was assessed right there and then by the teacher in charged. and i also informed the teacher that lil boy knows a LOT already, it’s just the socialization that i want him to develop.

at first, lil boy didn’t want to cooperate. but once the teacher showed him alphabet cards, numbers, crayons and shape blocks, ayun, super close na sila. hahaha.

and so, teacher asked him his name, parent’s name, to write, recognition of letters, numbers, colors and shapes, and also asked simple addition. in which, lil boy was able to answer all correctly.

so the assessment, he can possibly be a GIFTED CHILD! =)

she told me it would be better if i can have him assessed by a psychologist or developmental pedia. though she warned me that scheduling would be hard because there are only limited dev pedia around.

and better to enroll him now so he can fully enhance his skills. kasi daw, if i wait pa til next year, which was really my original plan, sayang naman daw yung alam nya if di pa masyado ma-develop sa house.

and guess what, teacher’s assessment was to include him in PREP class! haller, my 3yo son will be in Prep?! kasi daw, baka ma-bore na daw sya if sa Nursery ko sya isama, kasi alam na daw nya lahat ng ituturo dun. tough suggestion ng isang teacher, he can be wth the Nursery class during socialization or play time, but kapag structured learning na, he’ll be pulled-out to join the Prep class. medyo magulo yata yun ah. and my gosh, this is my son’s 1st time in school noh. so naisip ko nga, he may be ready in learning, but not socially and emotionally. so baka ma-trauma lang sya at ma-bully ng mga 6yo kids in Prep noh. haller, he’s such a baby pa!

so after checking the facilities and paying the assessment fee, we left na.

i felt that this wasn’t the right school for my lil boy. they can’t handle him properly there. i guess traditional din yung way of teaching nila, so he won’t really fit there yet. one more thing, i didn’t like their classrooms, it’s in the
2nd floor!

so the hunting for the school goes on. kinda late na nga eh, and i’m in a little panic already kasi end of May na. bigla tuloy akong nangarag sa paghanap ng school. and suddenly, i’m into school mode na, when all the while eh i was preparing myself for school year 2009 pa!
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