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Saturday, November 19, 2005
PAL (Plane Always Late!)
i received a call this afternoon from PAL informing me that our 9am flight to Tagbilaran, Bohol tomorrow will be delayed for an hour due to minor problems. how's that?! we are scheduled on a city tour at 1130am, and that includes a buffet lunch while cruisin Loboc River! i'm not quite sure if the balsa offers "late lunch"?! hay, just ranting! as if we have a choice!
why hasn't PAL improved the "Filipino time" yet? of all my PAL flights, they've never been on-the-dot! that's why when we are travelling abroad, we rather fly thru international airlines. bad citizen huh, but hey, you can't blame us! every minute counts on intenational flights! but we're not bad! on local tours, we still prefer PAL, although Cebu Pacific states "the new Filipino time". but now, i'm having second thoughts again, hehe. anyway, there's always the next flight! =)
now, how the hell can we improve our tourism when our carrier can't improve their services yet? it just always define that filipinos are always late! hehe, thank god i'm a filipino, a good excuse on that! =)
but looking on the bright side, atleast we don't need to wake up at 5AM tomorrow! and atleast, PAL has the decency to call and infrom us! instead of us waiting at the passenger's lounge and counting all the planes that took off and touched down the airport.
oh well, it's one-hour delay, tops! hope the delayed flight won't be delayed!!!
posted by apple @ 10:00 AM  
  • At 2:58 PM, Blogger islandgirl said…

    kaya delayed ang flight nung araw na y on, kasi di ba may bagyo? buti na lang yung flight namin nung hapon, hindi na nadelay

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