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Friday, November 18, 2005
my 7-month old...
these are excerpts from baby center, i just found it so applicable to me & my baby...

"You've always known that you and your baby are two separate creatures, but she hasn't. To her, the two of you are one — she has no identity of her own. When you put her in front of a mirror, she doesn't even realize that the baby she sees is her. But this month she'll make a huge mental leap and finally understand that she's an individual, with her own body, thoughts, and feelings. This jump in understanding opens the door to her growing emotional and physical independence, which will take years to fully develop."
>>> huhuhu, he'll soon realize that he's an individual? does that mean he'll SOON be independent? oh my, i'll surely miss those times he's so fragile, that i needed to support his head & neck whenever i was carrying him; that time when i was breastfeeeding him for almost 3 hours straight, he just won't stop, hehe; that time when i can't moved even a single part of me in bed for the fear of waking him up, i value his sleep so much; and that time when i can't even pee/poo/bath as long as i wanted to because a single cry made me run to him, i don't want hearing my baby cry. and most of all, this time when he cries and shout whenever he sees me and wants to be with me...and ONLY me! it's such a nice feeling, and even if i'm so tired of this, i savor each moment because i know that SOON, he's no longer fully dependent on me. =(

"Testing, testing ...
By now, you may have already told your baby that the telephone is not a toy, or that rattles are not for throwing, or that his sister's hair is not for pulling. The fact is, at this age your baby may begin testing your authority by refusing to follow your directions or entreaties. He's not really being disobedient or willful — he's just curious. Keep in mind that he also simply can't remember things for more than a couple of seconds at a time. The best tactic is to use a simple no, then distract him."
>>> aha, aha, aha! now he starts to understand huh! time to discipline my baby...on second thought, i don't think i can...NOT YET! =)

"A simple game of peekaboo might be absolutely fascinating to your baby. That's because he's starting to understand object permanence (that an object he can't see can still exist) and loves games where people or things appear and disappear. In fact, one of the easiest ways to keep a 7-month-old occupied is by hiding an object under a blanket for him to discover."
>>> i love this game because my baby loves it sooo much! i hope you can hear his laughs and see his toothless grin whenever we play this. oh it will surely melt your heart out. =)

oh my, it's less than 5 months to go...just can't get enough of my baby! =)
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