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Sunday, June 15, 2008
Independece Day
june 12 was lil boy's 1st day in school.
june 12 is also our 4th year anniversary.

hubby took a leave from the office, mainly because of the 1st event, hehe. of course, he also wanted to witness this milestone in our son's life.

armed with our SLR cam, OA na kasi if may videocam pa, hehe. we were at the school by 11am.

class starts at 1115 and ends 115pm. sakto lang to sa sched namin, kasi nga night people kami eh, kaya batugan sa umaga. hahaha.

lil boy was surprisingly okay all throughout the class. i didn't expect it would be that easy. he allowed me to leave the room. he adjusted well with his teachers. though as expected, he wasn't playing much with his classmates just yet.

outside the room, we were all parents there. pero kami lang yata yung couple na nandun. haha, kahiya. buti nga di sumama ang mga lolo at lola eh, though i know they would love to come. okay naman silang lahat, syempre, chika-chika na kami dun.

my lil boy is the youngest at 3yo. most kids are already 4yo. so i'm hoping that he can adjust easily with his classmates.

during recess, they went out of the room. they have a long dining table outside (where the parents stay), and that's where they put their lunch bags and placemats.

surprisingly again, lil boy ate his alphabet nuggets and rice all by himself. pati nga ako nagulat eh. nakikisabay sa mga classmates nya, feeling independent na, hehe.
after eating was playtime. then back to the room again.

it was a happy 1st day for all of us. no crying spells, no tantrums, no spanking and all. what a relief!

after school, we headed to Trinoma, just to have a so-called anniversary celebration, hehe. we were so focused with lil boy's schooling that we almost forgot to celebrate. =)

we just ate lunch and watch KungFu Panda, still for lil boy, which we really enjoyed. it was one funny movie!

after that, we went shopping of course.

when we were dead tired, we decided to call it a night and went home. after all, there was school the following day.
waaah, can't believe that my baby is schooling already! so now, i have to consider his school in every lakwatsa, gimik, vacation that i'm planning... ako yata ang hindi makapag-adjust eh, hehe.

here are the blow-by-blow events, captured on cam, hehe:
at home, so excited!

of course, unang hinawakan ang alphabet block
reading and writing
bye Mama...
recess time
eating on his own
playing with Papa
happy to be back to Mama's arms. =)
and i'm one proud Mama! =)
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