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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
back to school, back to Pooh! =)
we had a hard time looking for cute bags for lil boy. yun pala, kay Pooh din kami babagsak. we really can’t get enough of Pooh, hehe. yun lang kasi yung cute na terno ang bag with lunchbag eh.

and as expected, i bought all the possible supplies na themed also. it was really exciting, hehe. parang bumalik yung excitement ko when i was preparing his 1st bday party, i’d buy all the Pooh stuffs i found. =)

sabi nga ng tatay, mas excited pa daw ako kesa sa anak ko. halos everyday yata eh i’m checking on his stuffs again and again, hehe.

honestly, i’m excited yeah. but i’m really more of sad rather than anything else. you see, i wasn’t really prepared for this. when i resigned last January, i was thinking that i still have more than a year to be with my son almost 24/7. because he’ll only be starting school by 2009! but that didn’t happen, i only had barely 4 months to spend full time with him.
and as i always think, once he starts with school, tuloy-tuloy na yun. there’s no stopping him. he’ll just stop when he finishes college! and once he starts school, may ibang mundo na sya. he wouldn’t be dependent on me anymore, he’ll have friends and develop his own circle soon. in short, he’s no longer my baby! waaah!

but that’s the reality of life. time flies so fast. and there’s nothing i can do but to let go.
i guess all Moms out there can understand how i feel. =)

anyway, enough na sa pagse-senti.

tomorrow will be lil boy’s 1st day in school. timing naman, it’s our 4th year anniversary. =) so hubby took a leave from work because we’ll document the school life, hehe. then celebrate na din kami after.

anyway, i’ll leave you with these pics of lil boy’s school things.

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  • At 6:19 PM, Blogger theworkingmom said…

    Mas excited pa nga yata si Mommy! Hehehe. Ethan's going to school na rin, starting this coming Monday. Actually nag summer school na sya, kaya more or less ready na yan.

    OT: Maybe you would want to join the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival...it's now our 3rd edition. Details are here
    Join ka na rin!


  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger abie said…

    ang cute...si pooh pa di ang favorite nya...

    naku ganyan ata tayong mga nanay...ako dinmas excited pa ata kay bela noong first day nya sa school...at i can relate sa senti..i guess normal ata talaga yun sa mga nanay na kagaya natin...

    tc sis and see you sa sat

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